Monday, June 24, 2013

The Container ship broke

"Rigorous standards, Like for 1 the front's not suppose to fall off".  Just have a listen to this asshole, typical spokesperson for giant business.  Don't look here, nothing to see. Oh look, is that a butterfly.....?


Signifier said...

I don't believe this interview. It's funny. It flows like a comedy skit. Who is on first?

The tanker was safe but a wave hit it and it broke in twp pieces. It's very unusual for a wave to hit a tanker when it's in the ocean. The tanker wasn't safe. Well, it was safe but not as safe as the other tankers. How do I know this? Because the other tankers have never broken in two. Did these other tankers ever get hit by a wave? No.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Got to be a comedy routine. There were a pair of similar types here in Blighty.

Seriously though; the ship was moving weapons from S'Pore to the Syrian rebels and most likely got taken out by a back breaker.

delcroix said...

Clarke & Dawe political comedians
this was from the early 90's

Shabigus said...

That's funny