Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Jews Continue Pressure for Internet Censorship

Jews are not content with the status quo of lobbying individual governments. They want the introduction of international laws and practices that leave no stone unturned, and no avenue for criticism left open.  They loathe the fact there is no unified global legislation, and that international fora provided by the internet continue to provide Whites around the world with the opportunity to come together and share strategies, information, and truths which may lead to their eventual rebirth.  The Global Forum has now called for the adoption of global terms of service prohibiting the posting of materials critical of Jews. Jews also want to ring-fence their narrative of Jewish casualties during World War II by introducing an international legal ban on “Holocaust denial sites.”
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Maasanova said...

Reddit donated about $70000 dollars to NPR

NPR promotes holocaust propaganda in order to support Reddit's crackdown on free speech

"There are discussion threads at Reddit called subreddits, some of which are overtly anti-black or anti-Semitic. If a Jewish Redditor looked at a subreddit called, very offensively, "Gas The Kikes" and said it makes them feel unsafe to participate, would you take down that subreddit?"

WHOOLI said...

A real world concern would be how the jews have been able to continuously lie with impunity about almost everything through their massive control of the major organs of information flow in the Western World.

Max Smart said...

The Jews are going down. It's only a matter of time. Just as Jesus' name was shunned centuries after his death, Hitler's good name will be 'resurrected' all over the world when the wall which the Jews have built around their lies crumbles and breaks. Those lies include the 'chosen people' myth, the Old Testament is a Jewish book myth, the Holohoax myth, the official 9/11 cover-up of Israeli involvement, assassination of the only President, JFK, who cautioned Americans about Jewish perfidy.

These will be the triggers for open season on Jews.

Hence the scramble to shut down all vestiges of free speech.

I say, send them to all to Madagascar. Absent life-giving hosts, parasites can only shrivel up and die.

wanda said...

Heil FVCKING Hitler. Because nothing says crazy conspiracy theorists more or louder than Hitler was a saint.

Unknown said...

I would recommend Hitler for sainthood. Why not? What other leader fought the Jew World Order more than he did? Can you name one? You could at least admit he was a decent guy instead of always playing up to the jewish narrative. It's disgusting.

wanda said...

I don't know the man... how can i vouch for some alleged decency he may or may not have had?

In 1913, the Federal Reserve Bank, the IRS, the FBI and the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith were created.

In January 1931 alone, Josip Broz, Tito, Sigmund Freud, Vladamir Lenon and Leon Trotsky were all patrons of the same cafe in Vienna. (Cafe Central in Vienna, Austria). Coincidence?

There are no coincidences.

blake121666 said...


In 1931: Tito was in prison, Vladimir Lenin was dead, and Leon Trotsky was exiled in Turkey. The only other on your list, Freud, could have very well patronized that Vienna cafe.

wanda said...

Blake... excellent, so that's complete bullshit. I checked it out and you are correct. I will amend my data bank.

A curious thing though... why is it so many political "leaders" get to have prison records and go on to lead nations? Maybe it's a prerequisite.

blake121666 said...

They go to prison trying to overthrow the existing government - such as Hitler. Some succeed in doing just that after getting out - such as Hitler.

wanda said...

I am not going to believe for a minute Hitler wasn't a part of it. He would be the first politician in over 2000 years to do that. The system is too far rigged to allow a thing remotely close to that to happen.

It is hard enough to get people to look at the lies, treachery and evil that is the Jew. Putting on a love parade for Hitler makes us all look like crazed fanatics.

blake121666 said...

I think Hitler was the real deal: a genuine German nationalist with oratorical gifts. I see no reason to worship him though. German militancy can be pretty annoying too. A leader of a state prancing around in military uniform looks silly to me.