Thursday, January 9, 2014

High School Students Take “Conspiracy Theories” Class

The students over at Oxford High School in Oxford, MA. are probably not familiar with the Common Core curriculum. I mean, let’s face it, when you were forced into compulsory education did you really care THAT much about the curriculum?

However, when I was speaking with a family friend who is a junior attending the high school, she pointed out something to me that she knew I would find interesting. A class called “Conspiracy Theories”.

“The class is varied in the topics but one thing we talked about was the moon landing being a hoax, we had to write a paper explaining why it was, or wasn’t a hoax”. She also stated that the class does mention ‘The Illuminati’, but “most of the kids only relate it to pop culture”, and that the class seems to focus on it in that context. She said, “like Jay-Z and Rihanna being members of the Illuminati.”
I contacted Oxford High School to see if I could track down the teacher for this class. The teacher, Aimee Russo, did not e-mail me back to answer any questions.

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I wonder if the teacher is related to Aaron Russo?


wanda said...

Students will be taught valuable career conspiratorialist skills such as:

How to talk about everyone that is not doing it.

The Trivium misapplied.

Knowing which side your bread is buttered on.

Evolution Vs Creationism... a hands on tutorial that elucidates how a created story takes precedence over evolution of thought.

Team-building 101: the importance of cheer-leaders, water carriers and team mascots.

YES... You Too Can Have a Career In The Exciting Field of Conspiratorialism.

Lugh said...

This is more along the lines of making kids think the "Illuminati" is "cool", and all the cool people like Jay Z are members... and that it's "cool" that an "Illuminati" exists, et cetera.

Someboodeh said...

Lugh, spot on!