Saturday, June 29, 2013

Scott Horton 2013.06.28

First interview Marcy Wheeler

Blogger Marcy Wheeler discusses The Guardian‘s NSA files and Glenn Greenwald’s thousands of still-unreleased documents from NSA whistleblower Eric Snowden; government surveillance at the packet, metadata and content levels; how Section 215 of the Patriot Act skirts existing privacy laws; and why this unprecedented information gathering will have very little impact on preventing terrorism. (Duration: 32:47 — 7.5MB)

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Second interview Chase Madar

New York civil rights attorney Chase Madar discusses the first four weeks of Bradley Manning’s military trial; legal arguments about whether Manning’s leaked information was “closely held” or not; the government’s attempt to show Manning as a pawn of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, not a whistleblower responding to a crisis of conscience; and why – despite the prosecution’s weak evidence so far – we should expect a harsh sentence from the military judge. (Duration: 33:23 — 7.6MB)

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