Friday, May 29, 2015

David Duke Show 2015.05.29

Dr. Duke covered a lot of territory in the show today. In particular, he revealed a lot of information about the various machinations in the ISIS conflict that have put the US, Saudi Arabia, and other Zionist flunkies in the Middle East on the side of ISIS, leaving President Assad's Syrian Army and Lebanon's Hezbollah movement alone to fight for human decency and sanity.
He and Dr. Slattery also discussed developments in the presidential election. Senator Rand Paul on an appearance on the Morning Joe show stated that the ISIS crisis was created by hawks in his party who loved Hillary's war in Libya so much that they wanted more. His sensible statement, however, is being lost in a flood of wannabe Israeli puppet presidents like Chris Christie and Ted Cruz, who spent yesterday yet again kissing up to Jewish megadonors in New York, including kingmaker Sheldon Adelson. This was a fast-paced, free-wheeling show that will be a lot of fun to listen to. Please share it widely.

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