Saturday, August 9, 2014

Zionist Lies

And this theft occurred *before* 2010. 4 years later,what's left?
“There is no such thing as Palestine”

• I am Palestinian. My ancestors have lived in Palestine and were called “Palestinians” for 100 generations. I still have my parents’ Palestine passports.
• Before history is completely rewritten by Zionists, research plainly shows that the land has been called “Palestine” and her inhabitants “Palestinians” since 500 BCE.
• The United Nations partitioned “original Palestine” into two states: Israel (55%) and Palestine (45%) – (U.N. Resolution 181 – 11/29/1947).
Conclusion: Palestine has existed (by that name) for over 2500 years. Although the Zionist state of Israel was illegitimately formed on 78% of the land (which was conveniently overlooked by the U.N.), the remaining 22% is internationally recognized as Palestine.
*Conclusion2: Jews LIE*


Anonymous said...

We need maps like that showing White Genocide in Europe, especially Western Europe, where people lived for 1,000's of years as well and are now replaced by Arabs, Turks and Africans. Thanks Jews.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Just pull up your family Bible, mine is dated from the 1920's, and there you see Palestine right there. People who live on a land are named after that area, "Poles" "Russians" etc. So who lived in Palestine before the arrival of the Zionists?

Christopher Marlowe said...

It's BC, man. It's not BCE. Do you know what the difference is? BC stands for "Before Christ". It was a historical reckoning that was based on the year that Jesus was born. It was established by Dionysius Exiguus, a Christian monk, and put into practice by Christian scholars who built western civilization and founded the universities.

BCE refers to the exact same time, but it stands for "before the common era". It is an invention by Jews who can't stand Jesus because when they see a Cross it stings the horns on their heads. When the Jews captured the universities, they started using BCE and CE instead of BC and AD ("Anno Domini", "In the Year of Our Lord").

It's funny for me to read a post by someone complaining that he has been screwed over by the Jews, and then he uses the Jew method of marking time. Yes Master, I will acknowledge your right to control the flipping calendar. Talk about doublethink...

Noor al Haqiqa said...

"Palestinian Loss of Land"


"Land stolen from the Palestinians" is the proper wording.