Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Full Interview With Nazi Swastika Armband Wearing Cab Driver Gabriel Diaz

*Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told
*Adolf Hitler, Germany's Savior narrated by Ernst Zundel
*Adolf Hitler The Hidden Facts About His Reign
*The Holocaust Mega-post


Christopher Marlowe said...

The interviewer kept steering it back to the Jews. It's all about what the Jews think. Please God, save us from these people. Amen.

Unknown said...

Braver man than me. I applaud him. I too want to proudly display the NS Swastika, but don't dare to because of the shear ignorance and brain washing in this country.

Nick Dean said...

But Donna H. ... more important than any armband to a genuine National Socialist is that he should be in his own country in the first place, whatever they'd think of his armband. Go home and be a National Socialist, Gabriel Diaz. Your presence in the U.S. undermines American National Socialism.

Nick Dean said...

It's hard to take seriously 1) a Black National Socialist who 2) has invaded another country, 3) to drive a cab, 4) whose only known commitment to his people, that he has left behind to drive a cab in the world's armpit, is to wear an armband expressing his solidarity with them, and 5) who clearly thinks the lolocaust myth is LOL funny but won't say so for fear of losing shekels.

We're not that desperate for friends. Every normal White person is on our side - that's 90% of them. We don't need misfits from alt.Haiti to prop up our ego and show people we're not waycist.

Christopher Marlowe said...

I don't know why Gabriel has invaded this country if he is here legally.

If a white European wants to claim a country, he should go back to his country of origin.

Nick Dean said...

The distinction between immigration and invasion is the first happens in accord with the settled population's known wishes, but when it's against the settled population's known wishes, that's invasion - by definition.

Christopher Marlowe said...

Is Nick Dean claiming that white Europeans invaded north America and should go back to Europe?

How are the settled population's known wishes made known? By laws? So if the immigrant is in compliance with the law, then he is okay? So if the Dominican cab driver a legal immigrant, then he is okay? Makes sense.

Unknown said...

This guy is better than 90% of the idiots in our so-called movement, especially the fool Nick Dean who just wants to create drama between the National Socialists of all races.

SatanicJewsClues911 said...

Welcome this Man & all Races to this Fight! The walls are caving in on these Satanic Seeds!!
Grab a Cigar & Celebrate this Victory!

ConCenStasi said...

its fun to slowly scroll down as u read these articles and make a guess as to who posted them. no psychic skills needed here. obsessions can put us right back to sleep without us even knowing..we'd never truly see the full spectrum of lies right in front of our faces.

Unknown said...

I can tell what someone is going to say just by looking at their roided avatar. No psychic skills needed here.

Unknown said...

Best part of the video is arround 7:05
The reporter finally comes into view ,but all you can see of him is his big hook schnozzola in the upper left corner of the screen ,figures

dresdensurvivor said...

Very interesting.There are more than 100 different nationalities living in this country. All kinds of Europeans, Asiens,Arabs, people from Yemen,African Americans, Eskimos....und who was the "News man"? a jew....what a coincidence

Unknown said...

Andrea Mitchell, why would you post obvious bullshit about being able to see some Kike's nose at minute 7:05? Why spread such obvious bullshit?

Nick Dean said...

@ Christopher Marlowe.

Yes, some White Europeans invaded North America following Columbus (others settled both later and far, far earlier).

They weren't National Socialists, though.

And as they conquered the settled population in a context of conquest as way of life - an attitude common to both the Europeans and the Amerindians - they won America fair and square.

I've written elsewhere about how we might try to find a moral answer to contemporary arguments over past invasions and colonizations. If you're interested (comment 11): http://truthjihad.blogspot.co.uk/2011/09/my-letter-to-journalists-covering-911.html

I'm quite keen on pointing out what I'm in the habit of calling 'objectively racist double standards' - so I'm quite happy to have my own feet held to the fire on this.

Nick Dean said...

@ Greg Swamp.

If I wanted to create drama between self-described National Socialists of all races, would I post here? Where pretty much everybody's White or crypto Jewish and few are NS?

Or would I go to one of those places where all the Asian and Black and Amerindian National Socialists hang out, ya know, like ... er, where is it, that place ... er.

Gabriel Diaz is in the news because he claims to be a National Socialist while Black. It's so rare it's newsworthy. Drama between National Socialists of all races is impossible. But more likely if National Socialists of one group invade the territory of another - wouldn't you say?

Nick Dean said...

@ Christopher Marlowe,

My reply to Muslim-firster Kevin Barrett who asked a similar question to yours,

But wait - I am white, and I live in Wisconsin, USA. Should I go home to northwest Eurasia?

It’s a simple matter of fact that humans have been aggressing against each other in groups forever and probably always will do so. But if we’re serious about trying to justly settle disputes arising from past aggressions we have to think about an appropriate moral and legal framework for dealing with the problem.

Since we’re dealing with behaviours that have been a constant since time immemorial but only recently become universally publicly disapproved of, we cannot and should not try to impose our recently arrived at worldview on ancient conflicts, but it’s possible to try and fix a point in time when the new morality came into existence and around which modern disputes can be assessed in light of that new moral code.

I have in the past suggested the 1919 Paris Peace Conference as the moment when today’s popular and quasi-official ideal of Universal Nationalism became the global vision of how the people of the world wanted to live. From studying Erez Manela, THE WILSONIAN MOMENT, it’s very clear that even though the subject nations of Europe and the Ottoman Empire were the focus of Wilson’s Fourteen Points, people from all over the world who desired self-rule and a dedicated nation state of their own were inspired by the promise of Wilson’s ideal. Asian and African nationalists attended the conference and recognised the advantage they had gained when Wilson made a principle of nationality and self-determination.

Before 1919 it’s very difficult to argue that a colonised people would not have turned tables on their conquerors if they had been able, it’s basically what everybody did if they could. But after 1919 the idea became untenable that we had a right to settle in a country if the people already living in it did not want us there.



dresdensurvivor said...

"Yes, some White Europeans invaded North America.." and South America and Africa and Australia and and and. Europeans like the Spanish,Portugese,English,French, even guys from tiny Holland stole these Lands from the original inhabitants.Except Germans !! Of course, later on , after these Europeans set up their huge colonial empires, suddenly the Kaiser and Herr Hitler decided to conquer the world, we're beeing told by the jews and their corrupt lackies, and killed tens of millions of humans in the process..............

dresdensurvivor said...

I forgot to mention Belgium.
Certain creeps from this tiny country,they too wanted a piece of the pie!!!

Nick Dean said...

A Dresden survivor and German patriot should have more knowledge of his people's history.

Not only were Germans often the alien overlords of Italians, Czechs, the Dutch, Belgians, Swiss and other Europeans in their own homelands, the German Colonial Empire of the late 19th and early 20th C. also controlled in whole or in part at some time, Namibia, Western Samoa, Cameroon, German West Africa, German New Guinea, Ghana, Togo, Mauritania, Rwanda, Burundi, Botswana, Mozambique, the Marshall, Mariana and Caroline Islands, Federated States of Micronesia and even Brazil.

Not that there's anything wrong with that, since everyone who could do so was conquering other countries at the time. The conquered would surely have done it to Germans if they could.

Nick Dean said...

@ dresdensurvivor

I compiled that list with the help of http://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/German_colonial_empire - I had never previously heard of the Brazil thing and that might be an error. Point still stands.

dresdensurvivor said...


set up by new worlders ??
like wikipedia ?

dresdensurvivor said...

Those were "colonies" left over for the Kaiser by the exploiters, because there was nothing to exploit.And if one goes to Cameroon for instance,poeple over there have nothing but good words to say about Germans.

Unknown said...

Nick Dean fails to understand that every race is National Socialist.

Hitler/National Socialism were allies with Africans, Asians, Arabs, Turks, Persians, Europeans.

This man did not "invade" the USA. This man is a better man than 90% of White Americans today.

Anonymous said...

German's were not alien overlords in Bohemia and the whole Czechoslovakya. Bohemia and the area of Czech-republik has always been the oldest homeland of the Germans. Czechs came later. Czechs were treated very kindly and they always had many rights in the Austrian Empire. The Archduje would have given them the third monarchy so he must be mudered by the panslavists.

Nick dean I think You are a jew. When was Belgium a german colony? The german minority was destroyed and expelled after the I WWar.

Nick Dean said...

@ Greg Swamp.

"Nick Dean fails to understand that every race is National Socialist."

If you want to reduce National Socialism to mere ethnocentrism. But then why call it NS?

Somewhere like Kenya, under Kenyanization might be called NS - but that meant they kicked out a lot of non-Kenyan colonists and dispriveleged the rest, politically and economically. All very good. But you are doing the opposite - and the opposite of what the Third Reich did - you are vaunting the foreign minority over the native majority.

"Hitler/National Socialism were allies with Africans, Asians, Arabs, Turks, Persians, Europeans."

So? And were they allies with Africans, Asians, etc who had colonized Germany? The news reporter interviewing Diaz is particularly concerned that the Germans were not allies with their largest Asian colony. It's common knowledge.

Why does Diaz and alt.Haiti get to colonize Whites when Jews don't? And if Diaz gets to invade the US what's the moral argument against the US invading the Middle East.

You don't have serious moral or political arguments, you have petty displays of childish antisemitism when what is needed is a grown-up conversation about Jewish power and a Jewish quarantine, and a program of universal nationalism that will appeal to all peoples seeking self-determination.

"This man did not "invade" the USA. This man is a better man than 90% of White Americans today."

I defined my terms, you define yours, please.

Nick Dean said...

Ruupertti, you're a moron.

Fully half the threads at Mami's Shit are full of bad antisemitism like 'I disagree with you, so you're a Jew', 'that reporter has a big nose - must be a Jew.'

It's Sledge/Rebel antisemitism when what is needed is Kevin MacDonald/ David Duke antisemitism. We have good reasons to be hostile to Jews, we should rtalk about them, not about noses or each other.

Unknown said...

Nick Dean said:

''It's hard to take seriously 1) a Black National Socialist..''

- For the average sheeple maybe, but I'd expect you to be aware of the fact that a lot of brown and black people fought and died for NS.

''.. who 2) has invaded another country..''

-In his Dominican Panzer? C'mon..

''..to drive a cab,..''

- You should be glad he's working honestly. In my country lots of immigrants don't work and recieve dole and lots of benefits whilst they have great contempt for their host, the Dutch people.

''..whose only known commitment to his people, that he has left behind to drive a cab in the world's armpit, is to wear an armband expressing his solidarity with them..''

How do you know? In this interview Diaz twice expressed his concern that Homo's and extremist Muslims attack the ''Christian heritage'' so it seems to me he's American NS.

''..who clearly thinks the lolocaust myth is LOL funny but won't say so for fear of losing shekels..''

-He already has a 30 day suspension for being honest in expressing his political views, do you want him to suffer more?

''..We're not that desperate for friends..''

-Speak for yourself.

''..Every normal White person is on our side - that's 90% of them..''

-Oh really? Which country is that ...on MARS?!

''..We don't need misfits from alt.Haiti to prop up our ego and show people we're not waycist.''

-Sure, I agree. Although I don't think it's honorable to call Dominicans ''alt.Haiti''.A bit pathetic imo.

Everyone who speaks out about that the media lies about Hitler and NS is my ally!!

Thanks to the admins and greetings from Holland,


Anonymous said...

Everybody wanted to colnize and conquer the world or as much as possible? If Bismarck had wanted, he would have colonized the whole Europe. Nick Dean, You lied very ugly about the Germans and Czechs etc. And I know that You have written very strangely about Putin and Russia here and in the John Friend.net.

Nick Dean said...

@ Nik W

Thanks for that thoughtful response. Exchanges like that are helpful to all.

1) I think the non-Whites on the Axis side fought for themselves, principally, and against the British and Soviets, secondarily. Even where many Indians, for example, looked on National Socialism as a parallel and sympathetic ideology to their own traditional beliefs, if they fought with the Axis powers it was primarily with the goal of destroying the British Empire and returning India to self-rule. They were Indian nationalists not German National Socialists.

2) If you have a better distinction between invasion and immigration than the one I offered, I'm willing to hear it. My intention with making that argument here, there and everywhere, is to be both factual and propagandistic.

Factual: "Yes - immigration requires the consent of the natives. And yes, if that consent is not obtained it's invasion."

Propagandistic: "Shit, that's right. We don't want em but they come in their millions anyway. What's that if not invasion? I'm not fucking putting up with that shit anymore."

It is terrifying to see in this forum of all places the moronic argument that some of these immigrants are fine and dandy - and for no better reason that they wear a certain armband. If Swamp is right and everyone's a National Socialist except 90% of White Americans - just tear down the borders now ... except one ... where you're going to deport almost all the White Americans to.

3) Americans are White. The American nation from its founding 'til the 1960's was a White Nationalist project.

A multiracial 'American National Socialism' is triply oxymoronic.

4) I don't think he did speak out about the lies regarding Hitler or NS. I think he had a fantastic opportunity to do so, but chickened out. You imply yourself for fear of losing shekels - just as I said.

5) White people aren't doing this to ourselves. Left to our own devices and with governments and media that reflected our opinions and desires there would be no invasions happening, no affirmative action, no race-mixing propaganda, no lolocaust myth or laws against lolocaust truth, no wars for Israel. We don't have to go to Mars to find sane White people, we just have to reach them with good and true propaganda. Talk about replacing them with Dominican costume-Nazis isn't good outreach.

Nick Dean said...

Rupertti. My intention was clear. To correct a factual error and put a positive spin on what could be used against Germans.

Fact: The Germans did have an empire, just like the other Europeans dresdensurvivor was trying to put it all on.

Spin: So the fuck what? If Cameroon could have invaded Germany it surely would. Cameroonians today actually ARE! (a claim I alone in this thread seem willing to make - but it's fundamental to White survival, oddly)

You need to engage with the ideas others express, and end all the homosexual/womanly bitching and mind-reading and insinuation. I can't even imagine what you mean about my comment on Putin, "I'll bash him for the obvious bad stuff and praise him for the good stuff" -- what's so weird about that, ya fucking oddball?