Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Realist Report with John Friend 2013.10.09

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined once again by Tom in Connecticut. Tom and I will be discussing the psychological aspects of the White guilt phenomenon.

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Blindlight said...

Jesus, who is not aware of white guilt by now? Boring-also, if you want to expand your audience, don't always make it about you (white ppl)

Blindlight said...

A link offered here to Andrew Anglin, a white nationalist who would put all blacks in fema camps who refused to leave the USA and would make you prove you are 100% white for full citizenship-delink the white obsession from the jewawareness movement-if you want to grow


would have to agree with you Johnny Appleseed....This is so old .. Is this Johns only drum he bangs ? Try learning something new John freind .. In fact the last time we spoke you dint know that most meaning 98% of the forefathers were freemasons.

Tim said...

which shows would you recommend johnny? black panther shows?

Tim said...

today i learned from deanna's show that at one time Haiti had no white people, cause they had all been genocided (spurred on by the jews) like what is happening now in south africa with a white minority and a black run majority goverment ( and jews again spurring them on lol)

Blindlight said...

actually, you wanna get rid of the jew, Tim-focus on broadening the base- not mourning your white persecution-it's preaching to the already converted and all it does is waiste time but some people are addicted to this like some are addicted to posting negative stereotypes of other branches of the human race.See Tim, all you worry about is your race, all the jews worry about is their race-see a connection there? This world is to be shared by all and gentiles have a natural alliance against the jew since they have declared covert war on the gentile masses

Blindlight said...

jew"s covert attempt to subjugate and enslave all gentiles to their chosen rulership!
All gentiles becoming aware of the problem and working together to stymie that effort.This includes ending the obsession seen around this awareness with negative stereotyping of other gentiles-Delink your obsession for the white race from the "jewish problem". If you have to point out some various culture clashes, do so in a way to out the "jew leak" as the focal point, not the "water melon eating negro"
Venting on white only issues should be done in secret groups-you don't broaden your receptive audience by making everything about you (white race,etc)"

Blindlight said...

Final point: delinking gentile race issues from the jew problem wil give us one thing we have to answer for and take the air out of the "race" charge so often thrown at anyone outing the jew-in and of it self, there is nothing racist about exposing jewish power, jewish aims, jewish subversion and jewish lying but we don't need to answer why one of your bros uses the word "nigger" every other sentence! Get my drift?

The Realist Report said...

Johnny, why don't you start a free TalkShoe channel and start promoting your message?

The problem with "uniting the Gentiles" is that most non-Whites do not want to unite with Whites, or even care about our plight and unique circumstances/interests. They benefit from this Jewish system, and are often totally brainwashed by the anti-White propaganda dominating Hollywood and our educational establishment.

Blindlight said...

John Friend-yes that is a problem, and once upon a time the proles supported the czar and some ppl came along and convinced them otherwise.As far as how to promote it, I'm starting very grassroots- I actually think that going, totally ,grassroots will help to weed out subversives and also bypass much of the alternative media which often disinfos us for the priviledge of being heard.To repeat removing the neo nazi stigma from the jewaware movement is absolutely necessary to broaden the base-You really think whites and only a percentage of whites, can go it alone? Liberal whites will never buy the gentile segregation noise that undermines the jewish problem narrative but if clued in about the jew, which will be a hard sell in and of itself, I think there is a chance we can sell that message, but not if we are defending against our racist obsessive posts about black on white crime for instance.Delink jewish racism outing from the white separatist movement-it's a must-thanks for the response

Roy said...

Appleseed, you say, 'who is not aware of white guilt by now' and Peak, you say, 'this is so old'.

To the "choir" you might be right. But I work within the Matrix and have a kind of relationship with the people that allows me to ask more personal questions. I often ask the question, "have you ever heard of the term white guilt?"

The answer is always a blank stare of total ignorance.

So........the people who live within the matrix have no idea of what is white guilt, but yet are infected with it to the core.

So........maybe you are right, within those who are outside the matrix, perhaps John's platform is slightly old. needs to be said and it needs to be said over and over and over until it finally leaks out into the Matrix. Just maybe, someone like me a few years ago comes along and has a listen to John Friend.

This is what happened to me. I was one of those in the matrix who felt ashamed for being white. I would purposely open doors for blacks and Mexicans because I felt guilt. I was proving to society that whites were not what society portrays.

Anyway..........perhaps support John, rather than criticize him. Maybe ask him to be a guest on his show and talk about something more close to your heart.

Blindlight said...

Hey Thanks Roy for your insights and to John, no disrespect intended, but I do feel this is a time to fight for the message our community wants to deliver
I think my basic points were fairly well made but to reiterate.IMO-the JWO and what it is and how it is going about enslaving us is the message of the day- any extraneous stuff that dilutes this is a negative. It is my belief that 90% of the American public, were they to be convinced of the existence of a JWO,are cooptable to our cause. Now this automatic including of white separation issues and the whole general, make everything about the white man when we refer to the jew world order- this is my problem-for in so doing, you remove a large percentage of gentiles and good jews from being cooptable to fight the JWO agenda-this may be an old message ,Ray, but it's one I never hear in this movement and that may be due to the prevalence of the culture we currently have.Do you want to grow beyond blue collar multi generational white ppl with a segregationist bent?If you do, remove the "white pity" party from the jewaware discussion.By the way, I never felt that white guilt you seem to be so troubled by, and John, simply by having a 100% white audiance-this, I'm sure causes you to play up these issues more than is wise. I'll leave with this final point,"A slap of truth is better tha a kiss of a lie"! Look forward to deciding who wants to go beyond a small click of white folks to seriously rackle the JWO !

Tim said...

One of the main things i think is letting white people know that they don't run the show but the jews do. Jews use people and races to their advantage, at one time the white race was the preferred proxy for them to colonise and conquer the world, but as in any maffia organisation those you use are also a threat to your operation, and jews have been working hard the last 100 yeras to destroy the white race.

For this jews use the media, immigration, globalisation, other races etc etc etc. I want the best for all races but a slong as the white race doesn;t wake up to the fact that jews are the slave masters they won;t do anything against the jwo.