Thursday, July 2, 2015

Google apologizes after photo software tags black people as 'gorillas'

Google has apologized after its new Photos app classified two black friends as 'gorillas’, placing their photos in a special album. The tech giant has since removed the tag from the program, saying it is "genuinely sorry” for the mistake.
The cringeworthy mishap began when New Yorker Jacky Alcine was going through his pictures. Noticing an album titled 'Gorillas,' he clicked on it. But when he opened it, he didn't find any primates. Instead, he saw images of himself and a friend.


The_Mad_Subtitler said...

Well gorillas do always put their fingers in front of the camera when taking selfies. Known fact. lol

Why do I always get the sushi one? That stuff is nasty.

Maggot said...

those gorillas tho'

Unknown said...

Actually what they're not telling you is that Google's hi-tech facial recognition software which is used in the photo app GOT IT RIGHT! In other words every single mapping point scanned on that she-boon's mug matched perfectly that of a female gorilla hence it tagged it correctly and placed it in the correct folder!

"The tech giant has since removed the tag from the program" simply means they did just that - removed the tag. The scanning software will still have trouble differentiating so now all scans of she-boons and actual female gorillas will just be placed in a folder together labelled "Miscellaneous" :D

wanda said...

I don't think it was a mistake... it think it more a cruel joke. It is well known how much Jews hate schvartzes.

xtiml said...

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