Sunday, June 2, 2013

Graham Hancock & Rupert Sheldrake Censored by TED Talk

Graham Hancock-The War on Consciousness (Censored by TED Talk)

To all those who are interested in freedom of speech, a non-materialist approach to the mystery of consciousness, and the negative attitude of a powerful lobby of self-styled scientists towards visionary plants...

Please study the documents below which concern the removal from wide circulation of two TEDx presentations, one by myself (above) and one by Rupert Sheldrake, and the subsequent framing of these presentations in a negative and defamatory light by senior TED staff on TED's own website. These actions by TED have stirred up an internet furore. TED continues to ignore this criticism and to behave as though it has done nothing wrong.

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Graham talks about being censored on Rogan's Podcast 
Dr. Rupert Sheldrake talks about his banned TED talk on Skeptiko 
TED Conference Exposed As Scientology-Style Cult

New Rules:  "Thou Shall Not Talk Shit About Big Pharma"


Anonymous said...

What is there to banned about, that sumerians had steamy sex with saucer people?

Mami said...

Graham committed the sin of talking shit about big pharma/big government

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post Dave.
Graham spread an amazing message.
others were also not included in the final edit or banned.

Anonymous said...

ted talks - jew propaganda guised as science

global warming is real blah blah blah

Anonymous said...

JEW Evolution is funny! Shape shifting lizards! And people suck it down.