Thursday, April 3, 2014

Circus Maximus with Nick 2014.04.02

Tonight, John Kaminski will be the guest. 

Kaminski bio — 4/2/14

John Kaminski is a former newspaper editor who quit the newspaper business for good, right when he realized how news agencies/newspapers were reporting on 9-11. Something obviously was not right.

One of the very early critics of the 9/11 deception, Kaminski has since lit up the airwaves and written hundreds of stories explaining elements of that false flag deception, which has resulted in the destruction of America from within, as well as constant and unjust wars ever since.

Originally a widely known counter culture voice whose stories were posted on websites around the world, Kaminski soon was banned and excluded from most popular sites because of his vocal insistence that Jews were behind this colossal crime at a time when most "alternative" sites were afraid to say so.

Kaminski is highly recognized for for his public criticism of Jews and their insane movements of Zionism, Communism, liberalism, and homosexuality that have become noticeably more widespread throughout the world.
Kaminski's current essays can be found these days on an Australian website,  Included among the finest collection of anti-Jewish writers in the whole world.

Feel free to call in!......Nick

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Anonymous said...

33 minutes in, thanks to Zap's question, he admits that he has no evidence that Simon Shack is a Jew, saying it's what he read on the internet.

Still waiting on evidence for his claim that is Ry Dawson is an Israeli shill.

zapoper said...

Yeah. I wish I would have remembered to ask him about Dawson too.

Anonymous said...

me too you pot head lol

zapoper said...


Aleksa said...

Simon Shack suffers SH syndrome,he can be what ever he wants,he is still an idiot who is not to be trusted!

Anonymous said...

Good show. Not sure about that French Canadian dude who called in.


Aleksa said...

LOL,yes good show,only that suspicious guy with bad English accent from Canada!:)

Anonymous said...

Aleksa said...

Sad to hear that Kaminsky has fallen in to the SH fanatsy!
Trusting Halbnigg an Fetzer and questioning Deanna its just crazy!Halbnigg has bean debunked many times !
I hope you mr Kaminsky save your self and cure your self of SH disease! SAD!
If someone does not believe in crisis actors,doesnt mean that he believes the official story!

Hopefully someone will either arrest those two going there ,or beat the hell out of those two shills!

Anonymous said...

When have the Ukrainians done atrocities towards the Poles? In the 1600's when Chelmnitski rebelled because of the jews? Unbelieveable he admitted he hates the Ukrainians because he is a Pole! And how did the Poles treat the Ukrainians in the 30's? Millions of dead and tortured refugees.

And the Ukrainians are so stupid because trhey did not want to die and wanted to ged rod of janu. They did not want to join the talmudic Russia. It was Putin who started this. He plays the same game with the West. They are on the same side. Now this man wants Putin to conquer the whole Ukraine and to destroy its culture. This is just that the Jews are wanting. They are destroying everybody with unnecessary wars.

1776blues said...

I wonder if Kaminski has taken the time to listen to any of the programs Deanna has done on SH. Deanna doesn't have a favorable opinion of Mark Glenn. But this whole claim Deanna has ruined her reputation is bogus.

Deanna's last show they covered the reports and the repetitive questions they ask and the law that Fetzer cited they debunked.

Since John has not, admittedly, investigated SH and only knows what he has read on the internet, perhaps he should do so beginning with Deanna's shows before he puts her down.

None of us can or should discount Cass Sunstein and government infiltration into what is being bandied about on the internet.

Unknown said...

Cass Sunstein says, "Government agents (and their allies) might enter chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups and attempt to undermine percolating conspiracy theories by raising doubts about their factual premises, causal logic or implications for political action."

Let me repeat his GOALS, "attempt to undermine percolating conspiracy theories..."

Let me repeat HOW they do this, "by raising doubts about their factual premises, causal logic or implications for political action"

Let me repeat WHO is to do this, "Government agents (and their allies)..."


1. 50-90% of these Talkshow hosts are probably Government agents and their allies.

2. Sandy Hook is the targeted Conspiracy Theory (TRUTH)

3. Destroy the Sandy Hook Truth by raising doubts of logic/facts by introducing shills like Wolfgang/Fitzer who are to set up the bullshit so that other shills like Piper/Glenn/Spingola/Yeager can then come back in to destroy the bullshit that was set up to be destroyed.

zapoper said...

You're so brilliant I'm jealous.

Deanna said...

With regard to Sandy Hook, much of what is on the Internet was created before the official investigation concluded and before officials presented a report. That is not to say that one should not ask questions about the official conclusions or about the things that were omitted from the investigation and the report. I have many questions. Some people have produced some very shoddy information disguised as "research." I am obsessively detail-oriented and have a lengthy history in actual on-site records research. In research, if one continues to work on a specific research problem, there is a natural progression if evidence exists. If one continues the research, going from question to question, verifying each and every clue, finding supportive evidence, not just circumstantial evidence, he/she may establish a fact. Research, if done properly, is NOT static. It is also not based on suspicions, suppositions, circumstantial evidence and outright fabrications. Because anyone may post their opinions on the Internet, people may post and promote nonsensical theories that many ignorant and/or gullible people accept because they lack research skills themselves. People with integrity who are sincerely seeking answers to their questions readily accept evidence that addresses their issues, even if it contradicts their previously-held views. However, change agents whose objective is to impose their key talking points upon a gullible, suspicious population never change their positions. They ask questions, not because they want information but to generate a lack of confidence in public officials who admittedly often deserve our distrust. If people ask public officials for specific information that those officials have already provided in the formal reports, then there is no need for further queries, IF answers are the real objective. One might accusatorily suggest that the official reports associated with Sandy Hook are devised and deceptive. Then why does Halbig and others ask for more information from the very people who ordered those reports to begin with if one fails to believe what is in the original reports? If the inquirer is really seeking information, the reports are quite adequate and more than satisfactory.

Deanna said...

That leaves another possibility! Are some of the purported researchers actually cognitive infiltrators contributing to a virtual feeding frenzy known as the Sandy Hook hoax? Cass Sunstein, Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, in office from September 10, 2009 to August 21, 2012, suggested that the government should attempt to discredit the "truth movement," with preposterous propaganda disguised as legitimate information presented by seemingly credible people, only to be shown later for what they actually are. Then those who may have believed the fabrications would lose all confidence and faith in the so-called movement. They may then move on to believe in what the government wants them to believe, such as the Israelis did not attack the USS Liberty, and that the US government and Israel did not collaborate, along with some well-connected corporations using highly-developed weaponry, did not orchestrate 9/11 and other events. These provocateurs seem to be drumming up dissent, division, and distrust within the so-called “truth” movement. Repetition of those seemingly reasonable questions on various radio shows lends an air of credibility to them. Thus, change agents who never actually change their static positions, find it essential to have others embrace and redistribute those easily-remembered propaganda phrases. The already-answered questions, really talking points, remain the same, retaining the same basic implication that the officials have lied to the population and that astute truth-seekers need to courageously demand answers at all costs as if, officials had not previously supplied all of the answers.

I cannot speak to the motives of others, I can only speak for myself. I have never worked for any government agency and if I were a shill, I would probably still be on RBN five days a week instead of one. I am not part of a group as Ken Horst suggests. Yeager has publicly attacked me, along with others. We have not spoken for quite some time. I have been attacked more for looking at this issue than any other issue that I have covered. My creed is Truth should not fear investigation. If what the hoaxers are saying is true, they should not object if others investigate.

Unknown said...

1. Deanna says, "That leaves another possibility! Are some of the purported researchers actually cognitive infiltrators...?"

How in the hell is that a surprise or new possibility to an expert researcher like you Deanna? Its like Jew 101 tactics.

2. Deanna says, "My creed is Truth should not fear investigation. If what the hoaxers are saying is true, they should not object if others investigate."

Then why in the World did/do you get upset at others for investigating or questioning Sandy Hook? You were the one calling people names for looking into this subject matter and telling people its "crazy" to do so.

3. Why do people like you attempt to turn Wolfgang and Fetzer into some type of LEADERS within Sandy Hook that somehow represent ALL people who question Sandy Hook?

To me, this is a TRICK (aka setting up a straw man).

4. If you really wanted to hold a radio show 5 days a week, you could easily set up a TalkShoe or BlogTalk account. As such, I am inclined to believe that it was you who did not want to spend so much time on RBN's network.

Anonymous said...

Cass Sunstein was specifically concerned about conspiracy theories involving Israel, as MCP drew to our attention.

Ironically, MCP was the driving force of raising so much hackles within the truth movement mid-2013 over SH, and he kept implying Jim Fetzer and others were Sunstein operatives, yet it was Fetzer who originally said it was a Mossad team that carried out the SH attacks, and MCP was the one saying the official story was true, except for him being open to the possibility that Lanza may have been mind-controlled.

MCP did immense damage to the "movement" with repeatedly casting aspersions and making fun of "wheelchair conspiracy theorists" and "Sandy Hookers" and saying there was a big Sunstien plot at play and then making the baffling claim that DallasGoldBug wasn't a government/Sunstein shill, and not refuting any of the specific evidence for at least four shows, and not even watching Sofia's documentary until late Dec. 2013, and I personally corresponded with him about all my concerns.

Anonymous said...

Fetzer said Mossad did SH? Funny, everytime I hear him, he has the Jesuits, Aliens and the Queen ordering everybody around. No different to Karen 'The Conehead Jesuits' Hudes who just mysteriously emerged in the truth movement.

Now I see that Eric John Phelps has been dragged out of his Israeli blood-diamond business to do some more work on the shamshilli show.

Me thinks the Cass Sunstein operation is pretty obvious here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads-up on EJP, igodom. I commented before how he just disappeared from the scene, because his role had been fulfilled. How fitting that he came back on Santilli's show. Santilli is a very suspicious character in his own right, and has been a shit-stirrer in playing into the Judy Wood vs. Jim Fetzer rift.

EJP is a definite Israeli shill, being VP at an Israeli diamond company, with his outrageous claims about the Vatican, and how Alex Jones used him as an excuse never to discuss Jewish influence because of people like EJP who point to one single group behind everything.

Yes, the timing of Karen Hudes coming out and pointing fingers and the Vatican and EJP resurfacing is likely not a coincidence.

icr said...

Fetzer is like Hal Turner 2.0. Done this time with sophistication and a degree of circumspection.

Tim said...

faux says some good stuff: MCP did immense damage to the "movement" with repeatedly casting aspersions and making fun of "wheelchair conspiracy theorists" and "Sandy Hookers" and saying there was a big Sunstien plot at play and then making the baffling claim that DallasGoldBug wasn't a government/Sunstein shill, and not refuting any of the specific evidence for at least four shows,

Cass Sunstein was specifically concerned about conspiracy theories involving Israel.

zapoper at ken horst said great points: zapoper said...
You're so brilliant I'm jealous. LOLOLOL

( ken calls everyone an agent lol stop hufschmidting lol)
there is dodgyness on both sides of the debate example: fetzer-mark glenn + people with great track records Kaminski- Deanna

either way jews and their anti gun law attempts benefitted.

The deanna people might be right but their ( especially MCP) attitude, as described by faux, towards those that did not believe the official story was soo abyssmal it actually mad me lean towards the people that say it was a hoax.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I liked faux's old oracle show... but not sure if he's still doing podcasts? Or Mami isn't posting them. Did some good work to expose AJ and some others and is usually quite rational (rare in this game).

Anonymous said...

He loves Putin and the Chabad-Russia. He obviously has changed to the camp of the enemy

Deanna said...

Ken Horst, On-site records research, which I have experience in, has nothing whatsoever to do with theories or jewish tactics. It has to do with reading original records such as probate, land, court records and other primary source records. I have not called anyone a name, been "upset," that people research SH or suggested that they not research that event. I wish people really would research SH and have never suggested that it is "crazy" to do so. I disagree with Smallstorm's conclusions based on the suppositions, looped video and other questionable devices that she used. I have looked at Halbig's 16 questions which have already been answered. Fetzer has turned himself into the SH leader. I you wish to lump yourself into that group, that is your prerogative; don't put that responsibility on me. I do not keep track of what you or others do or don't do in relationship to SH. Someone in my chat room said that Michael Rivero announced my replacement on his program on 2/25. I listened to Stadtmiller's program and he also announced it. I was shocked and hurt as we had not discussed this beforehand. So, I called him after his program and asked him what was going on as he had not talked to me about this beforehand. I have a recording of that phone call.

Anonymous said...

Deanna, you are implying, without directly coming out and saying it, that Fetzer and Smallstorm are government disinfo agents. But I think such an assertion is incomplete without an examination and discussion of their involvement in the 9/11 Truth movement, because if they are government disinfo agents, I don't think they just became such with Sandy Hook and not 9/11.

Deanna said...

Just because I reject their views on Sandy Hook does not mean that I think that Fetzer and Smallstorm are government agents. I am not sure where you are reading that into what I have said. If I had any proof of such an association, I would come right out and say and would not beat around the bush. I have been in error about many things but that does not make me an agent. We are each responsible for what we disseminate.

Anonymous said...

Deanna, certainly you or I don't have any "proof" that they are disinfo agents (even though there are different burdens of proof), and perhaps they are just my impressions, but I did listen to most of your SH shows, especially when MCP was on, and he and you have regularly talked about Cass Sunstein's memo about paid counter-speech agents, and you have been talking about the Delphi technique and the things that Fetzer and Sofia have done that have corresponded with it.

All this talk about Cass Sunstein's memo, and all the analysis of their actions -- it doesn't logically follow from your presentation that there's not an implication put out there, and that only some shadowy, unnamed people are Sunstein agents.

Unknown said...

Fetzer and Smallstrom may not be agents but they and John Friend sure are extremely gullible and apparently not very bright. (I do not trust John Friend). There can be no doubt that they are inadvertently supporting the Sunstein agenda however, perhaps unwitting accomplices.

Unknown said...

"Then why in the World did/do you get upset at others for investigating or questioning Sandy Hook? You were the one calling people names for looking into this subject matter and telling people its "crazy" to do so."

Um, mr horst, I do not speak for Deanna but perhaps she has found it highly irritating that through her research and after debunking the nonsense that most SH'ers have put forth that it's downright STUPID for them to keep putting it forth and it makes them highly suspicious. Deanna is very discerning and I feel her pains. Her research into this should silence her critics but they keep kicking and screaming like immature babies (PatColo and Amanda being two of them).

And give me a break, Fetzer and Halbig who are taking the lead with arrogance, both are egomaniacs who only seem to care about being right even when they are flat out wrong. Who are you trying to kid here?