Friday, April 25, 2014

There Has Been A Jewish War On Russia For Over A 100 Years - Morris

Self-Loathing Jew Morris sounds the alarm on what's really happening between Russia and Ukraine.


Anonymous said...

This man is a Jew. He is not what he pretends to be. As Brother Nat is not either. They are hidden stalinists and JEWS. If they are putinists You surely know it. They are trying to ceat You and mislead You.

I did not bother to listen. But I want You to remember that the Jews got the Russia soon 1917. It is their toy.

Please read f.e. JΓΌrgen Roth's book about Gazprom. Those Jiu- jitsu-jews are there too. They stole very much money already when they were building the olympics. They have got 4x the normal price from building the pipeline to Wyborg. They were Putin's friends soon as they were all children.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

He's a phekkin' muppet. The war against Russia started when the two monks turned up in Kiev almost a millenia ago or when the last bit of Imperial skirt married into the Muscovy line near Byzantium's end. Takes tour pick simples.

Christopher Marlowe said...

Morris and Bro Nat are both upfront about their Jewish roots. Neither deny that they come from Jewish backgrounds. Both renounce any ties to Judaism and israhell. In fact, these two guys denounce Jews more than anybody. They both remind me of Benjamin Freedman, a Jew who renounced the criminal gang and spent a lot of money exposing their fraud.

Anonymous said...

It's true that Kapner's outfit comes across as clownish to those who care about that sort of thing, which includes most people, but I haven't seen any persuasive evidence that he's controlled opposition, unlike several other alternative media personalities.

He took Rev. Ted Pike to task for questioning the canonical status of the Book of Esther, and it seemed like he did so in the spirit of being a sincere, Bible-believing Christian.

The Persian Drum said...

If it wasn't for Brother Nathanael I would probably have never known about the Jewish puppeteers. He is easily one of the most forthright, persuasive commentator on this issue. I truly believe he is the real deal, and, just like the New Testament's Paul and all of the early followers of Christ, is a Jew who honours Jesus as the rightful Messiah.

Like Paul, Brother Nathanael overturns Jewish supremacism --a Babylonian Talmudic construct -- and understands that 'in Christ' all men are on an equal footing before God. Zionist Israel's Wall is meant to maintain a permanent barrier between Jews and non-Jews. However Paul in the New Testament proclaims that, in Christ, 'the wall of hostility is demolished'. In this regard, Brother Nathanael is a latter day Paul.

zapoper said...

Crusty the clown BN in my opinion is obviously playing for the Jew team.

If not, why would he dress-up like an idiot and pretend to try waking people up?

It's obviously BS.

So he goes: Let me tell you some truths but I'll look like a fucking moron clown while I tell you so that no "normal" people will believe me.

Great operation! LMAO

Anonymous said...

Zap, he seems to have a real disdain for things Jewish after having been raised in that environment, and he claims to have been a Christian since the 1970s.

The question is whether his outfit is standard issue for the Orthodox order he's part of.

If not, then maybe he wears it to get attention he otherwise wouldn't get if he dressed normally, or to keep himself from being physically or professionally targeted as other activists have been.

The Persian Drum said...

Zapper, I agree with your point about Bro Nathanael's religious garb, and you're right, his persona can oftentimes be quite theatrical or 'clownish' as you say. In fact it took me a while before I got on board with what he was saying. His 'look' and delivery was a stumbling block at first.

Having said that the content of his videos and articles is very powerful and insightful. He has awoken many deluded Christians (including myself) who were under the spell of Zionism. I've listened to many of his radio interviews and his no-holds-barred approach lifted the veil, so to speak. He also has a very profound knowledge of how the Old Testament should be understood -- i.e. as a pointer to Christ, rather than as a licence for Jewish supremacism.

Anonymous said...

They are Putin-hoaxers. If the antisemitse support Putin, they are supporting 100 % talmudism and jewish operations.

Like Putin they secretly love the Soviet Union and when they are supporting Russia, they are supporting stalinism.