Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Real World of Money with Andrew Gause 2014.12.24

It Was A Very Good Year…For The Bankers

-We look back at 2014 and analyze commodity prices
-You’ll hear interesting conversations and insights on the price of oil along with audio from oil guru T. Boone Pickens
-Every barrel of oil is being sold for dollars and the is food for the FED
-Andy explains how creating dollars out of thin air can be managed wisely
-Hear why, in detail, would be advisable to take over the FED rather than ending the FED
-Listener asks, “Will the U.S. ever pay off the debt.”
-Why would banks do bail ins when they, who own the FED, can just create money?
-It now costs money to store it at The Swiss National Bank
-The bond bubble, interest rates, and interest rate swaps
-What does Andy think about the Minnesota Coin Dealer Law. Is this a test law to stop gold coin sale?
-The new limits on gold and silver trading
-What is this “Normalization with Cuba” all about?
-London listener asks how we can profit from these low oil prices that will some day be higher
-Paul Craig Roberts says Vladimir Putin has lots of options he can play
-From a listener: I thought the attached article would provide added insights into some issues you and Andy cover regularly. I found them to be very interesting and delve a bit more into banking fines. I think the audience would find them interesting (but not surprising). It is short and worth a read.

Ideas in article:
1 – The Big banks can tax deduct up to 75% of the fines given by the Justice Department (smaller banks up to 100%)
2 – The Justice Department gets a percentage of the fine in their “Working Capitol Fund” (their slush fund)
3 – The Justice Department is only prosecuting with civil suits and no criminal suits.

Are there actually incentives for larger and larger fines from the Justice Department and incentive for the banks to always settle out of court? Shure looks as though there might be!
-The challenges of living abroad
-Will Quantitative Easing continue?

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