Monday, October 21, 2013

Spingola Speaks 2013.10.21

Guest: Niki Raapana talks about the Communitarian agenda and her new book: 2020: Our Common Destiny & The Anti Communitarian Manifesto

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wanda said...

I think everyone needs to hear this podcast... if you are religious, you need to know this... if you are not religious, you need to know this.

It will help put the pieces of where the religion for the new age... aka worshiping the government and laws of man is taking us. Ties in all the cabalism, and masonry with it's levels of adeptness, and all mystery religions that we've all been inundated with and presents it's sinister goal.

Well, and a lot more... Agenda 21, forced volunteerism... etc., etc. Listen twice is my recommendation because it is already here, ad you will recognize it when you hear it.

wanda said...

They plan on taking sh*t we normally do without their help, like stepping up during disasters, recycling, helping old ladies across the street and such... come in with their clip-boards and matching uni-forms and dictate to us what we need to do, which will pretty much assure everything gets fecked up.

And if we don't do it their way, we're just not community minded... there is something wrong with us. Agenda 21 and mind control of dumb asses.