Sunday, March 29, 2015

Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev are innocent

The attitudes of the mainstream media and subsequently, those who crassly and ignorantly react to those of us who support Dzhokhar and his right to fair trial, point to the fact that among the most fundamental tenants of our justice system, (the right to presumed innocent until proven guilty), is sadly becoming an obsolete ideal that we can no longer count on to prevail in the face of injustice. 
We are seeing now what happens when a faction of “the masses” feels compelled to speak-out and question the established narrative and challenge the status quo.  We are vilified, accused of being “traitors” and “conspiracy theorists”, have our sanity called into question, and are sometimes even labeled as “terrorist sympathizers”.  Why such a desperate need to place these derogatory labels on those of us who seek-out the truth, demand that the democratic principles that this country was built upon be upheld, and who speak-out when we encounter what we believe to be injustice?  Apparently, it’s to send the message that being an open-minded, questioning, critical-thinker who supports the foundations of the American justice system, is something for which one should be ashamed.

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