Wednesday, August 27, 2014

David Duke Show 2014.08.27

Dr. David Duke and Pastor Mark Dankof have a great show today and the roll of Jewish tribalists in supporting gender divide and conquer politics in the United States and European nations while Israel has exactly the opposite policies in Israel, the state that supposedly represents the highest ideals of Judaism and Jewish tradition. The program as relies on Dr. Duke's recent article documenting how Jewish activist organizations have been on the vanguard of promoting pornography and homosexual gender politics, promoting demonization and boycott of nations such as Russia, while in fact wholeheartedly support the nation of Israel. An amazing show once again revealing the long term, tribalist, racist strategy of organized Jewry, that preaches one thing to non-Jews while practicing the opposite in their own state of Israel, to which they demand our unconditional support! Amazing show! Share with your friends and family.

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