Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Real World of Money with Andrew Gause 2015.06.17

Today our money is based on future production

-The Greek Default explained; is it really as bad as it’s billed? Why Greece will never leave the Euro. Each eurozone country issued Euros that were identified as having come from that country. Could the rest of the eurozone countries not accept Euros that were issued by Greece in the event of a Greek default?
-The number of mortgage defaults in the U.S. is at a historical low as well as people paying their car payments on time; Americans are becoming more credit responsible
-Why are gold and silver prices just sitting there; they’re not moving?
-Pension funds: Should you just cash out? Andy talks about a potential black swan event
-Ron calls in from Georgia to ask about people who have their money in IRAs and 401Ks; what happen if there’s a financial meltdown?
-An interesting story about the circulated notes in Hawaii after the bombing of Pearl Harbor
-Is it against the law for gold, silver or currency dealers to pump up stories to sell there wares?
-Secular stagnation in the housing market: 1/3 of the 18-35 year olds still live at home with mom and dad
-Texas’s new gold and silver depository and the Fed’s not invited; Andrew loves Texas, so if you have any old Texas notes, give him a call
-On May 27th, during the second hour, Andrew stated that there was no way China has 30,000 tons of gold. On June 10th, during the second hour, Andrew stated that perhaps China does have 30,000 tons of gold. Add to this the recent news of Texas bringing home the gold and making it lawfully non-confiscate-able by Doug and Mel, is it possible for Andrew to soften his harsh tone towards bullion?
-Would Andrew accept gold bullion bars from new customers that want to purchase coins?
-Donald Trump is entering the Presidential race. We checked out his balance sheet; is he really worth 8 billion?
-Andrew explains the best way to get his books
-What was the real story behind Ross Perot as Presidential candidate?

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