Sunday, December 22, 2013

‘It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Hitler’


Give em hell Rodney!  LOL


Paul T said...

WTF is this? Hitler tried to stop this Jewish bullshit.

WV Foundations said...

Where to begin, where to begin, why does this idiot not sing "its is beginning to look like the Stalin". Does he not recall the USA Gulags and Renditions?
Perhaps a listen to my recent interview on Spingola Speaks Re: what the Gesptapo was NOT is in order. This is more American ignorance. I might also remind this fool that just recently German Chancellor Merkel got in Obama's face and said, and I quote, "America is like the Stasi"

Unknown said...

Yes, Hitler used the Reichstag Fire to destroy the German Constitution and limit German civil liberties but it was still the JEW that probably controlled BOTH sides of WWII. Same as today's War on Terror being controlled on both sides by the Jew out to destroy Arab Nations and Islam.

My only problem with this (for the average lemming) is that by saying Hitler/NSDAP instead of Stalin/Communism it completely hides the JEW who was/is behind everything, as the average JoeBlow (let alone those of us who are politically awakening) cannot fathom that BOTH the Holocaust was a Lie and Hitler being a possible controlled opposition force.

Most people, even in our movement, cannot identify other WWII lies besides the Holocaust Lie (like the laughable Jew created Atomic/Nuclear Bomb Lies still used on dupes to this day) as they just stop at the Holocaust Lie. Similar to how others never move past the JFK murder to see other lies (like a neighbor of mine). Or others, like Christians, never move past the Evolution lie to see all the other Science/technological/historical lies they continue to fall for. Still others, never move past the Moon Walk Lie. Lots of women see a lie or two in the Medical/Health racket but do not have the interest to pursue lies involving War or technology etc... Many people just stop investigating things after discovering 1 Mind Blowing Lie and spend their entire lives trapped/focused on that 1 Lie.

Almost every group/cult of people can identify 1 Lie (like Democrats seeing Republican lies and vice versa) but it takes a person who is not swept up into GROUP/CULT THINK to see all the various lies that the various separate groups can identify.

There are smart people in every group/cult, its just that most people cannot see past their favorite tree for the much larger forest.

Unknown said...

@ Ken Horst

You are talking rubbish.
Neither did Hitler destroy civil liberties, nor the constitution.
The constitution of 1871 was decapitated after WWI in 1919, when freemasonic and communist sources enacted a treasonous dictated, called "Weimar constitution", which implemented the unacceptable and immoral Versailles dictate.

In fact, Hitler pointed out in his speech to the enabling act, that he(the NSDAP) intended to implement a people's constitution, with participation well, of the German peoples, no matter class, religion or German tribe.
One day after his speech, the world jewry declared war on Germany, as printed in the Daily Express.

You can read it up, it is a matter of acknowledging your error and misinformation.

A German greeting
Heil Dir

Unknown said...

For Rodney...

Unknown said...


Hitler had PLENTY of years to create this "intended" People's Constitution you speak of.

I don't support liars, deceivers or hypocrites of any stripe. Sorry.

Unknown said...

"Hitler used the Reichstag Fire to destroy the German Constitution and limit German civil liberties"

Four weeks after Hitler’s appointment as Chancellor, angry communists set the Reichstag on fire. Local police catch a Dutch commie named Marinus Van der Lubbe on the premises. He had just arrived in Germany a few weeks earlier. The fire was to have been the start of the Communist-instigated civil war, aimed at toppling the crumbling Weimar state before Hitler and NSDAP can establish themselves.

Hindenburg and Hitler act fast. Emergency decrees are issued and Communist leaders are rounded up. The Red Revolution backfires.

Establishment historians promote the theory that Hitler staged the fire himself and then blamed the communists for it. There is no evidence to support this theory, a baseless claim that ignores both the violent history, as well as the standard destabilization tactics that the Communists are well known for.

Unknown said...

john dicarlo

Yea, I know and 9 months after Bush took office those evil Arabs did 9/11 and Al Qaeda really hates the Jews/Israel because they say so. Dont you know Bush was a nationalist patriot who fought the evil doers, loved our Children, despised degenerate faggots, created a housing boom etc.. lol

Gotta remember that Hitler worked for German Military Intelligence and was ordered to infiltrate the DAP, which he soon took over.

You are right, the tactics of the Jew never change. Always controlling both sides for a 3rd Agenda. 50 years from now, stupid people (and ex-military) will still be worshiping Bush and his War on Terror against those evil Arabs. Just like the stupid Arabs brainwashed to join Al Qaeda that think Al Qaeda actually hates Jews/Israel while they are controlled by the Jew.

As if a Fire is going to start a civil war? lol.

Preemptive wars of aggression.
Killing people you do not like (maybe because they know something) without trial during Night of Long Knives. Never killing the Jew Bankers you rail against. Getting upset when Jews are harmed during Night of Broken Glass. Keeping Jews nice and safe in the Camps while the best of European men are killed. Magical missing body etc.. Sound familiar? It should.

Unknown said...

As an example of DECEPTION, lets not forget Eva Braun.

Do you know who she was? Well, the German people sure DID NOT know who she was because Hitler wanted to hide her and deceive the women of Germany to create an ILLUSION of availability to play on their emotions. Dont you think he also had no problem deceiving the Men of Germany as well?

What an honest and Christian man he was. A 40 year old man dating a 17 year old girl? lol.

Unknown said...

And no thanks for repeating the views and scribblings of the arch liars of all time, who have endeavored to smear Hitler's name for the past seven decades. Jew authored disinformation aside, Adolph Hitler was a giant in comparison to the filthy vermin who misrule us at the command of their kike string pullers today.

Unknown said...

john dicarlo,

I bet you support "Fascism" as well since that is supposed to be the opposite of "Communism" and hated by Jews? lol

Jew Moneychangers (Fascists/Conservatives/Republicans) and Jew Degenerates (Communists/Liberals/Democrats) sure can fool the World with their false dichotomies.

Choosing one deceiver/hypocrite over another deceiver/hypocrite is just intellectually sad.

Unknown said...

Unknown said...

john dicarlo

As long as "National Socialism" does not support JEW USURY/INTEREST or JEW FASCISM/CORPORATISM I could agree. However, the NS under Hitler was corrupted by those JEW forces.

Kind of funny how the guy who runs DailyStormer has another site called TotalFascism. LOL.

Google "Albino Negro" and then compare that with the picture of "Andrew Anglin".

Anonymous said...