Sunday, November 3, 2013

COMPETING VIEWS: Internet Rife With Disinformation by Michael Collins Piper VS. Sandy Hook Shooting—Where’s the proof? by John Friend

***Read the competing views at American Free Press***


Anonymous said...

MCP, for some unknown reason, has taken the incorrect position on Sandy Hook. No matter how much data and "evidence" the truth seekers have gathered, it would not change his mind. So there is some other factor dominating MCP's judgement on this.

Yes, there probably are plenty of "cyber shills" out there, and many of the truth seekers go astray in their reasoning, but the amount of incongruous points in the Sandy Hook event are overwhelming, and it seems like a huge departure from MCP's usual style to ignore all of the incriminating evidence.

When I see someone who is usually reasonable and intelligent take a 180 like this, I have to wonder if there is coercion or blackmail or extortion perhaps involved.

Anonymous said...

Mark Glenn is the dominating factor.

Anonymous said...

I think that Glenn is a shill

Anonymous said...

Glenn needs a spanking and no doubt, but for his self-appointed role as spokesman of "our movement", and his generalisations regarding WNs. Ya knaw - the trailer trashies.

I may be mistaken, but i fail to see how it is not possible to be a white nationalist or indeed any ethnic nationalist and yet still oppose the jewish monster posing as a state in palestine.

I do not think Glenn is a shill btw.

Pig-headed and vain, yes.

Blindlight said...

"I may be mistaken, but i fail to see how it is not possible to be a white nationalist or indeed any ethnic nationalist and yet still oppose the jewish monster posing as a state in palestine." Yes, the problem is the racist tendancies of WN and CIs, not their interest in removing the jew-if you could learn to vent in private your racist views about the magnificent white race and the animalism and low nature of all others, it would be a big boost-Try secret group sharing-Need your daily fix showing a fat black with no teeth next to a beautiful red head with perfect blue blood?-pm a network of fellow racist haters-don't let other goyim beasts know you think they are goyim beasts!Then when the joos monster is put away for good you can now do to the goyim beasts what the jew did to Russia's gentiles- kill em or enslave em-It will be wonderful!

Anonymous said...

JA - please do not pretend to know what my thoughts and feelings on non-whites are without my having expressed them.

Secondly I did not identify myself as a WN, why make an assumption based on a question rather than a statement? I will admit to thinking that the multicultural experiment is not a good idea.

I have no time for WNs or any Nationalist who wish to dominate/subjugate/humiliate ethnicities who are different.

Anonymous said...

I do not see how Mark Glenn and WN came into the discussion here. We are talking about Michael Collins Piper's strange stance on the Sandy Hook, Newtown, CT, school event, and John Friend's opposing, and to my way of thinking, well founded views.

Maybe it is time, for those so inclined, to pray for MCP. Something weird going on here.

Anonymous said...


You have a point - sorry about that - but more on topic - Piper broadcasts on TUT (run by MG) and as rockclimber said Piper's stance on the SH incident is the same as MG's. Why Piper comes to his conclusions w/o even trying to debunk the details JF presents is beyond me.

Piper's piece is not investigative journalism but rather an opinion piece. It lacks substance. Yes of course there is disinfo on the net.

MCP please prove that JF is wrong.

RED said...

NIGGERS murdering Whites is rampant across America, and yet it is WNs who must not "vent". WNs understand this violence is happening solely because we are White, but we should not "vent". Uprising and mass murder or genocide of whites is all these niggers think and dream about, but WNs must not "vent". Johnny Appleseed wasn't considered a silly country bumpkin for nothing.