Wednesday, October 30, 2013

EXPOSED Internet Radio Host Pete Santilli Revealed as FBI Informant


Anonymous said...

This rare example of solid proof is so so refreshing.

I sent it to Dr. James Fetzer and to Dr. Morgan Reynolds who was a guest one time I think on Santilli's first radio show.

I listened to that broadcast and I take Dr. Fetzer's side in the matter discussed in this article that has an embedded link to the audio radio show.

LUNATICS ‘R US: The Santilli/Wood/Sunstein Gambit
by Jim Fetzer

Dr. Reynolds is not guilty just because he was a guest on Santilli's show. I sincerely hope Dr. Reynolds was never again on the radio with Santilli.

I could tell from listening to this Santilli megalomaniac that he was trying to be the "new shock jock" but I also saw how he was deliberately setting up Dr. Fetzer and to some extent trying to entrap Dr. Reynolds also.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Never heard of this Santilli character but just from some of the things he has said and done, all things indicate to the Talmudic mindset. Everything. Most certainly the thuggish aspects and the paranoid name calling.

One of the best exposes ever. Since this man is apparently influential this should serve as a good example of how "clever" these A$$ets are ~ and how much damage they are capable of manifesting.

Now, can we find something as concrete as this for AJ?

Mami said...

I exposed this guy when he first came out, but it wasn't anything I could prove. Vinny really fucked him this time.

I wonder if Rense will still do his show on his network?

Probably LOL

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Dr. Morgan Reynolds and Dr. Judy Wood team seemed to have allied themselves with

where Santilli show now is and where Dr. Reynolds' show is too.

I understand this network goes on Rense Network at least for part of the day though I never have listened to either network except maybe some isolated Rense shows.

I do not see anything on the site that acknowledges this info on Santilli but to me it classifies as "bombshell" info as Alex Jones would say.

Any hosts worth a darn on that network better make sure the network kills the Santilli show immediately or each should leave the network for their own shows.

I am not sure I will follow this story, but it seems worth following.

Mami said...

The Pete Shamshilli Show 2012.11.07

Anonymous said...

I gather Santilli was on RBN back then. Then he went to Santilli American Freedom Radio but Dr. Fetzer got him kicked off there for very unprofessional ambush of Dr. Fetzer. Then Santilli went to guerillamedianetwork where he is now. Not sure where else his show has been. The show is also aired on RenseNetwork.

Then Dr. Morgan Reynolds started a radio show at Guerilla when Santilli went there.

You just have to wonder if Guerilla or who ever owns runs that knows completely about Santilli. They better ditch Santilli pronto if they want to stay in business.

BnC said...

Although it was obvious Santilli was a shill since day one, keep in mind who is presenting this "breaking information".

The so-called document Vinnie/Susan is reading from/presenting sounds phony & staged.

Wasn't Vinnie and Santilli buddies at one time?

Anonymous said...

Interesting comment BnC.

I will be so embarrassed if this document they came into possession of turns out to be a total fake thing.

I never heard of Vinnie. I have heard of Susan and am not impressed with her information and disclosures. They are superficial in nature to say the least.

Santilli is still total bad news regardless of the veracity of this story.

Unknown said...

You should definitely look into the Vinnie Eastwood creature from New Zealand because this guy started out as a total Alex Jones "apprentice". He used to be a real bullhorn advocate too and is well known for this - he may still have photos of himself actually doing this on his website as he was pretty proud of his own efforts doing this. Definitely a dodgy fucker in many, many people's opinion. He used to be a salesman of some kind (cars or insurance) before he "came to the truth movement".

Looks to me like he's following the same generic formula of starting out promoting the bejesus out of AJ and then slowly over time getting to the point where he "publicly" starts to go against that narrative in an attempt to gain cred amongst people attracted to this media as the mood changes & people get smarter. Apply caution & focus on the important stuff - these guys will do whatever it takes to stay on top of the heap in order to keep leading people astray...

Anonymous said...

I have already asked Vinny all of this--for him to say directly how he came to find this information, why NO ONE else promoted this information before he got it, and what is going to be done with it now that it is in-the-open.

There is something very important here that must not be over-looked: The FBI is implicated in this, with their fax-number, and that female agent's name being linked as his alledged "handler", so if this IS a hoax, then there will may be legal consequences to the person/people who perpetrated this hoax, if it is one.

I DO believe that this is legitimately Shamshilli's information, primarily because of his writing-style, as can be seen if you compare the letter that he allegedly wrote, with what he has written in the past, either as show-descriptions, or in his exchanges with people in the past, especially "trolls"; the writing-style is almost exactly the same, including mis-spellings, improper use of contractions--can't being "cant"--, and his run-on sentences and other grammatical-erros.

The bottom-line is simply this: Shamshilli is going to have to address this because it has gone-to-a-whole-other-level now, with the revelations presented by those alleged "hackers", and this MUST be discussed within the REAL truth-movement, because allegations like this are far, far too serious to be ignored.


BnC said...

anyone that gives "vinnie eastwood" any credibility needs their head checked.

same goes for Posel and Santilli

BnC said...

To me, the letter to the FBI District Head (of course the agent has to be in a position of authority to make it sound more authentic - chuckle) sound like as if someone were to be assassinated and the assassin was responsible for leaving the suicide letter behind for those of significance to read and believe it was a suicide.

Anonymous said...

Right now, I have not received an acknowledgement from Dr. Fetzer about this info. I do not expect one from Dr. Reynolds.

If Santilli keeps on being on GuerrillaMediaNetwork and nothing is done or said about this matter, that will completely discredit that network, and all the hosts who have shows on that network, including Dr. Reynolds.

I have never listened to any shows on that network and do not know who owns and runs it. It seems sort of like sort of a "National Enquirer" type operation and will take as hosts people who have been run off bigger networks as hosts.