Tuesday, July 29, 2014

David Duke Show 2014.07.29

Dr. David Duke exposes incredible Jewish hatred toward Palestinians and all gentiles. He quotes a huge Jewish rally in Tel Aviv mocking the murder of Palestinian children. Pure Jewish hate but that has been totally covered up by the Zio controlled media. "Imagine any rally in any Western nation celebrating the murder of Jewish Children," He asks, "Do you think there would be news coverage, but Israel is sanitized by the Jewish run media." Then he brings the courageous Ken O'Keefe and although he comes from a more Leftist background, he is among the many who recognize the Zionist threat to Palestine and indeed the Western World and all peoples. This is freedom radio at its best, share it!

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Unknown said...

Ken O'Keefe has always been a big supporter of the Palestinians which is fine, but he doesn't ever mention the destruction that jews are doing to Europe and America, and he believes in the holohoax/Nazi boogyman.

Unknown said...

Yes, the Palestinian issue should only ever be a small stepping stone to people moving on to the REAL issue - the threat that jewry poses & has always posed to humanity & this planet in general. Continually focusing on one tiny group of people that the jews are openly picking on is to do exactly what their propaganda machine wants you to do - it kills several birds with one stone, most especially for white europeans, but also for every other race on this planet. The "too-hard-basket" that most people don't want to even face if they take the next step is what to actually DO about the biggest problem the world faces. That's where new leaders will have to emerge who can make those tough decisions and deal with it once & for all to finally secure a decent non-jew-influenced future for all.

ProGoyim - you need to reject completely & stop using "their" derogatory words in your name and choose something strong that comes from you & your kin or at least points directly to the problem. Just sayin...

Unknown said...

Pro-Goyim is the polite way of saying anti-jew. I use their words against them. They can't argue with it.

I've used this name for years and I'm not changing it to please anyone.

Unknown said...

Fuck "polite" mate! You probably don't realize it given your response but using "their words against them" doesn't actually work. I had an old language professor once that said "If you're going to say something just SAY it! Don't beat around the bush and most definitely don't use another's words to say it!". He was right (and I can wholeheartedly confirm that he most definitely wasn't a jew lol)!