Thursday, May 28, 2015

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2015.05.28

Masonry in the bible

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wanda said...

I love Charlie... his heart and dedication is unquestionable. I laugh because he is talking about Hyram Abiff like he was a real guy. The story, is just another variation of mythology. He needs to learn a little bit about mysticism and astrotheology... this all relates to worship of sun/son. Hyram means High Ram.

xtiml said...

In the first talkie mummy movie played by boris karloff he is mummified alive and as i watched it on black n white tv, it was a pretty horrifying scene and was prolly one of the parts that rolled his acting work along,he was not jewish wss he? bela lugosi was not jewish i know because he had to go to camarrillo state hospital for his d.t.'s a couple times cuz he was not doing well later in life but still a gentleman as the interviewer jumped him at the hospital doors just as he was released, egad!.asking him all kinds of to above charlie makes it quite clear in his story that what you say he is beleieveing is not what you say he is mistaking he says hiram story is masonic bull and teh hiram guy was actually teh pharoah who got his brains bashed out and the story relates as to the two mussmies and certain details surrounding this affair.

wanda said...

Missed that part then... thanks. Odd... this is a re-run, i've heard it before. The same thought ran through my head at that time too. Believe me... i'm not trying to disparage Charlie... he's a good man.