Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Boston Truth Revealed: Pictures from Across the web showing the truth of the Boston Bombing

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Anonymous said...

I question the motive of the defense attorney, in taking the strategy of saying that all these people were maimed and several were killed by bombs planted by the defendant and his older brother (the official government conspiracy theory), but that the defendant was coerced into it.

The integrity of the trial was in question particularly when proven crisis actor, Jeff Bauman, was called as a prosecution witness, just as he conveniently healed, 19 days later, from his two legs allegedly being blown off at the Marathon.

I wouldn't be surprised if she was in on the deception as well, given that she was involved with the Moussaoui and Loughner defenses, with 9/11 and the Gabby Gifford cases being highly suspicious themselves.

SatanicJewsClues911 said...

It would be safe to Question everything we are told from the time of Birth!!
Don't be Shy.. it & Swing for the knock out... Jaw Bone works best.

Jew Gabby... No talk of "Judge Roy" being shot dead.. He was an American strong Hold> blocking Jew Obama's Open Borders policy.

FYI: Obama's Tramp/Slut Mother was a JEW..
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Anonymous said...

@Satanic, the bottom line is, the defense strategy failed, and any real defense would've vigorously cross-examined Jeff Bauman.

Funny that the defense was able to call a star blood spatter witness (Henry Lee) in OJ Simpson's defense that may have ultimately led to his acquittal, but this so-called high-profile defense attorney couldn't bother to bring a single star witness against any of the government's BS claims.

Unknown said...

it is a show trial
just like the bulger trial out of the same criminal court house

i question if the brothers are patsies

it seem more likely that they are complicit in the hoax given their family CIA connections

i find it more plausible that the older brother is still alive
than the police killed him after the video of him being taken into the police car naked

seems like they filmed that scene of him being arrested as part of an alternate scenario
or they just wanted to get as much stock footage to work with as possible in case they had to change something in the official narrative later on

what i suspect they did it for is because they may not have been 100% sure that they could stage the end scene where he is supposedly run over by his brother and the final shootout
,maybe they felt like well what if someone in the area didnt leave
or what if there is a complication and we can't go with the preferred dramatic narrative of the ffinal shootout and capture where he runs over and kills his brother,

then they have the B footage of the strip down and arrest

they just decided to scrap the alternative ending then they told the media to never report on it again,and right down the memory hole it went

the media has NEVER mentioned the naked man being taken into custody
ever again
i live here and i can tell you i always try and comment on the local affiliate stations web sites comment sections and question it ,among other things
but of course the comment sections are 100% moderated and nothing questioning the official narrative ever gets through the jew screeners