Monday, July 14, 2014

David Duke Show 2014.07.14

Dr. David Duke has a moving broadcast today on the massive slaughter of the Palestinians by the Jewish supremacists. He shows how the lying Jewish-controlled media is completely distorting the whole truth about the Jewish racist, tribalist ethnic cleansing of the Mideast. He also shows the incredible hypocrisy of groups like the ADL calling upon Obama to "accept the stranger" by taking in the thousands of children dumped over our border from other nations, while at the same time won't let hundreds of thousands of Palestinians return to the lands and homes and cities stolen from them by the Zionists, and now mass murders them! Dr. Duke calls for freedom for Palestine and also for freedom from every Western nation of the Jewish Zionist occupation of our politics, media and banking institutions! Great Show! Share it!

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1melahat said...

Dr. Duke, I hate to see you make little mistakes so can you please be more careful on how you frame events: @23:50 you declare that "very angry Palestinians" "abducted" three israelis as if that is a fact. Why do you repeat zionist propaganda on this matter and other obvious false flags? I'm glad to hear you talking about Israel's involvement in 9/11 but please don't repeat the msm narrative on shooting and bombing events until there is more evidence.