Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spingola Speaks 2014.04.06

Guest: Mark R. Elsis who has the following web sites:;;;; and others

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Anonymous said...

I see this man is a liar and the enemy of Ukrine. He loves the Russian Jews. He is an enemy of mankind.

How low propaganda and shit for simple-minded sheep.

Anonymous said...

"Ruuperti", what is your stake in all of this? What I mean is why do you care so much about this issue? Are you in Ukraine? Are you NOT aware that the jews control it via the 70% jewish politicians and literally 95% jew oligarchs?

What is your stance on THAT fact? President Putin did SOMETHING about the jew oligarchs, while Ukraine is in a complete fucking catastrophe. Are you going to deny that FACT?

God bless President Putin.


Unknown said...

Ruupertti; Your comment is distractive nonsense in view of both the interview and Mark's nearly exhaustive documented online work proving the opposite of your trite slander. Are you stupid? def and illiterate? or just a sloppy slanderer?

Anonymous said...

I think You are all shills and enemies oh the Finnish people and the Urainians.

Oink oink, 8/8/2008. How stupid You think we are? And it was Russia who was the aggressor 2008. Oh, these russins would not ever attack during the Olympics. But it was janu who did it. Oh these heroes would never shoot the protestors. Oh they are so strictly handling according to the international law. Oh all the protestors were paid and the Ukrainians did not want it. Oh how they loved their leader Janu who was the legal dictator.

And oh yes, these who opposite Putin are doing this just because they have seen him in the same picture with Kissinger or some Jews, wearing Yamulka in Jerusalem or with the Jews. Oh how we are stupid.

This man is PRAVDA. All his better things have obviously been a mask with he has won the credibility of some ignorant truth-seekers.

Unknown said...

Ruupertti; Please accept my apology for attacking your person. You obviously have a different and very passionate view on the subject. Notwithstanding please don't harden your views to the extent that you are unable to investigate the views of others. Name calling separates others from hear you. We all have foibles in our belief systems. The ones who will triumph in the end are those open to corrections. -Be well