Thursday, December 4, 2014

Michael Brown Strong Arm Robbery Video
*Ferguson officer who shot Michael Brown resigns
*Testimony of the Ferguson Eyewitness That Did Not Perjure Himself
*SEVERAL Michael Brown Witnesses Admitted They Lied


Innocent Smith said...

Wow, all the time spent on "reporting" this case you would think we would have seen the whole video by now. What an arrogant punk. No wonder he ended up dead.

Thanks for posting this.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

They sure chose one fine poster child to set off a race war, didn't they?

Does anyone else see just how stupid these race war promoters are? Of course, even worse are those who believe them.

One thing I notice in groups of protesters is the word "workers" and a few other key words that are Commie propaganda familiar.

And people are further dividing, society further unraveling ~ all to keep them from seeing the real truths and advancing the cause of our common enemy who remains hidden behind a wall of such subterfuges.

That is why this video does not come out until after the damage has been done and no one cares any more.