Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Katy Perry - ILLUMINATI 2015 Superbowl Halftime Show - EXPOSED!!!



WHOOLI said...

Alien Intrusion: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jjhkf_e4pM

Anonymous said...

Muh Illuminati Luciferians. Its amazing that these guys like him and vigilant citizen do such heavy research into Hollywood and the music industry, but still haven't figured out that it is obviously run by Jews. There was some masonic and kabbalistic symbolism, but once again neglects to tell the audience who are behind those too.
The book of Revelations is bullshit. It was written by Jews. The reason why they are playing out revelations is to make the Christians believe that God is coming when in fact its just a bunch of Jews destroying your society. The Christians then support the fall of the civilizations they are living in. This was prevalent in both Rome and Byzantium among Christians. It will also and is prevalent with Christians in America.

MaryC said...

He's probably a Christian Zionist. No way will he name the Jew.

blackbird9 said...

I think the thing that struck me almost as much as the "no mention of The Jews" in this piece . . .

. . . was the no elaboration on the symbolism of "The Lion".

Copernicus wrote of three main cycles of the heavens. The day, the year and the Great Year.

The Great Year is also known as "The Precession of the Equinoxes" through the celestial belt known as "The Zodiac". This "belt" is divided into twelve (formerly 13) "Ages" each of approximately 2000 years.

We are currently moving from the "Age of Pisces" into the "Age of Aquarius".

In the symbolism, each "Age" has an Exoteric icon and an Esoteric or "Occulted/hidden" icon.

For example, in the "Age of Pisces" we had the exoteric symbol of the two fishes of "Pisces" and the esoteric symbol of "Virgo" or "The Virgin". Both of these were adopted by Christianity.

In the previous "Age of Aries", the symbols were "The Ram" of Aries and "The Scales" of Libra.

Before that the "Age of Taurus" had "The Bull" of Taurus and "The Scorpion" of Scorpio.

In the "Age of Aquarius", the exoteric symbol is "The Water Bearer" and the esoteric symbol is "The Lion" of Leo.

This esoteric symbol appears time and time again in Zionist symbolism.

For example, the first proposed flag for "Greater Israel" by the 1897 World Zionist Congress had the "Beast of Zion" right there in the middle of the flag.

"The flag of the First Zionist Congress"

In the 3rd Degree initiation ceremony of Freemasonry, the candidate is "raised" to "MASTER MASON" status by the "Strong Grip of the Lion's Paw"

Saint John of course writes of the "Whore of Babylon" riding on the Great Beast.

Jewish controlled Hollywood loves to slide this symbol into their productions..

I noticed it a while back on the "Apartment Flag" on "The Big Bang Theory" TV series.


Interesting, no?

- bb9

Unknown said...

And KP in the flame suit and the fire cannons now the Jews are saying the ISIS has burned a Jordanian pilot alive and of curse KP dark horse video depicts ISIS

Unknown said...

Yup looks like the heebs Rita Katz and SITE called in some help from their tribe members in heebywood for the special effects
On this one

zapoper said...

Amazing how the religious mind works. At some point he says: "aliens aren't real, they are fallen angels and demonic spirits".

If you fail to see the humor in that statement then you might be a bit too religious. LOL

WHOOLI said...

Zapoper, I hope this helps.

Aliens - Physical creatures from other planets visiting us. NO.

Demons - Spiritual creatures manifesting themselves as Aliens from other planets to deceive humans. YES.

WHOOLI said...

Christian Branquhino, The Book of The Revelation was written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and is therefore not bullshit, and the jews are playing out the false theological system of Dispensational Premillennialism in which they have invested much. When Jesus returns, these fools will have hell to pay.

Switched On said...

The Book of Revelations and Hebrews was nearly left out of the Canon in 325CE at Constantines' Council of Nicea. The Bishops from the east were opposed to the Book of Revelations being included into the Canon because they thought the writings were the mad rantings of a lunatic and didn't make any sense. The Bishops from the west were opposed to the Hebrews being included into the Canon.
A deal was made by the Bishops that permitted both books to be included into the Canon.
There were over forty gospels written and only four were voted into the Canon at the Council of Nicea in 325CE. The fabricated stories which you read in the Bible are there because they were put there by the Council of Nicea in 325CE.

The Bible is a book full of Contradictions, inconsistencies and anachronistic history.The Bible is a book full of allegorical mythical stories in which people should not interpret literally, but sadly do.
There is no credible historicity of an actual Jesus as described in the Bible.

All religions are based on astro-theological mythology, especially the Abrahamic religions.

A Skeptics Guide To Christianity

Mithras and Jesus: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Jesus Never Existed

Are the New Testament gospels history? Where's the proof?

WHOOLI said...

Asclepius Circinus, Good job on your self deception. Unfortunately you will not be able to indulge in it forever.

MaryC said...

This Astrotheology shtick seems to a Jewish creation. Notice how the people who propound it never mention the Jewish issue; no, it's all the fault of the Romans. Frank O'Collins says we are subject to Roman Law, lol.
Alex Jones says it's the Germans, Frank O'Collins says it's the Romans. What do these two groups have in common? they both got on the wrong side of the Jews at some point in history.

Switched On said...


I am not deceiving myself as I, unlike you it appears, have actually researched the historicity of Jesus and the history of the Christian religion. Most people will not actually research what the so called "heretics" have compiled on the subject matter because they have been indoctrinated (brainwashed) to believe that to do so would mean they are courting "evil". Some people will cling to their religious beliefs like a six year old child clings to a teddy bear.
I bet you haven't even gone to any of the web sites I posted to even see why the "unbelieving heretics" assert what they assert.
Just wanting something to be true doesn't make it true and we been fed an enormous lie about religions, particularly the Abrahamic religions.

The earliest found gospels are all found to be written in Greek. There were never any gospels found written in the native languages (Aramaic & Hebrew) of the area of the purported events.
The four gospels that were selected to be in the Canon contradict one another.
We're given different versions of the Jesus birth story between Matthew And Luke. This is far from being the only contradiction/inconsistency is the Bible. Try to explain the following contradictions please. There will be a second part to the contradictions as I am limited to 4096 characters.

The Date of Jesus' Birth

The issues and uncertainties surrounding Jesus' supposed birth date(s) of Jesus are interesting:

At least four separate year of births can be culled from reading the gospels.
The current method of determining the year (BC/AD or BCE/CE) is based on a mistaken calculation of a sixth century Scythian monk.
Christmas Day was originally a pagan celebration.

Four Separate Year-of-Births

The discussions about Herod and Quirinius should show why the date of Jesus' birth cannot be establish with any certainty. If Jesus was born during the reign of Herod the Great then it must before or around 4 BCE. If he was born during the Roman census, then it must have been in 6 CE.

These two dates are not the only discrepancies in determining the birthdate of Jesus. Luke stated that Jesus was about thirty years old when he began to preach (Luke 3:23) and that was during the "fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberias Caesar" (Luke 3:1). Now we know that Augustus Caesar died in 14 CE and that Tiberias was his successor. Thus the fifteenth year of his reign would be around 29 or 30 CE. This sets his birthdate around 1 BCE or 1 CE.

In John we have a passage that implies that Jesus was close to fifty years old during the time of his ministry:

John 8:57 RSV
The Jews then said to him, "You are not yet fifty years old, and have you seen Abraham?"

There is nothing symbolic about the number (or age) fifty. Thus it is likely that John meant the passage to show that Jesus was in his (probably late) forties. This will bring the birthdate of Jesus to slightly after 20 BCE.

In the references above we have four different birthdates of Jesus:

c20 BCE (John) c4 BCE (Matthew and Luke)
c1 BCE or c1 CE (Luke)
6 CE (Luke).

Switched On said...

Contradictions part 2

Contradictions In the Resurrection Story.

1. Matthew 28:1 states two women (Mary Magdalene, and the other Mary) came to the tomb; Mark 16:1 states it was three women (Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James, and Salome); Luke 24:10 agrees it was three women but gives a different list of three than Mark (Mary Magdalene and Joanna and Mary the mother of James); John 20:1 states it was only Mary Magdalene.

2. Mark 16:2 states "the sun had risen" at the time of this visit, while John 20:1 states "it was still dark."

3. Matthew 28:2 says "an angel" "came and rolled away the stone and sat upon it"; Mark 16:5 says the women encountered "a young man sitting at the right" of the tomb (rather than upon the stone); Luke 24:4 says they saw "two men" who "suddenly stood near them in dazzling clothing"; in John 20:1, Mary Magdalene saw nothing other than a moved stone.

4. There is also a discrepancy as to whatever dialogue occurred between this angel(s) or man (men) and the women: Matthew 28:5-7 and Mark 16:6-7 generally agree the women were told that Jesus (peace be upon him) had risen, and instructed to advise the disciples that "He has risen from the dead; and behold, He is going ahead of you into Galilee, there you will see Him" (Matthew 28:7), and ; Luke 24:6-7 contains no instruction to advise the disciples about an appearance by Issa in Galilee.

Switched On said...

Contradictions continued from part 2

5. To whom did Jesus (peace be upon him) appear first: Mary Magdalene and the other Mary as Matthew 28:9 claims? Mary Magdalene only as Mark 16:9 claims? Cephas (Peter) and then the other disciples, as 1 Corinthians 15:5 claims? Matthew 28:9 claims that Issa (peace be upon him) appeared before the women even had reported to the disciples what the found (or didnt) at the tomb. Also in Mark 16:9 the appearance to Mary Magdalene was before Mary made any report to the disciples. However, John and Luke report no appearance before the women reported an empty tomb to the disciples.

6. Which disciples went to the tomb: Peter alone (Luke 24:12)? Peter and John (John 20:2-8)? Did the disciples believe the reports of the women (or woman) and proceed to Galilee, as Matthew 28:16 claims? Or did they disbelieve these reports as Mark 16:11 and Luke 24:11 claim?

7. In appearing to the disciples, to whom did Jesus (peace be upon him) first appear: All eleven together (Matthew 28:17-18)? Two of them on the road, then to all eleven together (Mark 16:12-14 and Luke 24:13-31)? To ten of the eleven (minus Thomas) together (John 20:19-24)? To Peter, then the others (1 Corinthians 15:5)? The story recounted in John 20:25-29 is all premised on an appearance of Jesus (peace be upon him) before the disciples at which Thomas was not present! Matthew 28:17-18, Mark 16:12-14 and Luke 24:13-31 all disagree with John about any such meeting taking place in the absence of Thomas!

8. In Acts and the Gospel of Luke, the disciples were commanded to stay in Jerusalem and, in fact, met Jesus (peace be upon him) there (see Acts 1:4 and Luke 24:33, 47, 49). In Matthew 28:10 and Mark 16:6-7, the disciples are commanded to go to Galilee, and in Matthew 28:16-18, we are told they see Jesus (peace be upon him) there, not in or near Jerusalem!

9. Mark says that after appearing before the eleven disciples together in Gallilee, Jesus (peace be upon him) ascended to Heaven (Mark 16: 14, 19). Luke says Jesus (peace be upon him) ascended to Heaven at Bethany after walking with the disciples some time (Luke 24:50-51). John says Jesus (peace be upon him) appeared to the disciples at three times and that some of these appearances were near the Sea of Gallilee (Lake Tiberias) (John 21:1, 14). According to Acts the disciples were at Mt. Olivet, a days journey from Jerusalem, when the ascension occurred (Acts 1:9-12).

10. In 1 Corinthians 15:5-8, it is claimed that Jesus (peace be upon him) appeared to more than five hundred witnesses before his ascent to heaven - a claim directly contradicted at least by Mark, who says the ascension occurred immediately after an appearance before the eleven disciples (Mark 16: 14, 19).

Switched On said...

"This Astrotheology shtick seems to a Jewish creation. Notice how the people who propound it never mention the Jewish issue;"

Your comment only shows that you haven't done any involved research into the subject matter whatsoever.

In D.M. Murdocks book Did Moses Exist? The Myth of the Israelite Lawgiver, she goes into great detail about the astrotheological nature of Semitic worship, including that of the Israelites, who emerged from the hill country during the 12th century BCE. The Israelites were composed significantly of Canaanites, especially the Amoritish tribes that had migrated into Mesopotamia and established Babylon, as well as wandering bedouin tribes such as the Shasu and Hapiru.

All of these peoples engaged in the typical nature worship that humanity has revered since time immemorial. This nature worship is expressed in myriad forms, including and especially reverence for the sun, moon, planets, stars and constellations, a perspective called “astral religion,” “astrolatry,” “astral mythology,” “astromythology” or “astrotheology.”

In Did Moses Exist? Murdock devoted entire chapters to sun-god worship, such as of the Canaanite high god El – the same El as in “Israel,” which means “El prevails” – and the tribal god Yahweh, who is likewise significantly solar in nature. Judaism also is based significantly on moon worship, and the Babylonian influence can be found in other astrotheological elements.

MaryC said...

It really doesn't matter what Murdock says about the Jewish god, since most Jews don't believe he exists anyway.They do, however believe in their own superiority. Murdock can say what she likes about Yahweh, so long as she doesn't blaspheme against the "Holocaust".
Her real target is Christianity, which the Jews have always sought to destroy.To this end, whether she knows it or not, Murdock is working for Jewish interests.

Switched On said...

Christianity, like Judaism, is but a continuation of mythologicial-allegorical stories that were developed by the ancients. Christians worship the same God that Judaism worships. Old Testament prophecies were used, in part, to create the gospel story. According to the story, Jesus was a Jew. In Matthew 5:17 it states " Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill." It clearly states he did not come to destroy Jewish law or the Jewish prophets, but to fulfill them.
You seem to think that if this story of Jesus is shown to have been fabricated, which it has been, that the Jews somehow win and that is not just not so. A paradigm, based in fear, has been created where one should not exist.
While I do not believe in the "Holocaust" myself, the subject of the "Holocaust" is really unrelated to this particular subject matter and it is not a subject that D.M.Murdock has studied as her attention has been focused on ancient Mediterranean and Near East cultures. I find her work to be very thorough and erudite.

A lot of the stories in the Old Testament are in fact plagiarized material, particularly from the rich mythical heritage of the Sumerians the inventors of writing. The story of Noah and the flood story, the creation of man out of clay, Cain and Abel, the gardens of Eden, the tree of knowledge, creation of Eve from Adams rib, and numerous other myths, like the throwing of Moses after he was born in the river, are all but stories found recorded on Sumerian clay tablets dating 5000 years back in time.

Hebrew scribes, whom I presume knew what they were doing, copycatted the famous myths/epics of ancient Egypt and Sumer and stuffed THEIR Bible with them.


Switched On said...


Through a prism of total prejudice and deeply seated grudge the Hebrew scribes wrote, page up and page down, not what really happened in ancient times, but rather what they wished had happened.

And even if by time, the Sumerian and Egyptian myths had probably turned into anecdotal tales of the distant past, how could we explain the reason/motive why the names of the main characters were extracted out and replaced by Hebrew counterfeits. Evenmore, with all the previous presumptions overlooked, how could we forgive the Hebrews’ wickedness of ascribing all this wisdom to their tribal god?

As their scribes were tampering with the history and the mythology of the ancient Near East, and through their ignorance/deceit the Israelites messed up not only with the great stories of Egypt and Sumer but they also damaged the concept of universalism and pluralism that for years underlined the religious thinking of the ancient Near East.

As the Hebrew scribes were tramping over the history of the ancient Near East they rewrote/invented a mythical table of nations (sons of Noah) that, at the end, and through a long cycle of selective favoritism, came down and as expected to favoring the sons of Shem (founding myth of modern day Semitism)

And hence, the world through the tribal lens of the Israelites was only conceivable as Jews vs. Gentiles, This lingering duality complex that denied the Jews, till this very day, the ability to assimilate anywhere outside the psychological orbit of the tribe.

MaryC said...

I wasn't suggesting that Murdock's 'work'had anything to do with the 'Holocaust'; I was pointing out that Jews wouldn't take offence at what she say's about Yahweh, only if she were to question the 'Holocaust' myth.
What militates against your view is the Christian martyrs. The word 'martyr' means 'witness'. There's no doubt that Christians were martyred from the earliest days of Christianity, including people who had known Christ, or His apostles personally, such as St Polycarp who was a disciple of St John the Evangelist.
It is unlikely that they would be willing to give their lives for a myth.
It would be the easiest thing in the world for rabbis who wrote the Talmud to say that Jesus didn't exist. Of course, they couldn't do this, because Jesus did exist. Instead, they have to blacken His name and reputation.

Switched On said...

In a short passage in the works of the Roman historian Pliny the Younger. While proconsul of Bithynia, a province in the northwest of Asia Minor, Pliny purportedly wrote a letter in 110 CE to the Emperor Trajan requesting his assistance in determining the proper punishment for "Christiani" who were causing trouble and would not renounce "Christo" as their god or bow down to the image of the Emperor. These recalcitrant Christiani, according to the Pliny letter, met "together before daylight" and sang "hymns with responses to Christ as a god," binding themselves "by a solemn institution, not to any wrong act." Regarding this letter, Rev. Robert Taylor remarks:

If this letter be genuine, these nocturnal meetings were what no prudent government could allow; they fully justify the charges of Caecilius in Minutius Felix, of Celsus in Origen, and of Lucian, that the primitive Christians were a skulking, light-shunning, secret, mystical, freemasonry sort of confederation, against the general welfare and peace of society.

Taylor also comments that, at the time this letter was purportedly written, "Christians" were considered to be followers of the Greco-Egyptian god Serapis and that "the name of Christ was common to the whole rabblement of gods, kings, and priests." Writing around 134 CE, Hadrian purportedly stated:

"The worshippers of Serapis are Christians, and those are devoted to the God Serapis, who call themselves the bishops of Christ. There is no ruler of a Jewish synagogue, no Samaritan, no Presbyter of the Christians, who is not either an astrologer, a soothsayer, or a minister to obscene pleasures. The very Patriarch himself, should he come into Egypt, would be required by some to worship Serapis, and by others to worship Christ. They have, however, but one God, and it is one and the self-same whom Christians, Jews and Gentiles alike adore, i.e., money."


Switched On said...


It is thus possible that the "Christos" or "Anointed" god Pliny's "Christiani" were following was Serapis himself, the syncretic deity created by the priesthood in the third century BCE. In any case, this god "Christos" was not a man who had been crucified in Judea.

Moreover, like his earlier incarnation Osiris, Serapis both popular gods in the Roman Empire was called not only Christos but also "Chrestos," centuries before the common era. Indeed, Osiris was styled "Chrestos," centuries before his Jewish copycat Jesus was ever conceived....

Switched On said...

The Forged Origins of the New Testament

What the Church doesn't want you to know

It has often been emphasized that Christianity is unlike any other religion, for it stands or falls by certain events which are alleged to have occurred during a short period of time some 20 centuries ago. Those stories are presented in the New Testament, and as new evidence is revealed it will become clear that they do not represent historical realities.


MaryC said...

You still haven't addressed my points.

Unknown said...

I've never seen this guy on here before and all of a sudden he's posting a huge manuscript full of false premises. Can you say jew troll?

WHOOLI said...

Asclepius Circinus, Like I said, "Good job on your self deception. Unfortunately you will not be able to indulge in it forever". And wow! You have gone all out, and have taken it to a higher A+ level. Good luck explaining all this to God!

foon1e said...

Asclepius is welcome to present his evidence here,just as the rest of the "Believers" here are welcome to present their counter-evidence.
Sadly for both sides, you're all wasting your time and effort. Asclepius is never going to change the minds of any Believer. Neither are the rest of you going to convince him of the "Truth" of your dogmatic belief in the written words of Jews from 2 millenia ago. Quoting *anything* handed down from those times is complete foolishness. For they are naught but lies of the Jew.
Which begs the point: Why does anybody "Believe" in anything handed down as "Truth" to the world by Jews? And how can anybody claim they are "Jew-Wise",and still cling to the words so cleverly crafted by Jews to keep your minds shackled to this day? Anything Abrahamic has to be questioned and discarded as false theology and Religious nonsense. Believing in anything resulting from that source is insanity.

WHOOLI said...

It does not logically follow that "Anything Abrahamic has to be questioned and discarded as false theology and Religious nonsense. Believing in anything resulting from that source is insanity". Please be logically rational.

foon1e said...

Of course it follows "Logically" Whooli. The whole ethos behind Mami's is to warn those who have a mind open enough to relearn history - and the Jews place behind that History. It therefore follows that we can't trust *anything* the Jews gave us historically. That Includes *their* interpretation of History as written down by so many of them.
Those who actively push their theologies onto others are literally doing the work of the Jew for them.
As I said earlier, no one will ever change a Believer's mind - no matter how compelling the evidence of their dellusion.

WHOOLI said...

"The whole ethos behind Mami's" has nothing to do with whether or not "Anything Abrahamic has to be questioned and discarded as false theology and Religious nonsense. Believing in anything resulting from that source is insanity" is a logical argument.

foon1e said...

...and therein lies the hypocracy at the heart of anything to do with Religion:Specifically Abrahamic ones. You really aren't capable of comprehending the enormity of your error in defending the Jewish fables handed down to you by those we are supposed to be fighting against.
It's impossible to defeat the Jew in any meaningful way if we still give any credence to their writings,belief systems and indeed ancient control systems for whole populations.
I am truly sorry your cultural programming stops you from seeing that.

WHOOLI said...

You don't know[proper] 2 things about the Old and New testaments.

1: That they are not God's revelation of Himself and His covenantal works among His creatures.
2: That they consist of jewish fables.

But I do understand that you have great faith that these two propositions are true.

foon1e said...

No Whooli. *You* are the one with "Faith". Faith in the words written down 2 millenia ago by Jews.About Jews.For jews -originally - until they started letting gentiles into their club because it suited the politics of the time.
Me? I do not "Trust" anything given to mankind by any Jew. I don't need "faith" to know that the religious ponzi schemes invented back then,and still practised today are nothing but Jew Tools. Keeping disparate peoples at each-others throats through application of the Higalian dialectic involved. Making sure that the Jews always have a way to keep people fearful, distracted,and also indoctrinated just enough to actually help them realise their long held plans of total global domination.
Christians and Muslims both are just "Useful Idiots" to them. But then again, that was always the plan. Well done for being such a good "Christian Enabler".

WHOOLI said...

I do have faith in The Lord Jesus Christ, aka the Word, aka Yahweh.
John chapter-1.

delcroix said...


1melahat said...

Hey guys, Sorry if this is off topic but for a good laugh check out this mock orchestra and band featuring ahmadinejad as conductor and a motley crew of mullah violinists, chador wearing woodwind section and mizrahi jewish chorals. It's quite ridiculous!

1melahat said...

Oops, Forgot the link!