Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Israeli Government Secretly Pays for Pro-Israel Twitter Propaganda

The social media units are made up of Israeli university students. In turn for their efforts posting pro-Israel on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, the students will receive scholarships. The posts will reflect positive aspects of the Israeli government and being a democratic country.
While to the outside world these posts will appear unguided and spontaneous, the truth is quite the opposite. This social media project places the government behind the curtain as the puppeteer directing what appear to be independently thinking, acting students speaking out.
The target audience of the social propaganda campaign is the citizens of foreign countries. In a true militaristic organized fashion, the structure of the student units included a Senior Coordinator who has three direct reports called coordinators. These three students are each assigned to a specific area. These include either language, graphics or research. Each coordinator is responsible for recruiting from the student population to assist in the social media execution of propaganda. 
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