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Texe Marrs Podcast 6/7/2014 - jew Secrets

Texe Marrs reveals jew scams the jew controlled media dare not reveal.

*The New Babylon: Those Who Reign Supreme - PDF
*The Holocaust Mega-post


The Persian Drum said...

Thank you WHOOLI for linking to another great message from Texe. He continues to ‘run the race’ and ‘fight the good fight’, despite the slings and arrows. It is clear that his reward is making Christ known.

It’s only a small detail but Texe says that the Talmudist Cabbalists are enemies of – and are trying to destroy – ‘christianity’.

But ‘christianity’ is only a religion, among other religions, and that is not their ultimate target.

Their target is Christ. They aim to ‘dethrone’ Christ, because he has shown himself to be the true Israel, the living Torah, the obedient Son of God, the Seed of Abraham, a Prophet, Priest and King -- and the Light to the Gentiles.

Collectively, the Pharisaic Talmudists attempt to assume all these titles for themselves, because collectively, they assume for themselves the role of sovereign Messiah.

But Jesus said it plainly:

“Beware of the false prophets. They come to you wearing sheep’s clothing, but underneath they are hungry wolves. You will recognize them by their fruit. Can people pick grapes from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles? Likewise, every healthy tree produces good fruit, but a poor tree produces bad fruit. A healthy tree cannot bear bad fruit, or a poor tree good fruit. Any tree that does not produce good fruit is cut down and thrown in the fire! So you will recognize them by their fruit” (The Good News as reported by Matthew 7:15-20)

What good fruit have the cabal given the world, and how exactly can they claim to be a light to the nations? World Wars? Societal Degeneracy? The corruption of the Arts, sciences and other once-valued institutions? Compromised politicians? Dumbed-down education? Fallacious and opportunistic historical narratives? A fiat money system? The balkanisation of Europe and other nations? The destruction of the family?

Keep telling it like it is Texe.

Unknown said...

Texe Marrs talks to God and God answers him.

Texe Marrs begs for your money but Texe Marrs says he does not beg for your money.

Texe Marrs is a liar and deceiver.

SatanicJewsClues911 said...

Texe Marrs is a liar and deceiver?
How about You tell us All what Truth is,, Please.
Don't know much about that Jesus stuff, but I do know 1000% that them Jews Mr Marrs talks about is on target! Open De-Fucking Eyes Goy:

The Persian Drum said...

Hello Greg,

You must have a reason for having come to your conclusions regarding Texe, but I've never heard or seen any evidence of the accusations you make against him.

That's not to say that there aren't any charlatans out there. But a man's dishonesty and greed does not negate the righteousness of God, as Paul wrote to a congregation in Philippi, from his prison cell in Rome:

"True, some are proclaiming the Messiah out of jealousy and rivalry, but others are doing it in goodwill. The latter act from love, aware that I am put where I am for defending the Good News; while the former announce the Messiah out of selfish ambition, with impure motives, supposing they can stir up trouble for me in prison. But so what? All that matters is that in every way, whether honestly or in pretence, the Messiah is being proclaimed; and in that I rejoice. Yes, and I will continue to rejoice..." (Philippians 1: 15-18)

Unknown said...

@ SatanicJewsClues911

Do you believe God talks to Texe Marrs as Texe Marrs claims?

Do you believe Texe Marrs does not beg for money even though he does beg for money?

Those are 2 lies for you. Just because someone says Jew Jew Jew does not mean they are not a liar and deceiver.

The Persian Drum said...

I'm not sure I've heard Texe say that God talks to him audibly. He has said that God speaks through his written word. And it's true, Christians do talk to God in prayer.

As far as begging for money, if Texe has done that it would be a real turn off. He has books and DVDs which he sells. He also invites those of his listeners who support his ministry to give, if they have the financial means and if they are so inclined. But beg he never does.

The powers behind the government here in the UK and back home in Australia confiscate part of my earnings whether I support their wars / policies or not.

Unknown said...

@ The Persian Drum

Maybe you should actually listen to this podcast of Texe Marrs. Listen to him say that God talks to him and listen to him beg for your money. Open your ears.

All a liar and deceiver has to do is say JEW to get the dupes to listen. As long as one says JEW, the dupes will support the liars and deceivers without question.

Ps. Kind of interesting how David Duke still lies about 9/11 and says Arabs did it. But hey, David Duck says the word Jew so he must be truthful. lol

The Persian Drum said...


With respect, I do listen to Texe (I discovered his show thanks to Mami's), and enjoy his messages. I imagine most Christians would actually turn his program off, as what he says doesn't always fit with much of current church-ianity, which avoids the bible-based topics that Texe is courageously addressing.

But look, if you strongly feel that Texe is a liar and deceiver, you are free to ignore him.

Personally I enjoy his bible knowledge, his desire to honour Christ, and his humour. I even like the cheesy intro music!

SatanicJewsClues911 said...

Sorry Swamp,, If they don't say JEW-JEW-JEW I take them as masters of Deception!

The JEW is the foundation of all things of Rot & Decay in this world.

Maybe Texe does talk to God,, Who the hell are You or I to say he does not?

Nothing wrong with Texe asking for Money for his Hard Work..

Unknown said...

@ SatanicJewsClues911

Of course the Jew is the eternal sickness within humanity. Duh! The bigger question is, why do these so called "truthers" say Jew but then spread other lies?

Texe Marrs says not only does he talk to God but God talks back to him.

Texe Marrs says he does not beg for money but then he constantly begs for money.

Still amazes me how people make excuses for liars and deceivers. It only makes sense if these people are themselves liars and deceivers.

Unknown said...

Greg, you should well know by now that it's a complete waste of breath/time/effort talking to the vast majority of brainwashed christians about pretty much anything. We KNOW many truths - let them keep "believing" and just move on (way) past them.

2 meanings for "believe" taken from that sum it up -

1. to have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so

2. to suppose or assume

(and we all know what "assume" can be broken down into!)

I won't be reading, let alone responding, to any comments following this one as usual but if any christians want to waste their time typing more doo doo here then fill yer boots!

Unknown said...

Refreshing! Thanks for posting Texe’s wisdom, WHOOLI!

Perusing the negative comments I'd like to demonstrate who the Talmudic Jews REALLY are trying to exterminate as hidden within the text of Public Law 102-14, "Education Day U.S.A.," otherwise known as the Seven Noahide Laws.[1]

First a little background to build an explanatory foundation.

The Noahide laws are found in the Sanhedrin volume--linked below[2]--of the Babylonian Talmud; by definition, the "Sanhedrin" is considered to be the highest court of the Jews.

The Sanhedrin-volume is broken up into mini-divisions of what may be defined as Jewish how-to legal argumentative-templates(Mishnah). Each topic (Mishnah), is followed by a lengthy, specious, legal debate (Gemara).

The Mishnah (prefacing the Gemara containing the Seven Noahide laws) states--verbatim with brackets included:

MISHNAH. The blasphemer is punished only if he utters [the divine] name.{20} R. Joshua B. Karha said: the whole day [of the trial] the witnesses are examined by means of a substitute for the divine name, thus, 'may Jose smite Jose.'{1} when the trial was finished, the accused was not executed on this evidence, but all persons were removed [from court], and the chief witness was told, 'state literally what you heard. Thereupon he did so, [using the Divine Name]. The judges then arose and rent their garments, which rent was not to be resewn. The second witness stated; I too have heard thus' [but not uttering the divine name], and the third says: 'I too heard thus'.

Therefore the offense remedied by and encompassing the execution of the Seven Noahide laws is what the Jews call “blasphemy.” The footnotes are more specifically explanatory:

{20} I.e., the Tetragrammaton.
{1} The witnesses, in giving testimony, do not state that they heard the accused say, 'May He slay himself', uttering the actual divine name, but use the word 'Jose' as a substitute for the divine name. 'Jose' is chosen as a substitute, because it contains four letters, like the actual Tetragrammaton, which must have been used by the blasphemer for him to be punished. Moreover, the numerical value of 'Jose' is the same as of Elohim [81]. According to Levy, s.v. [H], the first Jose [H] stands for Jesus ([H], son), and the second is an abbreviation of [H], Joseph, the Father, by which, however, God was to be understood. The witnesses were accordingly asked whether the accused in his blasphemy had set Jesus above God. (R. Joshua b. Karha, the author of this saying, lived at a time when Judeo-Christians ascribed more power to Jesus than to God.)

What I find particularly interesting throughout the Talmud is the refusal to use God's name. The only answer to this puzzle is found in the Bible wherein Jesus tells the parable of the vineyard (the world) wherein the keepers of the vineyard (the Jews) kill the Heir (Jesus) in order to steel the vineyard (Matthew 21:33-39). -For a Jew to name God is to deny that title to himself.

Atheists by definition are not guilty of blasphemy and condemned to death by Jewish standards and, considering Talmudic text, they appear to be compliant as good Naugahydes insomuch as they agree in defaming Christ. (Apologies for being a bit of an ass, but it's hard to show respect to those who show no respect from the get-go regarding that which they do not understand.)

[2] In order to peruse online the Babylonian Talmud's Sanhedrin Mishnah/Gemara containing the "Seven Noahide Laws," copy and paste the link below into your browser and go to the Folio List and start AT THE END of 55.

Unknown said...

@ Michzel

Why dont you tell us God's real name? English is preferred.

Please dont tell me Jesus is the name of God, as we can easily read who Jesus was crying to when he said:

"My God, My God, why have you forsaken Me?"

Ps. No. I do not have faith in billion year old fish that shape shift into dinosaurs, cows and humans. Faith and Magic is just funny to me.

Unknown said...

Greg; I'll return later to answer your questions to the best of my ability. Time has me under thumb. I appreciate your sense of humor; sometimes it seems that in the end, that's all we have left.

The Persian Drum said...

Helo Greg,

Hope you and Michzel don't mind if I throw in my two cents worth here…

The meaning of 'name' was somewhat different in ancient times. Someone's name described the character or attributes of a person in ancient times. Names like Michael, Gabriel, Daniel and other names ending in 'el' all contained a defence to God 'Elohim' being the Hebrew word for God.

Jesus (the English translation of his Hebrew name 'Yeshua' ) literally means 'Yahweh saves'. He was also given another name upon his birth: 'Emanu'el', meaning 'God is with us'.

As to God's name, again, he gave his name to Moses in such a manner as to describe himself. Yahweh (YHWH in the Hebrew text) means 'I am who I am'.

You raise an interesting question concerning Christ's cry to God as he was being executed. When he called out to God "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me" he was knowingly referencing a messianic prophecy found in the Psalms (chapter 22). In doing so he was acknowledging a prophecy fulfilled before the crowds watching his crucifixion.

On many occasions Jesus prayed to his Father. To Mary Magdalene, who saw him alive three days after his burial, he said ' I am going to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God'.

Of equal interest is where the Father is quoted as referring to the Son as God. In the letter to the Hebrews, there is this:

'but concerning the Son, God says,
“Your throne, O God, will last forever and ever;
you rule your Kingdom with a sceptre of equity; 
you have loved righteousness and hated wickedness.
Therefore, O God, your God has anointed you
with the oil of joy in preference to your companions” '

Hebrews 1: 8-9

I'm sure Michzel will have a lot more to add.

Unknown said...

@ The Persian Drum - It is false to say their target is Christ as Christ, identified by the name Balaam in the Talmud, is deemed to be the only prophet of God GREATER than Moses.

Of course there is no Jewish prophet greater than Moses but to them Christ is a gentile prophet rather than a Jewish prophet and the gentiles of the world will pay dearly under God's Judgment for not heeding God's word prophetically espoused by Christ.

The 'Son of God' and 'Messiah' are titles they don't recognize for 'Balaam' but the fact the Talmud does recognize Christ as the greatest prophet of God is very telling of the "nature" of these mystical Jews.

A nature most here and most in general who oppose them don't even come close to comprehending, and in this case not understanding them does make it very difficult to adequately fight them - as all the shills following Alex Jones and thinking they really know who they are fighting are a foolish testament to.

They recognize the "greatest antisemite" in history who by their own description sought to "destroy the Jews" as also being the greatest prophet of God of which Gentile mankind will be destroyed and punished by God for not heeding his warnings about destroying the Jews.

This is entirely about the religion and the Gentile notion that it is acceptable to oppress and subjugate and kill others for differences of opinion or belief, it is not about attacking or destroying the prophets or Gods themselves that are also recognized as great entities to the Jews as well.


Unknown said...

And for the record the reason I oppose them is because of their hypocritical bullshit in regard to their belief that it is wrong to judge and hurt or kill people for differences of opinion or spiritual belief.

They do believe it to be acceptable to kill those people(Gentiles) who deem it acceptable to hurt and kill others for differences of opinion and belief, hence their 2 sets of 'laws' for dealing with Jews and Gentiles respectively.

Sadly in the process of "upholding" their principles they prove those very principles to be a physical impossibility though.

This was the key difference between Hitlers "imitation of Judaism" and the real Judaism - Hitler was a political realist who sought to minimize conflicts but understood it violates nature and thus is impossible to completely remove all conflict(hence his introduction of massive sports leagues and systems to allow conflict to be expressed peacefully and with sportsmanship).

The Jews seek to remove all conflict even if they have to conflict with every non-Jewish person on this Earth in the process by using warfare and manufactured social and political conflicts to conquer the world to establish their "NWO"...

They are kind of like "50 Cent" - they will 'Reign of Terror' their way to "peace" or nuclear Armageddon the whole world trying... from the safety of their underground fortresses of course so either way they will probably come out of it pretty good.


Unknown said...

Well explained, Persian Drum; I'd like to elaborate but time again caught me off guard today.

Unknown said...

Of interest here - courtesy of BRoI:

Nitleh' meaning 'the hanged one', one of a number of traditional rabbinic epithets for Jesus - Hebrew.

'Yeshu' acronym for 'may his name and memory be wiped out' - Hebrew.

'Balaam' used as a pseudonym for Jesus in the Talmud.

'That man' euphemism for Jesus - English.

Sources -


Unknown said...

Note that to the mystical Jews whose supreme "God" is Saturn "Jesus Christ" represents the overthrow of their God and hence they wish to wipe away his name and memory(Christianity).

In Greek mythology K/Cronos(Saturn) is overthrown by Zeus and Athena(Mars and Venus), bringing an end to the "Saturn Golden Age"(or "Garden of Eden").

This is why the 'Last Supper' painting by 'The Strong Lion of Victory' Leonardo Da Vinci has Jesus and "St. Peter", presumed to be "Mary Magdalene", posed in a way that allows them to be seamlessly intertwined.

Mary or "St. Peter" also is "Satan" to the doctrines laid out in the 'Book of Enoch', which tells of Jesus and Satan being brothers sitting to the Right and Left of God's throne prior to Satan's rebellion.

Jesus was God's "Right hand man" and hence religious followers are considered "Right wing" or "rightist" and Satan/Mary/Lucifer("God's most beloved angel") was the 'Left hand' - hence being left-handed is evil, and "leftist" politics is anti-religious or even "anti-God"(not really true).

Then came the rebellion, when God was overthrown by Jesus and Satan in Arm-ageddon(left and right Arms? Or the just the right to bear Arms perhaps... lol).

The King of Kings, Jesus Christ, is destined to reign supreme - prophetically and symbolically anyways.

Or as the Linkin Park song Burn it Down sums the whole story up rather nicely -

You told me, "Yes"
You held me high,
And I believed when you told that lie,
I played soldier, you played king,
And struck me down, when I kissed that ring,
You lost that Right, to hold that crown,
I built you up, but you let me down,
So when you fall, I'll take my turn,
And fan the flames,
As your blazes burn...


Unknown said...

Good commentary, Unknown.

Returning to Greg’s question; Persian Drum did a good job answering and therefore I’ll do just a little reiteration focusing on a few lacking points.

First, to affirm; the Hebrew transliterate designation for what the Jews refer to as being an “ineffable Name” or “tetragrammaton” (four-letter name) in the Talmud is--as Persian Drum noted--YHWH or, in modern gentile-terms, Jehovah (this being a fairly resent transliterate name of about 200 years).

Persian elucidated that Hebrew names of God ascribe specific attributes of His character. Because meanings are often hidden in translation, there exists a deeper understanding of scripture hidden behind Hebrew words and names. This is shown by the prophetic statement in Exodus 15:2, which reads (literally),

2 Yahweh [YHWH] is my strength and song, and He has become my Yeshua [Jesus]; This is my God, and I will praise Him; My father’s God, and I will extol Him.

And also Isaiah 12:2-3,

2 Behold, God is my Yeshua, I will trust and not be afraid; for Yah Yahweh is my strength and song, and He has become my Yeshua. 3 Therefore you will joyously draw water from the springs [or wells] of Yeshua.

The transliteration of Yeshua is Jesus and means, as stated, “Jehovah saves.”

One can only guess why these Old Testament scriptures were obliquely translated.

To answer your second statement, Greg, that is; If Jesus is God, why did He say, “My God, why have you forsaken Me?"

Numbers 23:19 states that God is not a man while John 4:24 clearly states that God is a Spirit.

In addition, John 14:8-9 records the following defining theocratic conversation,

8 Philip saith unto him [Jesus], Lord, shew us the Father, and it sufficeth us.
9 Jesus saith unto him, Have I been so long time with you, and yet hast thou not known me, Philip? he that hath seen me hath seen the Father; and how sayest thou then, Shew us the Father?

With other words, Jesus was both man and God. Your answer may be found in the consideration; When God hid Himself from Jesus, having taken upon Himself the sin of the world on the cross, Jesus died detached from “the Father’s otherwise inseparable presence.