Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hitler's Jewish Soldiers = The Untold Story of Nazi Racial Laws and Men of Jewish Descent in the German Military

One of many:"Half-Jew" and field-marshal Erhard Milch (left) with General Wolfram von Richthofen. Hitler declared Milch Aryan. He was awarded the Ritterkreuz for his performance during the campaign in Norway in 1940.
*The "Half-Jew": A legal fiction invented by Hitler to confer protection upon the Military Jews he valued within the Wehrmacht Army and Nazi-Party. As i have repeatedly said for years to anyone with half a brain.:There was *NO* "Racial Purity"  in Germany. Jews surrounded Hitler in the top echelons of both the military and political structures. It was all just another Elite-Jew-Pig Puppet show for the masses.*

"Contrary to conventional views, Rigg reveals that a startlingly large number of German military men were classified by the Nazis as Jews or "partial-Jews" (Mischlinge), in the wake of racial laws first enacted in the mid-1930s. Rigg demonstrates that the actual number was much higher than previously thought--perhaps as many as 150,000 men, including decorated veterans and high-ranking officers, even generals and admirals."


Unknown said...

In a nutshell, Hitler kicked out the jew banks and printed Germany’s own currency. And it proved sound. It worked. In less than a decade, Germany went from being destitute to being the most powerful state in Europe. It worked so magically and magnificently that it sounded the death knell of the entire jew money system. World Jewry knew that they had to destroy Hitler’s system by whatever means might prove necessary or their own would necessarily die, and with it their milleniums' old dream of making themselves masters of the world. The Second World War was fought primarily to determine which money system was to survive. It was not merely a war between Germany and the so-called Allies. It was a war to the death between Germany and the International jew Money Power. In this war, Germany fought for Europe, the racial homeland of Nordic White men and the cradle of Western civilization, while Britain, France and the United States were deliberately tricked into betraying their own kind and joining hands with their Jewish enemies to make the International Money Power the master of the world. The consequence of this was we fought our own in order to fasten the manacles of slavery on our own wrists, and we probably sealed the White man’s doom.

The Jews never cease to amaze in the brazen manner in which they rule. The drill always the same. Harass, slander, needle, villify, arouse, demand, boycott, chaos, and finally, war. Todays Russia/ Ukraine scenerio is no different. Read about the fateful years 1938-39 of the last century. A powerful, united, and beautiful Germany was on the move culturally and economically. Unbelievable advanced technology: TV, Intercontinantal flights, Photograhy, Jets, Cold Fusion, Synthetc oil and rubber just to name a few. All of this done with ZERO unemployment and NO JEW Finance.The whole nation working for the profits for the nation's own, the GERMAN PEOPLE; not for the Chosen Ones, who were neither German, nor "chosen".

Well the jews were waiting. They instigated a border dispute with a Jew Bribed Poland to cause chaos on Germany's Eastern Frontier. Danzig, 100% GERMAN, voted for return to Germany. The massacre of German People in Bamberg. But Hitler held back and even requested British Assistance as late as August 26. Goring to fly September 1 to London. The Rothchilds Churchill (Todays Mc Cain) calling for WAR ! Well, they got it,. September 3, 1939 . Britain ruined the world and DECLARED IT. Chamberlain told Ambassador Kennedy, "The Jews forced me to do this”.

Unknown said...

Lot of ignorance on display here. (not in the comment above mine. i mean in the piece itself.)
If a WN like myself were to become POTUS, I would want to ship as many non-whites out of this country as possible. But I would be left with the question of what do we do with the Bill Cosbys or the Bobby Fischers? Or what do I do with my girlfriend's little 6 and 7 year old nephews who are half mestizo? I have grown attached to the little guys. Or what do we do with say an octaroon who is 1/8 black but is sympathetic to the New Right? This was the situation in Germany and it completely dispels the jew lie that Hitler hated all jews and wanted to exterminate them. I know some low level common jews personally and subverting goyim is the last thing on their mind. They probably have only ever even heard the term "goy" in passing from a great grandmother or something. Such was the case in Germany. There were plenty of common low level jews who LOVED Germany. There was a functioning Synagogue in Berlin right up until the end of the war. Hitler didnt round up every single jew and put them in work camps. You had to have been a piece of shit and earned it. A partisan, commie sympathizer, etc.

WHOOLI said...

Great comments, john dicarlo and Curt Beasley. Thanks.

Unknown said...

I go back and forth on Hitler. Especially when I see people like John Dicarlo AND Alex Jones lie so much about Hitler.

Why do the Alex Jones types and the "Neo-Nazis" both hide Hitler's Jew Bankers?

1. Hitler sends Jew Jacob Goldschmidt as the 3rd Reich's representative to New York. (New York Post - May 22, 1935)

2. Hitler sends Jew Otto Jeidels as the 3rd Reich's Banker between Germany and Britain. (Time Magazine - July 3, 1939)

3. Hitler hires Freemason Hjalmar Schacht to run the Reichsbank who then hires the Hamburg Jew Banker Max Warburg.

The Economy under Hitler was really not much different from that under Bush (2000-2008). Low unemployment, low interest rates, war economy, Jew Bankers controlling things etc...

Did the International Jew Bankers create the NSDAP/WWII like they created Al Qaeda/War on Terror today? Was puppet Hitler's Reichstag Destruction the same as puppet Bush's WTC Destruction? Just another rouse to create/maintain/expand Israel and The New World Order?

If Hitler was so honest and not a deceiver, why did he hide Eva Braun (the little 17 year old imbecile he "dated") from Germans? A 40 year old man dating a little teenager?

Why did Hitler murder Germans during The Night of the Long Knives yet he never killed a single Jew Banker?

Too many coincidences and excuses for me buddy. Even Hitler's laughable body magically disappears. Kind of like the laughable Bin Laden story. Not only did the Camps PROTECT Jews but Hitler did not hate Jews at all.

The vast majority of people the NSDAP and Hitler killed were European Men, just as the vast majority of people that Al Qaeda kills are Arab Men. Interesting how neither can seem to kill any Jew Bankers.

Trying to tell brainwashed Al Qaeda members that they are controlled by the Jew Bankers/Zionists is like trying to tell brainwashed NSDAP supporters that they are controlled by the Jew Bankers/Zionists. If it were not so sad, it would be laughable.

If Hitler would have killed at least a few Jew Bankers I could respect him a lot more. Kind of like, if only Al Qaeda would kill a few Jew Bankers instead of just killing Arabs and doing the Jews bidding (as planned).

Unknown said...

Ps. Lets not forget that Hitler was working for the JEW run German Army as a spy who was ordered to infiltrate the original DAP (German Workers Party). Hitler did infiltrate and take over the DAP while changing the name to the NSDAP.

Pss. His name is also NOT even Hitler but either Schicklgruber, Hiedler or Unknown, since no one really knows who his father's father was.

Some people only see what they want to see.

WV Foundations said...

Yes, Hitler's father's father is known. AND Hitler's name was Adolf Hitler. I debated Jim Condit on this issue with Deanna Spingola as moderator. That debate is posted on my web site. In the end, Mr. Condit conceded that I had destroyed the so called sources and fables Re: Hitler's grandfather.

Anonymous said...

Hiedler or Hitler doesn't matter. Name changes occured throughout all German states by language reforms within or without the Reich. You could also write Hütler (Hut builder). Schicklgruber vs Hiedler/Hitler has to do with Adolf's pedigree. You can read about why. Schicklgruber means destiny digger, Schicksalsgraber.

Unknown said...

Hitler was not the psychopathic monster that the Jews portray him as, and a lie that apparently some here have totally bought into – he was merely a kind-hearted, gentle humanitarian, and a man with high morals, with a deep love for his nation.

His understanding of the Jewish problem came not from some type of obscure personal distaste for the Jews, but from an objective analysis of the Jewish role in the destruction of traditional German society.

Hitler created one of the most amazing Economic Recoveries in the History of time! He loved his people. He loved children, animals, was the first Vega, an exceptional artist, and was instrumental in designing the Beetle car. He was really the first Rock star warmly loved by his people, the German Volk. He tried with all his might to stop WW2 all the way till the end. He was an incredible Leader.

Chancellor Hitler created a miraculous improvement in the German economy, eliminated the cultural decadence created by perverted jews that had overtaken the country, sought to protect the German people, and returned their self-respect lost largely as a result of the Versailles Treaty. Not surprisingly, Hitler was exceedingly popular.

What Hitler wanted was a White Continent for White People, Asian Continent for Asian People and Africa for Africans and Middle Easterners. A rather basic concept of order.

Hitler was a dynamic leader who cared profoundly about his people and his country. Qualities I can’t attribute to any other leader in my memory. He had two choices – submit to world jewry, or not. The fact that he was unsuccessful against overwhelming odds is no reason to label him a ‘failed’ leader. Hitler was forced to march into Poland to protect the ethnic Germans who were being murdered by the thousands by the jew communists there. Wouldn’t we expect any leader of any country at the very least to defend his own people against communist butchers? It’s of profound disappointment and to the detriment all of all White men and women that he was not able to emerge victorious against overwhelming odds in the jew contrived and instigated war, but Hitler did everything he could with what he had. He should be honored and revered for his efforts certainly by all those who understand what actually happened.

Unknown said...

@ John Decarlo

I would just like to have seen Hitler kill a few Jew Bankers, instead of killing millions of Europeans.

If Hitler can kill German men in cold blood during The Knight of the Long Knives, work as a spy for the German Jew run military, deceive Germans about his relationship with a little teenage girl etc... then I want to see some dead Jew Bankers that he constantly screamed and cried about. Not a goddamn single Jew Banker did Hitler kill. Not 1. I guess its that Jewish lightening and special protection powers they have.

Then again, Jew Adam Pearlman the spokesman for Al Qaeda sure screams and cries about Jews and Israel a lot; yet Al Qaeda never kills any Jews or Israelis either.

Then we have WV Foundations (another so-called Neo-Nazi) who is LYING when he says he knows who Hitler's Paternal Grandfather was. No one knows WV Foundation. No one. Changing ones name is a JEW trait as far as I am concerned. Aryan/European men do not change our names.

Unknown said...

Do you think I should change my name :)

Unknown said...

@ Greg Swamp - Arbitrarily killing some 'Jew bankers' pre-1939 would have guaranteed WWII when Hitler was trying very hard to avoid it.

The international bankers were mostly not German's and thus were not "traitors" to the German people, to kill them to make examples of them would have contradicted everything Hitler was officially saying at that point - that Germany means no harm to Jews but merely wants to move them out of Germany/Europe and into a land of their own.

The people that were executed on the 'Knight of the Long Knives' were not only German citizens but also mostly part of the military or political/NSDAP systems - they were traitors to Germany and the Volk and were summarily executed as such to set an example to dissuade future traitors.

That is why Hitler went to Schacht to serve as a medium between Germany and the bankers in the hopes Schacht's status and respect within those banker circles would buy Germany the time needed to become strong enough to survive when they inevitably unleashed their global power on Germany.

From 1939 onwards I highly doubt many of the top level 'Jew bankers' would have remained in any area vulnerable to German attack and occupation - the Rothschilds according to their own history were "scattered to the far corners of Europe" and 'laying low' through that whole period, supposedly.

Hitler was if not actually a follower/practitioner at the very least well educated on the "occult" mystical doctrines, particularly of Madame Helena Blavatsky, and these systems are almost all stemmed from Jewish mysticism so I don't rule out the possibility of Hitler being a "controlled opposition" operative.

However the SS Brotherhood would have followed similar "Schwarze Sonne" mystical doctrines and such that the Jews and particularly Zionists also follow, yet the Zionists have spent the last 70's seeking to exterminate every SS man they can find.

If they were Jewish agents and such then the members of the SS Brotherhood should have been some of the best agents to help them achieve their NWO vision - yet they have spent all the time since WWII vilifying the SS and seeking their extermination.

To me that would seem to indicate that the Zionist and "Hitlerite" and SS doctrines at the core levels are not generally supportive of each other.

Anyways, Hitler was a smart man and would not have been dumb enough to kill some 'Jew bankers' just to satisfy some primitive bloodlust.


WV Foundations said...

Mr. Swamp's name is fitting, scum is generally found in a swamp. All of his diatribes are nothing but trolling and all have been debunked. Nothing any one can say will stop a troll from taking pride in his ignorance.

Unknown said...

@ WV Foundation

Which of the below FACTS have been debunked? None. Love to see you lie some more WV, it just proves my point that both people like you and Alex Jones hide Hitler's Jew Bankers.

1. Hitler was a SPY within the German Military and ordered to infiltrate the German Workers Party (DAP) which he did and then took over.

2. Hitler was HIDING from the German public his relationship with a little teenage girl.

3. Hitler did murder Germans during the Knight of the Long Knives. I guess these Traitors deserve murder but not Jew Bankers? LOL!

4. Hitler never killed any Jew Bankers. Not 1.

5. Hitler did not kill or gas millions of Jews but rather PROTECTED them from the carnage unleashed across Europe so that they could populate the future Kike State that Hitler helped arm and fund. I love those Zionist Shekels with the HakenKruz (what pretenders like WV say is a Swastika) and a Star of David on the other side.

6. Hitler's body is missing just like Bin Laden's body. Oh but the laughable shills say his body turned to ashes because some idiot poured gasoline on it and burned it to ashes. ROFLMAO!

7. Hitler did have Jew Bankers and NEVER ended Jew Usury in Germany.

8. So-called Hitler does not have any documented genetic linkage to the name "Hitler".

9. Hitler did kill millions of Europeans. Too bad he did not kill millions of Jews.

10. Lots of similarity between 9/11 the Reichstag burning the imposition of new Laws, destruction of Constitutions, war economy etc... Same page of the playbook. But but the neo-nazi shills say Communists burned the Reichstag like Muslims did 9/11. LOL.

11. I think Bush and Obama should Aryanize people like Hitler did. He is not a Jew any longer but an honorable Aryan. LOL! Do not look there, you are forbidden.

All WV FOUNDATIONS can do is side step the issues I present and say my name is a bad name. LMAO! Or he/she will just shout DEBUNKED and say I am lying when I am not.

People like WV want us to focus on past losers so we do not develop a new and better political platform. Maybe we as Americans should look to the Confederates and use their symbols and worship President Davis or General Lee? LOL!

I tell you, worshiping some dead politician, general or magic man like Jesus just blows me away. I grew up with kids who hung death crosses around their necks, put posters on their bedroom walls and had their favorite pop star or degenerate Hollywood Star or their favorite Nigger basketball player but for GROWN MEN to do this crap is just amazing to me. No wonder the Jew controls most people so easily.

Unknown said...

Ps. Puppet David Duke is still saying Arabs did 9/11, just like these puppet Neo-Nazis still say Communists burned down the Reichstag.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with the Swampman here. Always amazed me that Hitler could write/speak so well about the 'problem people' but when it came to action, the guy just plunged Europe into tragic destruction... and in the end, all these j-bankers still waltzing around like it's a holiday.

No one really knows if he was a jew shill/pawn/crypto or whatever but the facts are, even if legit, he sh*t himself when faced with jew bankers.

Anonymous said...

What? The Jew bankers and their shills and proxies declared that war. Hitler merely stood up against them and in the end, it became the most destructive battle ever. Hitler never wanted this war. He wanted a peaceful solution to all problems.

foon1e said...

Yes-we know there's one newspaper article from 1933 stating "World Jewery declares war on Germany": An economic War, that made no practical difference to Germany as it began it's Economic revival Under Hitler and the Jew controlled Industrialists and bankers from that point onwards.
But the Rose tinted specs worn by so many Hitler-Apologists around here can't alter the fact that *No-One* who wanted "A Peaceful solution" creates an Army,Navy and Airforce of such proportions,they could only be for "Offensive" purposes:Not Defensive.
No One puts a whole nation on a war-footing when there isn't a war to be fought - unless they're planning to start one.
No one gets involved in the politics of other sovereign countries that Border their own, unless they intend to become the aggressor and interfere in those other countries destinies.
All these things happened under Hitler's stewardship of Germany - regardless of World Opinion at the time.
We can speculate and theorise til the cows come home about how and why Germany was maneuvered into becoming the scape-goat for a second time in a century. But the plain fact remains that the Jew plan to steal Pallistine and create a zionist Homeland for themselves,and only themselves hinged on Uniting the Other world powers against a common aggressor.
And whether by design or choice, Hitler presented to the world that aggressor. And History was written.
All attempts at Idiological revisionism since that point in time only benefits the Jews. They *love* to point at today's Neo-Nazi's ,Germany apologists and White Nationalist movements who continue to use Hitler as some sort of totem. It helps them to demonise and redicule any important message about today's world you might have to say.
The damage has already been done in the majority of the worlds eyes. It has gone too far now to expect the general populations of the world to accept Hitler's Germany as anything except an "Evil Regime". And anyone attempting to defend that Regime is automatically seen as either Insane, or severely deluded. Destined to forever remain fringe nutters on the periphery of World opinion.
Maybe that's what some of you who cling to Hitler's memory want. To feel important. To be "Big Fish" in a very small pond? Well, enjoy your marginalisation. Every time you attempt to use Hitler as any sort of example to the masses, you succeed in discrediting anything you're trying to achieve against Jewish Control.

Anonymous said...

You have no idea what you are talking about the facts. I agree though that it is a huge problem to rehabilitate Hitler.

But, the Treaty of Versailles demanded that Germany disarmed first, followed by the Allies. Germany complied and was defenseless by 1930. The Allies though did not think about complying on their parts. Britain, France and others restocked their arms to never seen before dimensions. France's military alone was 90:1 bigger than Germany's alone and France already planned occupying Germany again with Poland's help. France occupued large parts of Germany during Napoleon's day and after WW1 (and today as well). Only after peace negotiations failed completely regarding Versailles, Germany rearmed for the obvious threat of her neighbors.

The killer machine was never wanted nor sought by Hitler if the neughbors would disarm themselves, according to the treaty. But once "it is on", the German will power and military technology was way higher. The mass slaughter of civilians must be credited to US and Britain's carpet bombing of European cities (Churchill started this type of warfare) and the Soviet mass starvation agenda, in order to pay the US in grain for tanks.
You keep enjoying your half-truth hallucination and continue not bothering investigating the other half. Hitler's question of rehabilitation is separate from historical truth.

foon1e said...

I have as much information available about the "Facts" of this history as you do yourself T-F.
Everyone is aware of the roots of the problem:The Treaty Of Versailles was meant to keep Germany from ever becoming a Top European Power again-Hence the harshness of it's terms.

Your revisionism about France & Britains own standing armed forces doesn't match the official statistics of the time.
Here are some Historical facts with references about this whole period.

For two years, the German military expanded in secret. By March 1935, Hitler felt strong enough to go public on Nazi Germany's military expansion - which broke the terms of the Versailles Treaty. Europe learned that the Nazis had 2,500 war planes in its Luftwaffe and an army of 300,000 men in its Wehrmacht. Hitler felt confident enough to publicly announce that there would be compulsory military conscription in Nazi Germany and that the army would be increased to 550,000 men.

It seemed that Britain was even supporting Germany’s breaking of the Treaty of Versailles. This treaty had clearly stated what Germany’s navy should be - no submarines and only six warships over 10,000 tons. In June 1935 the Anglo-German Naval Agreement was signed. This allowed Germany to have one third of the tonnage of the British navy’s surface fleet (probably the largest in the world at this time) and an equal tonnage of submarines. Why did Britain agree that Nazi Germany could break the terms of Versailles?



Germany’s rearmament and the re-militarization of the Rhineland are discussed along with their roles in Germany becoming powerful enough militarily to not only defend itself, but also to expand and wage war. The development of the Luftwaffe and mechanized forces in the German military influenced the way that Hitler strategically planned and prepared for war. The author argues that the way that World War I ended shaped Hitler’s foreign policies, and that the rearmament and expansion of German military power further shaped his policies, goals, and planning for foreign relations and war.
{Hitler’s Foreign Policy 1933-1939: The Road to World War II - Weinberg, Gerhard L}

Overy, Richard. “Rearming Germany.” History Channel. Web,

This video is extremely useful because it details not only the massive scale of the rearmament of Germany, but also the specific plans of the rearmament. Professor Richard Overy discusses in the video the specific problems that Hitler had in making his vision of a rearmed Germany a reality. The fact that Germany’s grandiose plans for a total war were hampered by a simple lack of raw materials helped motivate the Nazis in their quest to conquer their neighboring countries, due to the large number of resources that would be added to the rearmament effort. The video makes it clear that rearmament and the goal of being prepared for total war actually helped push Germany into the war earlier than it wanted.

So, as i stated earlier..."Rose Tinted Specs" doesn't mean you can just state stuff to suit your own theories and expect people to just blindly swallow them as "Truth". History has been written and manipulated so much by Jewish Historians and publishers, that *nothing* you can find today in written form can be trusted to be absolute truth. Hence the futility of trying to sell all this guff to the masses, and expecting them to think any of it is relevant to the world we live in today.

Anonymous said...

Don't you see how bias these texts are. 1/3 of Britain's Navy. Germany had basically 0, and Britain should have disarmed as well to 0, according to the Versailles treaty. A 2/3 perpetual advantage was another offer by Hitler to appease Britain. Germany's neighbors conquered German territory after WW1, but your sourse display Germany as the only force capable of stealing land from her innocent neighbors. Germany had honorably disarmed by 1930, now it was their term. They dishonored their signature by massively stockpiling new military, so Germany tried to be en par again. Hitler was fine with a demilitarized Europe, but not a demilitarized Germany, easily pushed around by her neighbors.

foon1e said...

We all bring our own particular biases to the party when it comes to Historical accurracy - or inaccurracy.
Would you kindly explain to me how any of this stuff has any relevance in resolving the current Jewish problem we all face in our respective countries today?
Constantly bemoaning how "Unfair" Germany's treatment was back then doesn't do *anything* when it comes to fighting those who would rule over us all. All it does do is provide ammunition for the enemy to rubbish all our reputations and believability.
The past is the past - no matter whos version of it is the most accurate.
And allowing ourselves to wallow in the misery of a failed attempt at fighting World Jewery 70 years ago is precisely the distraction the Jews want to see us all squabbling over. Whilst we are all focussed on past injustices, we can't devote enough time,resources and manpower to fight the current injustices that surround us today.
Too many people out there appear to want us to fail:Just so their own version of reality prevails. No matter that it may not be the real truth about what actually happened back then. Too many people would willingly sacrifice everyone in this "Movement" to protect their own reputations,egos and revenue streams coined from guilable supporters. That's the current reality.
That's why it is personally disappointing to me to bear witness to so many intelligent people falling victim to this Hitler "Scam".
It's upto US - the people who are supposidly "Awake" to the Jewish NWO Zionist Scheme to be the whistle-Blowers to anyone with the wits to listen. For that to work though, we must divest ourselves of those who willingly poison the well of public opinion against what we're trying to achieve. Can't say it any clearer than that.

Anonymous said...

Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.

foon1e said...

Sorry T-F. That slogan is pure Bollocks ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah? That's why we get a constant distorted history presented that manipulates our presence to lead us into an (for us) undesirable future? I'm done arguing with you, troll.

foon1e said...

Strange - that's usually *my* line! lol

geoffreyfranklin said...

It is really sad that folks like John Dicarlo have such a love for Hitler who made damn sure all of Germany was destroyed just like the jews wanted it. Get a grip John!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Hitler's Blitzkrieg on Germany was really at his command. Hitler was in command of the US & UK Airforce, as we all know from this newest conspiracy theory of yours...and he gassed 6 billion Jews, too.

foon1e said...

T-F - December 8, 1980 is calling...John Lennon wants his rose tinted spectacles back!
Your posts continue to get even more desperate. Take a deep breath and come join the rest of Humanity in the 21st Century. Stick a fork in WW2 - it's done man!

Anonymous said...

If it's done in your world, why keep talking about it? Quit posting on WW2 and Hitler if you "got over it". No one but yourself continues to perpetuate your struggle.

Unknown said...

@ TeleFunken

If people try to ridicule you after you just gave a very rational explaination just shows they're wrong.

Greetings from Holland!


foon1e said...

Hey Dolt. Welcome to the big waste of time. There was nothing rational about T-F's Post-"Yeah, Hitler's Blitzkrieg on Germany was really at his command. Hitler was in command of the US & UK Airforce, as we all know from this newest conspiracy theory of yours...and he gassed 6 billion Jews, too. "!

Sounds rational to you? Maybe you're also on the same delusional train he is...Sarcasm only goes so far when people run out of "Facts" to back up their arguements. The fact originally was i posted this article to show how infiltrated and covertly controlled Hitler and his whole operation really was. people appear to have veered off from that premise (as usual) to trot out the same tired old crap about him being such a nice chap - almost blameless etc etc.
There has never been a political animal in History who was either genuinely nice, or Blameless when it came to machinations and skullduggery in the name of securing themselves power and a "Place In History". Hitler was just such a politician. Nothing more. He was not blameless in dragging Germany over the precipice. And all the revisionism without a shred of real evidence in the world can't alter that fact.

Unknown said...

foon1e said:

''The fact originally was i posted this article to show how infiltrated and covertly controlled Hitler and his whole operation really was''

That ''article'' (a few sentences) makes the assumption that because of the fact there were many Jews(many partial) in the army, Hitler was infiltrated and controlled and up to his neck in Jews. Now it's your job to show some proof and if you had any, you would have already presented it.

It's the whole Condit-Marrs-Kardell stuff all over again!!

foon1e said...

No Dolt. I already posted the article which contains all the proof you need regards the lie that Jews played no part in Hitlers actions or decision making. It's down to you to come up with some desperate "proof" otherwise. Which of course you can't, because there is No proof out there that isn't already tainted by Jew propaganda.Nothing anyone cites as "Proof" is incontrovertible - as has been proved by the many attempts of various Scholars and Historians over the last 70 or so years. Someone always comes along and attempts to revise history to suit their own agenda and beliefs. & then another comes along and does the same. This repeating pattern only produces yet more confusion and obfuscation. Which is precisely the point of the exercise. The distance of time allows most lies to be presented as truth the further we get from the actual event. & biased commentators like yourself only serve to further spread and solidify those lies.
So Dolt, where is *your* absolute, Incontrovertible truth that you can present to convince *Me* the article i posted a link to is wrong?

1melahat said...

Actually, Duke recently discussed the dancing israelis. I also heard Mike Delaney say that Duke advertised "911 Missing Links" for 1 year after it came out on his website. I know what you mean though, I get angry when I hear Duke or Galloway repeat the lie. Especially Galloway who will attack anyone who says the jews did 911 but he's "pro" palestinian.

1melahat said...

Foon1e is one of the administrators of grizzom. He is not a troll and you should thank him. Thanks foon1e, you rock bro and so does the rest of the gang at grizzom.