Friday, June 7, 2013

Guns and Butter with Bonnie Faulkner 2013.06.05

"End Corporate Rule:  Move To Amend" with David Cobb.  Democracy; Sovereignty; Legal Personhood; Corporation; Move To Amend's proposed 28th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States which would abolish in its entirety the idea that a corporation has constitutional rights, and overturn the idea that money equals speech.

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Signifier said...

I want corporations to be legally declared non-Persons. I do.

This project is long overdue.

But David Cobb is a "progressive" who believes in "democracy."


Signifier said...

Cobb says "White" is a construct started by Georgia, a penal corporation whose slaves were White. Irish have only been "White" for less than 200 years.

Cobb says "white" was a concept to confuse people.

Others say "White" is the only concept that unifies a race, because focusing on Italians, Irish, French, etcetera, splinters the cohesiveness of a White society or White culture.

Cobb seems to want "White" to disappear. That would make sense from the "progressive" (Jewish) perspective.

Cobb thinks he's an expert at forming coalitions between Libertarians (Jewish origin), Democrats (Jewish run now) and Republicans (Zionists) -- even anarchists (Jewish?) -- so that we can "all work together" like a (demos -- mob rule?) to get rid of legal personhood.


Signifier said...

Cobb equates "the commons" with "public good." Only egalitarianism, progressivism, would make this equation. This stinks!

He also thinks "rights" in the Constitution have nothing to do with obligations and punishments. He thinks "rights" means "no permission required."

I need to hear David Cobb talk with Clint Richardson about the legal meanings of these terms -- "rights" and "duties".

Cobb is a LAWYER . . . spinning a story. He admits it doesn't have to be true; it just has to MOVE you.

Corporations' tyranny does need to be stopped but I get the feeling Cobb is selling a package-deal: anti-corporation and pro-Socialism.

otto smith said...

"...Democrats (Jewish run now) and Republicans (Zionists) -- even anarchists (Jewish?) --...."
Yeah yeah , I believe in hebrew /jew
campfire stories , that a 'god' came down to earth just to tell a bunch of lousy hebrew goat herders and street robbers : eh, you stinking, filthy, bunch of humanity are from now on my
" Chosen People " !!Yeah yeah.

Mel. said...

delcroix, your new poster, doesn't know how to embed videos properly so they show up on mobile devices. Someone please tell him to just copy the embed code from the vid site in question and not copy various garbage embed codes from 3rd party sites.


Jack Bag said...