Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Jewish Tyranny At Supreme Court


Noor al Haqiqa said...

LOL I misread the title as "Jewish TRANNY At Supreme Court"!

Erik Paul said...

Works either way.

Anonymous said...

It is fitting that Jewish Hollywood (all major movie studios founded by Jews except United Artists, which eventually came under Jewish control) started the propaganda war for same sex marriage, admitted and celebrated even by VP Joe Biden, and three confirmed Jews of the 5-4 majority in favour of same-sex marriage finishing off the job.

And fitting that Sotomayor (said to have Jewish lineage), and Kennedy, a Roman Catholic in name only, providing the swing vote, when it was the Catholics whom Michael E. Jones explains were behind the real Golden Age of Hollywood in reining in Jewish Hollywood and in particular the Warner Bros. with a "voluntary" decency code from 1934-1968 that was forced on them due to an economic boycott of their movies.

But a commenter raised a good criticism against Kapner counting Sotomayor as a Jew, which I didn't see him provide an adequate retort to, in that he says she has Jewish lineage, but by that measure, Kapner could be called a Jew, and he rejects that label, so there's similarly no basis for him counting Sotomayor as a Jew, just because he has Jewish lineage down her line beyond her grandparents.