Sunday, August 3, 2014

STOP FUNDING ISRAEL ~ (These are the companies assisting the funding of the Palestinian genocide)

Hit them in the wallet-it's the Jew's most painful place
"What this website DOES is take offense to is political ignorance of people about the choices they make and the companies they choose to support. What this website ALSO does is EXPOSE the COMPANIES that support Israel to let them know that we, the consumers of the world have had enough of financially supporting ISRAEL and NOW its time to Stop Funding Israel and starve the illegal racist apartheid state of funds.
The struggle is presently one sided against the Palestinian people in our Mainstream media the coverage is noticeably different. The real side always is so disproportionate, it is obvious to a person with a brain and basic compassion JUST who the real aggressor really is. It's the one never reported by the Corporate news owned by the same Zionist infiltrators (sic) in Australia, Canada, UK and USA."

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Anonymous said...

How I hate when people say Israel is an Apartheit state. That is as ignorant as saying Zio-Nazis, but I get the idea. For propaganda purposes to the ignorant masses, it is probably permissible, since they have been fed that Nazism and Apartheit are the worst things ever by the Judenpresse, that equating anything evil to it seems logical to them.

Anyway, way to go, good job!