Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Interpol investigating French Jews stealing billion$ 'from almost every European tax authority' and laundering money in Israel

Following the "Globes" exposé on Monday that the Israel Police was cooperating with Interpol in an investigation into tax evasion and money laundering by French Jews, which included raiding homes in Herzliya Pituah, "Globes" has obtained exclusive details about the international case, which is apparently large in scale. Sources inform ''Globes'' that, in the past few months, French police officers have been in Israel to monitor wealthy new immigrants from France, recorded conversations at cafes and exclusive restaurants in central Israel, bugged phone calls, and ultimately raided homes in luxury neighborhoods. Israeli police officers participated in the raids, but most of the detective work in Israel was carried out by undercover French police officers.
 The sources added that the worldwide tax evasion and money laundering allegedly was carried out in several European countries, and was not limited to France. The tax evasion is estimated at $5 billion.              ***Read article at Sott.net***


rodin said...

This will likely be ashkenazi mafia (the absolute worst) v sephardic mafia (second worst)

RJ said...

buncha jews

wanda said...

Sure they are... smoke and mirrors. Give the serfs the illusion someone is doing something.

Didn't we fall for that same line during the Nuremberg trials?