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The Kevin Barrett Show 2014.03.23

Canadian journalist Greg Felton on Ukraine, Flight 370

Vancouver-based Greg Felton is the author of The Host and the Parasite, Exploding Middle East Myths, and more. A disillusioned former mainstream journalist, Greg is now an acerbic media critic and all-around trouble-maker. Greg describes the subjects of this interview as follows:

"Re Ukraine: The bizarre pissing match taking place in Ukraine is best seen as a proxy war between Isramerica and Russia. Ukraine, itself, is not the issue; it’s merely a means to an end. As I see it, the U.S. is so steamed that Putin did not abandon Assad that it wants to 'punish' Russia by destabilizing Ukraine.  As it is Ukraine is one of the poorest European countries and of no strategic or economic value to the U.S. All the U.S. needs is for the coup government of Yatsenyuk to agree to the installation of NATO forces and missiles on Ukrainian soil for the U.S. to bring about a reverse Cuban Missile Crisis.

"The airliner (Malaysian Flight 370) has significance for 9/11 because of the different attitude the media are taking. On and after 9/11 as you know, the public was force-fed a pre-digested reality. Investigation was all but proscribed in the name of stampeding the nation to war. Regarding Malaysian 370, we see a genuine interest in finding data first before coming to conclusions. Most interesting is the issue of transponders being 'turned-off.' All four planes alleged to have taken part in 911 lost transponder contact with ATC, yet nobody has mentioned this in connection to an alternate theory. Why the candour now, and can this be used to re-open investigation of what really happened to the 4 planes of 9/11?"
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