Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Real World of Money with Andrew Gause 2015.06.10

Whoever Owns the Gold, Makes the Rules

-Free trade hypocrisy
-Sovereign debt defaults and corporate debt defaults; it’s a slow motion train wreck
-15% of the people on Medicare use half the money
-Fast tracking the TPP; Andrew says, “it’s a done deal”
-It’s worse today than in 2007-2008; how will we weather this storm? Cash in the bank is a very dangerous thing to have right now
-The future of our aging population; what will happen when Medicare stops paying the bills?
-Rigging the Presidential campaign of 1896
-ISIS: Just another out of control CIA creation
-Andy explains what ‘currency raiders’ do
-The woes of HSBC
-Andy sheds some more light on how countries’ currency are all pegged to the dollar without any concerns of their gold reserve
-Donald Trump will run for president on the Republican side-is he the right candidate? He is starting to say all the right things-impose tariffs etc..calling the other candidates mediocre at best, “clowns..” Andy weighs in
-Does a loan count as income as far as the IRS is concerned?
-Andy elaborates on the topic of numismatic coin oxidation and toning
-Thinking of life insurance? Andrew recommends term life
-Andrew talks home based businesses
-Advice on buying Queen Isabela quarters

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