Saturday, November 8, 2014

Truth Jihad radio with Kevin Barrett 2014.11.07

Ralph Schoenman on blocking Israeli shipping, Jim Fetzer on Sean Dix & JFK

First hour: Alternative radio legend and 9/11 truth supporter Ralph Schoenman discusses the successful "block the boat" campaign against Israeli-government-owned Zim Shipping Lines. A Zim cargo ship was recently forced to turn back after numerous unsuccessful attempts to dock at the Port of Oakland - thanks to the Longshoreman's Union rank and file, who defied their own leadership as well as the Zionist Power Configuration and its local reps. (Zim's owners had foreknowledge of 9/11 and broke their lease to move out of the World Trade Center just days before the attack.)  During the second half of the hour Ralph discusses the history of false flag attacks.

Second hour: JFK assassination and 9/11 expert Jim Fetzer discusses the exceedingly strange case of Sean Dix, who may have been poisoned with a fluoride-benzene mix by a dentist working for a CIA assassination ring that protects corporate power brokers - in this case, Johnson & Johnson. During the second half of the hour Jim discusses the JFK assassination and the upcoming 51st anniversary.

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Anonymous said...

That's true about Israeli-owned Zim moving out of the WTC complex just before 9/11.

The excuse is that the decision was over a year beforehand, but that's to make it less obvious, and still shows a degree of foreknowledge.

It's like the excuse about the text messages to Odigo employees, that only a couple reported receiving them, and that it was so close to the actual time, so it was just a coincidence.

And it's like the crap they peddled in defense of the abnormal number of put options on Boeing, United and American Airline stock in the days before 9/11, where the 9/11 Commission said since they tracked back to some big institutional banks, they could've had no foreknowledge of what the supposed 19 hijackers were planning (as if criminal networks don't operate through international banks!)