Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Zionists vs. Jesuits Debates

2006 - Michael Collins Piper vs. Eric Jon Phelps


2008 - Ognir vs. Eric Jon Phelps



zapoper said...

Hey Griz. Not a big deal but just letting you know that Del posted both of them last Sunday. Ognir then Piper lol

Mami said...

Oops, oh well

foon1e said...

Lol Grizz...second time you've done that in less that a week! :P
You really gotta try *reading* Mami's Shit Blog sometime! Its fascinating, and contains important and fascinating information that everybody should know!

Mami said...

Yeah I guess your right LOL

Anonymous said...

NO! Thank you, Mr. Mami, for posting this because I was never able to get the original posting's downloads to work properly for some reason.

This one works fine.


delcroix said...

lol mami

feck off lindsey : - )

icr said...

In his latest podcast, Mark Glenn says that Piper has been fired by AFP. Piper not named, but the decription MG gave fits no one else in the American Empire.