Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Real World of Money with Andrew Gause 2013.05.15

Watch TV and They Will Sell You, Financially – Happy Days are Here Again

-How to get on their “List”
-The AP privacy thing is nothing new to the USG
-Living in a fish bowl without becoming fish food
-Digital currency gains market share each year
-One has to know someone to acquire encryption technology
-When we deposit money in the bank we are lending it to them
-Other People’s Money and Rich People’s Money
-Money Market Funds may be risky indeed
-The Empire numbers from NY are not a barometer of U.S.
-The good ole days when a Swiss Bank Account was really cool
-Is a use tax a state tax and other words of art
-Uncle Sam Cooks the books…ongoing
-Patrick attempts at making the Collapsatarian’s argument
-Are the markets manipulated? Is the Pope Catholic?
-The Fed, Uncle Ben, boom and bust cycles

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Anonymous said...

@ 13:30 they gave all the $ to Joe Blow. lmfao. umunu.

the rest of the show was ok. glad to hear JB is still alive.

Joe Blow is still alive!

Anonymous said...

41.30: listener q: how does the Fabian Society fit in with the other conspiracy theories/groups like Illuminati, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberger, and others?
-- There is a conspiracy as Bill Clinton admitted but it's a "benevolent conspiracy".

42.00: he has a distant relative F. Gregory Gause working on Middle East studies at the CFR.

1.15.20: Bill Gates putting up $1.6billion+ for vaccinating against polio in Pakistan, Afghanstan etc x3 shots/kid.

1.35.25: he predicts $2,000 gold by year end and meantime severe problems but no hyperinflation in next 12 months.