Friday, June 5, 2015

Salute to Michael Collins Piper by Carolyn Yeager and Ray Goodwin

Carolyn Yeager and Ray Goodwin join to mark the sudden and untimely death of the greatly beloved Michael Collins Piper. We discuss what is known of his problems in the last couple years, his health breakdown as well as the firing he endured at the same time by his long time employer, Willis Carto and American Free Press.
Ray shares his long friendship and memories, and Carolyn shares a few of her own plus touching comments from an email friend and admirer of Mike. We conclude that Mike's legacy is in his books and radio broadcasts - especially his great book Final Judgement - so that he is always with us through his works.               Show-page



Anonymous said...

I think his views about Stalin were quite strange. He thinks that Stalin was a russian nationalist and somekind of "secret nationalsocialist". The same thing he says about Putin.

icr said...

I think what Piper said about Stalin mostly comes from Francis Parker Yockey:
The German conservative philosopher-historian Oswald Spengler, while not specifying a Jewish factor, discerned even in 1922 that the Russian soul would probably transcend the alien import of Marxism to the extent that Russia might enter into an alliance with Germany against the plutocratic powers.[26]

The assertion of Russian national-bolshevism under Stalin meant that many of the original Bolshevik policies were reversed on such issues as the family and parenthood.[27] From 1948 “rootless cosmopolitanism,” which was often synonymous with Jewish influences in the arts and even in the sciences, was purged in favour of a “Soviet culture” that was based firmly on folk traditions.[28]

The rivalry between two outlooks for the soul of Russia resulted in such an obsessive hatred by Trotskyists and other Marxists for Stalinist Russia that many, including Trotsky’s widow, Sedova, became conscious, enthusiastic, and life-long agents or apologists for American imperialism, especially with the founding of the CIA’s Congress for Cultural Freedom in 1949,[29] i.e., the year of F. Chernov’s launching of the Soviet campaign against rootless cosmopolitanism. This Kulturkampf between the USSR and the USA took on global ramifications that lasted until the implosion of the Soviet Union. As such, the USSR represented a conservative, nationalist bloc vis-à-vis the USA, which sought what is today openly called by the likes of the post-Trotskyite National Endowment for Democracy, a “world democratic revolution” (i.e., global plutocracy). The Spenglerian American philosopher, Francis Parker Yockey explained:

Thus, there are two Russias: the Bolshevik regime, and the true Russia underneath. Bolshevism, with its worship of Western technology, and of a silly foreign theory of class-war, does not express the soul of the true Russia. . . . This spirit is still there, since it is organic, and cannot be killed, but must express itself. This is the spirit of Asiatic Bolshevism, which is at present harnessed to the Bolshevism of the Moscow regime, with its economic-technical obsession.

Anonymous said...

But Stalin created Israel by helping the Jews with guns from Czechoslowakay. The cold war was a great Hoax and staged confrontation. Also the deeds against the Zionism afterwards were just a part of a big hoax. They were fakes and pretending. The stalinists were more conservative than the troskyites in the West. But the dekadence in the west were just jewish terrorism and pollution. It was war towards the western peoples. They could not act in this way in the East. But the SU was not a paradise. It was a terrible talmudic tyranny. I Can not understand supporting Stalin and Putin and their huge crimes. I think I'm smelling KGB. At least when I'm visiting TUT.

Also Kulturkampf was a big Fake and the Jews were in power. When Stalin had done his job, they murdered him. Stalin told FDR in Yalta that he was a Zionist. The Jews were in power in the Russia and in the communist countries in the Eastern Europe until 1991 and they privatized everything for them afterwards and they are in power still today.

Christian said...

Its a bad habit to not naming reliable sources. So it is just blah.

Anonymous said...

There are two countries in every country. TheJewish regime and the real people. But the Jews are the rulers and so there is no way for the others. And there won't be unless the others will do a revolution. If there are some differences between the East and the West, it does not matter. The Jews always know how to rule. don't believe at all in those crazy stories about trotskyites and stalinists. There is only one Jewry. There are some power struggles sometimes, but usually within one country. Now the Lubavichers are in power in USA and in Russia. How on Earth could there be any quarrels between these camps?

Anonymous said...

Good to hear Carolyn express her distaste for those questioning whether Piper was killed (by the Mossad or any other group), in the few days after his death.

But look at the big source behind it -- Mr. I-purposely-put-out-disinfo, Mr. Gordon Duff's site.

Anonymous said...

Good to get more actual details of what transpired between Piper and AFP.

Piper tried to make it out as if John Friend and Jim Fetzer were the ones who got him "fired," but he never cited any evidence for that, nor did I ever hear of any.

It seems that he unfortunately brought that accusation up when he felt slighted by, and somewhat jealous of them, and that was turned into a narrative by one radio host into him being persecuted for his Sandy Hook beliefs, as opposed to being about the politics, lack of loyalty and monetary considerations by AFP.

I can understand AFP's perspective to an extent, that they shouldn't have to pay an employee their full salary if they're not capable of doing the work they were hired for (which shows the importance of an employee health insurance policy to transfer that risk to an insurance company), but it shows that the alternative media is mostly phony, in that when AFP had the chance to act in an alternative way from what you would expect from a mass media operation, they didn't act in an alternative way, and as described, cut his pay in half and then said they would pay him by the article, despite him serving them so faithfully for decades, while boosting their bottom line.