Saturday, May 30, 2015

Spingola Speaks 2015.05.30

Wayne Prante of Justice for Germans and The Truth and Justice for Germans Society

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Anonymous said...

Hmm. Is C Yeager rally a part of the COINTELPRO-program???

Anonymous said...

He always complays that some WNs are harrassing him. I think that when You are making a big number about their harrassing although the other nuts in the other groups hav also been doing the same thing, this smells like an attack towards the WNs. He has not accused everybody, but he keeps on crying about the WNs.

If someone is a COINTELPRO-agent, it must be Veronica Clark. In 2007 she hated the Jews but now she is SPLC/ANTIFA. She is not a person, with whom you can just have a different opinion. She despises all revisionists and bashes them. She is in war with the WN:s.

If someone is a WN it does not mean that he/she cannot be sorry for the Indians. One can love his/her culture and race and fight against the destroyers. If You don't want to destroy Your people, this does not mean that You are a hater. I think Wayne sometimes sounds very much like Veronica Kuzniar Clark. He has also worked with her and he keeps on speaking very positively about her.

I think Yeager had a right for at least explanations as we all had. Now we had got it. I like Wayne's blog and do believe that one can wake up in his 50's (like Bradley Smith). Wayne's activism in the past and years in the Jones's group are still confusing matters. I'm disappointed that he did not manage to keep calm and his reactions were something like Rodney Martins. I think Caroline's research and sites are much better than Rodney's. I'm confused also with his strong support 100 % for mr. Martin. Clark-Martin-ZCF. Why?

Who had been in jail and whose names are interesting? Kahant?

Btw. Did not Clark betray Krampe/Heink too? I have read from comments from a podcast here last year very interesting things. Someone had told about a conflict with "Holocaust Controversies blog". There the hosts ha dresponsed to Heink (?) about his comments about their articles. It was about using diesel or the banzin in the gas-chambers. I have read about it because some antifas had linked to it in Finland. This is a cheap trick. The Jews had changed their article in the internet and then started claiming that Heink has put words in their mouths. Very ridiculous and i wonder if they can at last decide the gasoline in the Reinhardt-camps. But tha antifas are making propaganda with this trick. I tried to say the truth, but Clark (Or her pseudonym) said that this was a goood example of the dishonest of the revisionists. She can of course say she don't know anything or has been mislead.

Anonymous said...

If someone wants to be a leader, he should be well examined. This is compltely normal an not a reason to get angry.