Friday, December 6, 2013

David Duke Show 2013.12.06

Today: Dr. Duke has an impassioned show today discussing the broadside attack against him by the Zio media on an international level over the last few days, and how the slanders against him admittedly had no documentation, no foundation whatsoever, but were dished out as simply a verbal form of abuse. Dr. Duke was banned from a nation, not as the result of any criminal or other charges against him, but on the basis of unsubstantiated allegations which came from unnamed sources,for political purposes. Kay and Dr. Duke have a impassioned and inspiring show about standing up for what's right and never losing sight of the truly important thing about our lives!

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Anonymous said...

She's right, it is the actions of the Trotskyites. They exist on the right and the left. I know all about it. They have targeted me as well.

In America, they're called Neocons.

it's a simply communism. That freedom of speech is conditional.

it is anti-American.

Unknown said...


Most Duke fans do not know or recall that while he was studying for his PhD a decade ago, Duke kept an image of The Holy Infant of Prague on his website the entire time.

The Infant of Prague, like the Guadalupe in Mexico, is a unique Sign-Icon with its own Honor Sactuary.

What this means is that from the very first moment Duke was expelled from the first Schengen Agreement country, the Czech Republic in 2009, he has always had the right to sue for both damages and at least a yearly day pass guarded access to the Prague Sanctuary solely on the basis of Freedom of Religion.

Since no charges were ever stated or brought after the 2009 false arrest in that same Prague matter, Duke has also had rights to money damages for the false arrest violations as well.

And lawyers do not collext fees except from the proceeds of such suits where Dukecou;d npt possibly lose.

But Duke has NEVER sued!

Instead he gets kicked out around Europe routinely and the cries for sympathy over his poverty ... like a racketeer and as if this is still the uncivilized age of the dinosaurs.