February 03, 2014

Iconocunt strikes again LOL

Read more here: Veronica Clark Historical Misinformationalist

I can't figure out if this is just a conversation or is it shop talk amongst shills? 

I wonder, does Iconocunts job consist of exposing agents and provocateurs after they have served their purpose.  

Maybe to make people feel hopeless like when they found out Obama and Ron Paul turned out to be shills?


WV Foundations said...

Why does anyone pay any attention to either?? This Ironshore person has NOT exposed Veronica, she has always held these views and her positions Re: the Third Reich are meritless. If you read this closely, he was duped by her and just learned of her support for the SPLC and ADL as well as her Antifa positions. The "Psyop" she speaks of are ALL OF HER BOOKS" wherein she attempts to paint a picture of a Multicultural Third Reich and most recently said German women yearned for black males and Germany was a multi-Racial Nation. Just think of all the idiot WN and Truthers who sang her praises and posted and advanced her "Psyop", such as John Friend (who posted her Psyops on his site and wrote glowing reviews of her work on Amazon) Andre Anglin (who called her a super star), and many others who did so despite warnings to the contrary. Just because a book has a catchy title and interesting cover art doesn't make it factual.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, sig--it's a touchstone of their tribe.
To paraphrase Mark Twain, never argue with anyone who spews words by the bucketful.

Tim said...

its nice to see people finally seeing veronica clarke for the shill that she is lololol.

Does she share timeshare appartments in florida with her jew relative jewdy wood? lololol

Anonymous said...

I want to know if she was ADMITTING that she donates money to SPLC and ADL, or if that is what has been "ALLEGED" by others that she does. She was woefully unclear in what she said regarding those points, and I want a clarification because this whole conversation was deeply troubling.


Beep said...

V. Clark - "I myself am a paid member of the SPLC"

Hard to imagine why a "paid member" would feel the need to spam the comment section of their "Hatewatch" blog, begging them to contact her about neonazi sites she's "infiltrated". Poor Veronica is too clever by half! They'll get tired of her demented copy and paste off-topic trolling, talking to herself with alts antics sooner or later.... she was even trolling as Iconoclast, complete with his avatar at one point last night.

WV Foundations said...

Ms. "Clark's" acknowledgment of her support for the SPLC has been well known and posted on other forums for at least a year. In fact she exposed herself. If anything, this all just a game for her.

She was able to take in so many people because a lot of people are too soon to jump on bandwagons/personalities that seem to be rolling in the direction of their respective direction and Ms. "Clark" has gone in a lot of directions. Interesting she did NOT always have such a negative regard for White Nationalists and even marketed to them in the same manner David Irving does. Mr. "Ironshore" has an Agenda that Ms. "Clark" used as a vehicle for her current Agenda, he was duped. I wrote and told him so. The same goes for Max French, who I have to wonder what he feels about having a self admitted Jew, as Mr. "Clark" has again reaffirmed, on his Show and heaping so much praise on?

Anonymous said...

I think she's a dude, I found an old video of "Veronica"

WV Foundations said...

By the way, Ms. "Clark" seems to be of the impression that the "WN" is obsessed with her and cares about who she beds down with, etc. Frankly I can care less what she does and with whom and whether she does or does not and what she thinks, etc, nor do I think "WN" or Revisionist stops for 30 seconds each days and gives her a thought in their mind. She seems to think she occupies a lot of space in their intellectual sphere. From what I have seen, she can't decide what she wants to do, one day she develops attractive looking Nationalist/Revisionist looking web site, which require paid access, then takes them down, then she declares she is retired and wants to be left alone and that is fine, then she pops up and makes commentary or posts something as historical fact when it is indeed fiction and gets mad when people reply/disagree in the comment section. Today she is running a Psyop, sounds like she should link up with John Friend and Jim Fetzer. Interesting that she seems to want to have her proverbial cake and eat it too. There is an old saying by Harry Truman that is applicable here, "if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen". I take the position that people should leave her alone and cease with the nasty comments about personal matters not relevant to what she writes and says.

WV Foundations said...

She made a Prussian Anime Video

Beep said...

Thanks for sharing gobbeldygooker1. What she looks like is relevant when shes criticising other people for what they look like.

Anyway something spooked her, she's deleted her blogs.

Beep said...

Just as well I saved it :) IconoRon

mephistopheles lux said...

gobbeldygooker1 said...
I think she's a dude, I found an old video of "Veronica"


What the holy hell??? Are you sure that's "Veronica"? Sure looks like a dude to me, but in interviews it sounds like a female.

Anonymous said...

It's most definitely Ron. That's the cosplay character from the screenshots, and I was able to link this to her posts on an asexuality advocacy board (posted as "wolverine1978" http://www.google.com/search?q=wolverine1979+site:www.asexuality.org ) meet up group through a defunct deviantart page "GilbertBeilschmidt79"

Ron will try to delete these now probably, but they are all accessible through caching websites like google.

1776blues said...

Rodney would you include Deanna in this statement?

"Just think of all the idiot WN and Truthers who sang her praises and posted and advanced her Psyop...."

I think to call all who sang her praises as idiots is wrong. Also, her early appearances on Deanna's show did not raise huge red flags. I sent this link to Deanna and she replied, "I think he might be right and I suspect she is Jewish. This is tragic."

I saw no warnings back when she first appeared on Deanna's show. In the last few months there were.

One could point the finger at you (which they have) about idiots singing praises considering your admiration of Mark "the thief" Weber or Mark "the holocaust happened" Weber.

Or and I have nothing against the man and his work on exposing the truth, your upcoming attendance with family in tow at Paul Topete's Freedompalooza, who has said that homosexuals are welcome and attend his event.

I sure hope not. I'm not sure it would be fair to include JF since he too does talk shows. It is unfortunate that he has fallen for Fetzer's BS but he is young.

And to make this statement "Just because a book has a catchy title and interesting cover art doesn't make it factual" implies that JF, Andre or anyone did not read it.

Have they read your books? Oh wait first I should ask; have you written any?

I have nothing against you Rodney, in fact I enjoy your appearances on Deanna's program, then again I used to enjoy the snake Veronica's appearance as well. My comments merely show the sword cuts both ways, so be careful where you swing it.

Note: I'm not sure that Ironshore is the same person as Iconoclast who is the person speaking with Veronica Clark.

Hell, maybe we should ignore everyone who claims to be historians, do radio shows, and points the finger at others while saying listen to me!

Anonymous said...

Ron's works were very misleading, they were all about NS Germany being a "multicultural paradise", and if you go back and listen they're deceptively misleading. Most of her "books" were translations, and Black Nazis was only like 200 pages.

WV Foundations said...

1) I have never seen "Clark's" books posted on Deanna's web site, she has interviewed her along with many she does not agree with.

2) I have not seen Weber say the "Holocaust" happened, please provide me some evidence to that effect. Also, can you tell me what Weber has "stolen" given you sill "thief" insertion.

3) People from Willis Carto's Organization attend FreedomPalooza and speak. Where do you stand on Carto? Topete openly denies the Holocaust and has been attacked by the SPLC and ADL and shunned by "personalities" and "patriots" (Larry Pratt, Richard Mack and many others) for doing so.

4) One need not write books to be an authoritative source. I research via original source materials and persons. There are a LOT of books that do a LOT of dis-service and DisInformation. Some people pen Pamphlets and call them "books".

5) John Friend was warned about "Clark" over a year ago by me, he also received an email from her ordering him to not cite her and to not post her material (even then he didn't get it). I am sure he will verify this.

Finally, can you provide some courage of conviction and post your real name and stand by your assertions. The term "1776blues" gives the impression of a depressed Patriotard

Anonymous said...

This was emailed to me just a few days ago...it refers to Rodney Martin who is now trashing me here. Interesting...

Dear Ms. Kuzniar-Clark, I was provided your contact information by a friend in Canada. Like him I am over the proverbial hill and thus uninterested in internet or gutter fighting. I just had the opportunity to listen to a podcast, suggested to me by that same friend in Canada, you participated in with 2 other persons who I have never heard of, but I have not heard of a lot of the internet personalities. Let me say I am not in agreement with many of your views and find your broad-brushing of "WN" to be incorrect, but you have a right to your views as I do to mine. I consider myself a "WN", but do not consider myself a woman hater nor seek to genocide any peoples. I do not write to attack you, to debate you, nor attempt to convince you to change any of your views, I am far too old to waste time. I am interested in matters of integrity and have found there are others who are as well, including "WN" who seek to clean out the Movement. Some of
these people have been attacked by low-end people you mentioned in your recent podcast. I know one such man, who shall remain nameless for the time being as I do not have his permission to talk to you about him. I hold him in very high regard for his integrity and for his commitment to family and his out spoken and public comments regarding the need to clean up the trash in the "WN" Movement. He continues to present ZCF's material despite attacks and has defended Ms. Spingola against the profanity-laden Delaney and Wayne Prante in Canda when Wayne's liberal politics were brought to light. I have have found him to be a breath a fresh air when it comes to what Irving calls Real History as he talks to to people rather than lecturing people. I know for a fact that young Anglin and that witch Yeager have it in for him but seem to have backed off because he knows a lot more about them than what he has said publicly.

Anonymous said...

Here's part two of that email (due to character limits)...

I also know this man is not a
hater and has even been on African-American Programs and was viciously attacked by one William Finck who went into cahoots with Yeager to attack this man, by attacking his wife and children, based on bad information which many knew had been proved inaccurate and as you stated, Yeager knew. I have met this man and had dinner with him along with David Irving and Mark Weber and with his wife present as have have some very strong willed "WN" thus Yeager's attack fell flat. It is well known that his wife has recently taken seriously ill and he cares for her and his children. As I said and which is my purpose for writing, Anglin and Yeager backed off because I know he has a significant amount of information regarding these two and I would suggest you and he may have an agenda in common, both of you have been unfairly and viciously attacked by these low-life elements and he seeks to neutralize these elements. I know for a fact that he often writes emails
to Blog owners who refer to women in derogatory terms which I will not repeat and reminds our Nationalist men that they have to grow up and court a woman properly. I would suggest that you may want to put aside your emotionally charged dislike of all "WN" and consider having a talk with this man, as I said, he is a decent person who has some similar views. Judging from the discussion in the podcast, no one objected to "WN", the issue was objectionable people and hypocrites. I would ask that this remain private and not be part of your ongoing disputes with the "WN" elements you find objectionable. As you may be aware Ms. Yeager engages in the practice of publishing communications sent with the understanding that they are private, she did so to the man I am writing about and also read aloud emails from Ms. Spingola and others.

No need to reply unless you wish me to make an introduction.

My personal message to Deanna: don't worry, the air will be cleared in about 3 months on TUT.

Anonymous said...

I received this email on January 30, 2014. I will not disclose who sent it. Now, I was not going to post this Mr Martin, but your sudden attack here required it.

You bought 3 of my books. I can prove this beyond any doubt, so please do not dig yourself in deeper by denying it.

As I said, I have nothing against you, and in fact I had no problem with Ms Yeager who I quoted in a couple of my books...but you WNists are all insane and this had to be laid bare once and for all.

Do you have a problem with Hetalia Cosplay Mr Martin:

Aleksa said...


Yes she is a dude!
She also has a chat avatar of that transvestite singer from Tokio Hotel!

This is probaly her too!LOL


Lugh said...

For all that don't know, "Hetalia" is a Japanese cartoon for children (not 35 year olds) that features humanized countries making silly jokes and things like this.
PRUSSIA, was completely obliterated by JEWISH MULTICULTURALISM, they were removed from their lands and replaced by another race.
For YOU, to walk around attacking US and promoting MULTICULT prancing around as the personification of PRUSSIA is an INSULT.
Some WNs may seem crude (and the Jews try to make this worse then it is through films like American History X etc), however, NIETZSCHE who was born in Prussia predicted these are the type of people generally who will appear first in a white nationalist movement, it's not pretty but neither is the world.

Anonymous said...

She sure has the attitude of the chosen ones since she is a know it all and was butt hurt when she was called a cunt here at mamis shit. That was the beginning of the end for her. I mean how dare anyone call a chosen one such a horrible thing oy vey stupid cunt.

Anonymous said...


Tim said...

WV foundations said: 2) I have not seen Weber say the "Holocaust" happened, please provide me some evidence to that effect.

Go listen kyle's interview with mark weber on renegade broadcasting where weber defends the official narrative of the holocaust.

also http://carolynyeager.net/mark-weber-says-millions-jews-lost-their-lives-because-nazi-policies

and http://thewhitenetwork.com/2013/12/17/mark-weber-at-the-ihr-illegitimate-usurper-or-rightful-heir/ a roundtable discussion on weber

Anonymous said...

The holocaust controversies can change their blog whenever they want. When someone has said they have written about diesel-gas, they can change alol to benzin and vice versa. Nobody is a liar if the HC-clowns have said so. They are liars themselves.

That was the reason why the revisionists did not answer to them before they wrote a book or a PDF that they can not alter and then accuse others being liars.

WV Foundations said...

Thank you for your appearance Ms. "Clark". first, please find identify where I have "attacked" you? You seem to believe any intellectual criticism of your theories are "attacks". This I dare say is "insane".

The email you posted was forwarded to me a couple days ago, I shall not reveal by whom as I don't engage in the type of tactics as others engage in (you and the person named in the email) I have never posted an email sent to me, If I did a lot of people would be shocked, including many who have attacked me. I will say I scolded the person for being so naive and silly in his premise.
Yes, I own 3 of your books, I do read books and would never criticize books or their author's theories, thesis or premise without first having read them and most importantly, reviewed the sources. Unlike many WN who request free pdf versions, I believe an author should indeed be compensated for theory work. I will say there is some truth in the email in that I have called for high standards in the WN Movement, that is no secret, I have done so publicly on my Wednesday Show and will do so again on my Show tomorrow in addition to discussing YOU and others.

I would like to extend an invitation to debate the merits of your theory(s) on the Third Reich. I am sure Deanna Spingola would be an unbiased moderator. Again, I have not attacked you and in fact I have stated that personal attacks on you are not proper and criticism should be limited to the content of your statements and positions.

WV Foundations said...


1) I do not listen to nor consider Carolyn Yeager a credible source given her irrational attacks on Weber and many others.

2) There seems to be a desire by some to say the "Holocaust" must be taken up or a person is not true. That is a bad policy. I do openly say the Holocaust is a fraud. However if you apply that standard as a rule, then you will exclude outstanding persons like Dr. Kevin McDonald who does NOT talk and address the Holocaust Fraud. He has refused to appear with Holocaust Revisionists on the same Radio Show. I do not consider Dr. McDonald "less than" because of his desire to not talk the Holocaust Fraud. There are plenty of us who do take it on.

2) Regarding the interview Weber did on Renegade Broadcasting, he (Weber) did NOT stipulate to or DEFEND the Holocaust Fraud. Weber was asked his opinion about a specific issue. Please note, Weber has been on my Show 5 times, in those appearances I have disagreed with him Re: the German Occupation of Poland, Operation Barbarossa, and other events and conditions during WWII. What I heard Weber say is he takes the same position as David Irving, whom I also disagree with, but many other Pro German historians also take as well. In the end Weber said the Jew Narrative is irrelevant, which too many people are fixated with. I have even heard people say Weber lied at the 2006 Tehran Conference, problem is as I recall, Weber was not at that Conference. The question is NOT if Jews died in Camps, they did, the question is HOW. They died because of Allied Terror Bombing which caused a break down in supply trains to the Camps, i.e. no medicine, food, etc which resulted in Typhus and Cholera out breaks. Yes bodies were burned, there was no choice, diseased bodies have burned for thousands of years to prevent the spread of disease. Kyle did not ask the right line of questions. He did NOT ask Weber if there was an official German Policy to exterminate Jews. To that Weber would have said no. Germans were so detailed that they sent Death Notices to family members of those who were interned in the Camps, meaning that NOT all of the family members were interned in the Camps. I have a couple of these Death Notices which I will post in the future with an Essay I am working on regarding the Holocaust Fraud. By the way, the calorie intake of a Camp inmate in 1944 was higher than a German child in Hamburg and Konigsberg.

Tim said...

@ wvfoundation
1) i am referring to the roundtable inteview with the likes of germar rudolf and not yeager in specific, maybe you can mute her voice and just listen to the others?
2 i don;t say the holocaust should be taken up, but in the case of weber he is a revisionist for fuck sake and steered that organisation in a certain direction
3) you listened to a different interview? lololol anyhoo you said yourself you disagree with weber on many pints so do pro german historians, which implied puts weber in the anti german historian camp aye? :)

i do look forward to your next interview with weber though where you can ask him the necessary specific questions to pin him down on answering the questions regarding the holohoax (something what normally only needs to be done with a shill or a jew lol)
also ask him specific questions pls on 911 who did it? etc


WV Foundations said...

@Tim, as I said, I do not use Yeager as a source nor consider Germar Rudolf 100% reliable for a few reasons. Some of Germar's work is EXCELLENT, BUT he is on record as placing blame for the suffering of the German people on Hitler. He has said so publicly (on at least 2 radio Shows) and I confronted him on Spingola Speaks. In an exchange with me, on air, Germar said, and I quote, "Hitler should have resigned in 1938 and restored democracy in Germany so as to spare Germany the suffering of the war". He also said this on none other than Yeager's Show. Interesting that he gets a pass for this. Is it because he provides verbal ammo for some people's jihad against Weber? I took great issue with Germar and pushed him to tell me who he thought should have taken over and if he really thought a change of leadership would have changed Jewish plans for the destruction of Germany and he said no one. I found that very revealing. I also called his attention to Stalin's plans for a July 41 attack into Europe, can you imagine this absent Hitler? Also some years back Germar was seeking to take over the directorship of the IHR for one obvious reason, he wanted to remain in the USA and a professional job would have assisted him in his INS defense. However I find his position on Hitler and Hitler's prosecution of the War to be untenable for someone who has been presented as a potential Director for the IHR. YES, Germar is 100% correct when it comes to the Holocaust Fraud, BUT there is far more to Revisionism than just the Holocaust Fraud and this is where many people get it wrong. The sure way to defeat the Holocaust Fraud is to limit the debate to gas chambers and how many Jews died, BUT rather have a overall and accurate debate of the Third Reich from 1933-45 in totality and point all of the Frauds from early on. As to Michael Collins Piper, I will be talking to him on Friday, he and I have a very good relationship. He has worked for the American Free Press for many, many years, his position in the Carto-Weber dispute is well known. Frankly I would like to know why a dispute some 20 years ago over money in which the Board Members voted a certain way should continue to detract from more important work. The IHR issue is over, dead and buried. Frankly, can anyone deny that the Barnes Review and American Free Press is far more successful than the current state of the IHR? Why then is the obsession over the IHR? Revisionists still speak at the IHR, I spoke there on September 7th and showed a film to a packed house. I denied the Holocaust Fraud in my comments no one objected. No one stood up and claimed otherwise.In fact, the entire event was broadcast on my Network and can be heard in the archives. It seems to me that this is waste of time and time would be better spent on fighting and criticizing the real enemy. We should want an active Barns Review and AFP, we should want an active IHR, we should want as many organizations as possible that provide information to our people. Just because some people do not talk each of our own specific emphasis should require their exorcism. If that be the case, then you will have to exclude Dr. McDonald and many others. Interestingly, in each of the 5 times I have had Weber on, NO one has bothered to call in and ask him a question. The Phone Number is posted on my Show Page. As to 911 and other conspiracy, lets leave that to Fetzer and John Friend. I do not get into "no one died", "smoke machines" ,"nothing hit the buildings", and every other theory designed to keep us busy, occupied and away from real work and the real enemy and by that NO I do not by the Government explanation. Want to know what happened on 911, look to Tonkin Gulf and the USS Liberty, it is not complex.

WV Foundations said...

Yes, Veronica, I asked Deanna to confirm your email address. I received an email that appeared to be from you, (sent to me and others) but it was NOT your address (I learned this after confirmation from Deanna) and I found out later it actually came from New Jersey and I know you are not in New Jersey (don't worry, I will not post where you actually are, as you have noted, I did buy 3 of your books you sent them from your address). Stop being so childish, self important and foolish. By the way, I told Deanna this as well, that I received an email that I thought was from you and turned out to be a troll, (shall I post the Skype screen shot?) I receive a LOT, of emails attempting to play people. Frankly, I unlike others did a little due diligence rather than throwing it into the rumor mil. The email has already been forwarded to me saying "look at what Veronica Clark said", the fool didn't even look to see that I was in the original batch of "send to's". I have said I do NOT care about your personal life, the fact that you support the ADL and SPLC doesn't surprise me, that speaks to your character and deception when you were marketing your wares to "WN". I said I would debate your distorted and incorrect thesis Re: National Socialist Germany which has nothing to do with your being "asexual" or any other deflection. No one cares about your sexual orientation or lack of one. Is it not you that has a fixation on evil Nazis and "WN"? I wager you spend more time on "WN" blogs and web sites than actual "WN". Why not go find another hobby or pursuit.

Anonymous said...


Okay, fair enough.

I am willing to engage in a debate with you but it can't be during D's allotted time. I cannot make that daytime time slot.

If she can do an evening slot that will work for me. Just let me know what day.


To deny that asexuality is an orientation as legit as all others is outrageous:


Ben G. said...

Best way to run a "psyop": announce to the people you are supposedly running the psyop on over and over and over that you are running a psyop on them.

The only thing you are doing to the WN community is providing us with a bit of humor and entertainment and making yourself look like an ass.

Beep said...

The piece is still there(now expanded), just not on the index page. Veronica kindly posted a link to it on her blog.

Veronica Clark Historical Disinformationalist Exposed

foon1e said...

Bye Sig. Don't let the metaphorical Door hit yer ass on the way out.
Certain Posters here are the perfect practitioners of the double-standard. And hopefully that's one less to deal with from now on.
How many times must we repeat ourselves around here? Mami's is a News Aggregation Blog - nothing more. We don't set agendas,We don't take sides - and we certainly don't allow idiots to think they can push their own agendas with smear tactics and personality assassinations unfettered.
Abide by The Blogs rules or feck off. Your choice.

foon1e said...

...& that's it for "Signifier". Banned from this site for being a complete idiot. You don't like the way things run here-we get it. But we're the admins-& you're the trolling operative. Any further spams from yourself will be spam-boxed. Goodbye.

wmfinck said...

"whitenationalistmen said...


I also know this man is not a
hater and has even been on African-American Programs and was viciously attacked by one William Finck who went into cahoots with Yeager to attack this man

You are lying.

Blindlight said...

I'd love to see a pic of the comment she made about infiltrating us in the ADL site or anything anyone has on Jewess Veronica.Anything at all!.That's all we need , someone infiltrating and then pushing her A-Sexual identity agenda and her "innocent Jew" take on the chosen

Blindlight said...

Look Veronica, funny you are following this thread still.Haven't you realized the WN element is never gonna like you? There's plenty of people who could.If you just want to be an author what are you getting mixed up in a gang of thieves for.The only reason you are talking to me here is because of your rep and this is a popular outlet. TBH, I could believe in you if you tell me what the fuck you are doing and if you don't care about anything but revising German history and making money off your books which your copyright fixation clearly indicates, what are you messing around with them for? I'll tell you why, it's not just about German revisionism. That is your specialty but it's all interconnected. You wouldn't be doing this line of work unless you are an agent for Israel-Jews or you want to help take them down.If it is the latter, I understand the frustration dealing with folks that can't see beyond white and demonize anyone who can.With your brains you could do anything. You are just frustrated that the WNs are never gonna see you without seeing you as a threat to their agenda for yours includes more than just white people. So, you made a big mess by being a little too clever-you keep yourself removed from people like me and people like me can't trust folks like you that all they want to do is present information.To us, we wonder who you represent, it's politics as usual and these elitist radio hosts are basically information presenters to the Jewaware sheep and whose agenda are they following after. We got no idea! That's a problem.So,now that I got your attention, do you support Israel-Jews-are you a member of the ADL and why? You said your views haven't changed in the last three years-why are you acting like the Jews are like us, in your interviews? I read the prelude to your mason book and it said the Jews rule the masons-they are top dog-what gives with your Jew stance cause it is possible to speak boldly about Jews and not be a white racist if that is the reason you are backing off, so as not to be identified with them.

Anonymous said...


No, I am not an ADL agent.

Blindlight said...

are the protocols real? Do you believe they are of Jewish origin and if so, does that not tell you exactly how the bolshevik revolution occurred, in that doc?

Anonymous said...


Hitler believed the protocols were not genuine and I agree. If you want to exact quote I will supply it.

Two words:

Look that up and really ponder it...

rodin said...

I looked up double bind

The term was coined by Gregory Bateson. The photo in Wikipedia shows him with the Jew Rudolph Arnheim. First wife was Margaret Mead. So not a good pedigree for the concept, probably a semantic hoax.

Double bind suggests no good decision can be made. But this is not true. Always a good decision can be made....

I would like the source of your claim Hitler did not believe in the Protocols.