Saturday, February 1, 2014

Massive security operation under way for Super Bowl

Is False Flag terror in the works for the Super Bowl psychological operation?

What does the latest intelligence say about potential threats?
"We're not picking up any direct threats against the event itself," Bratton said. "But please, be aware. Notice that backpack someone drops or walks away from."
In the Boston Marathon attack last April, there were two backpacks -- with bombs.  There was no warning before the explosions.  Venizelos worries about a similar homegrown, lone-wolf attack.
"That's probably our biggest concern, somebody who's not on the radar, who's just determined to do something and determined to do it anytime they want," said Venizelos.
At joint command centers at the stadium in New Jersey and in lower Manhattan, dozens of federal, state and local security agencies are monitoring real-time images from more than 2,000 security cameras.
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Christopher Marlowe said...

There's a lot of foreshadowing about this. I've watched half a dozen youtubes talking about the Tom Cruise movie, the Dark Night movie, simpsons, numbers, etc...

That last super-bowl had the 30 minute blackout. I can't believe that was an accident.

If there isn't a false flag, they sure are gas-lighting the conspiracy folks.