Thursday, August 27, 2015

Does it look like she is being hit with bullets at close range?


SatanicJewsClues911 said...

Yes! I "think" them two got Waxed with a Glock 9mm... that's why the Lady had the ability to run from the Victim of "White Privilege".

If that Victim of "White Privilege" would have had a Glock .45 that lady would have been chopped liver right there!!

I would also speculate that the camera guy got popped in the head judging by the Blood splatter falling on to the deck boards in other clips.

The manifesto that this Victim of "White Privilege" sent at the time he was running from the Police has the smell of Ass.

Make no mistake: These two helped create this Black endless Victim,, and it backfired..

zapoper said...

this was aired live on CBS which has at least a five second delay since the famous "wardrobe malfunction" with Janet Jackson back in 2004.

Either the producer was napping or they wanted us to see this.

zapoper said...

Amanda said...

Linkedin on father--scroll down, it says he used to be a professional actor and was the founder of Threatreworks Community Players

Nona said...

On the film it looks like she ran away.

I didn't see the vid right in the morning, like many others, so I wasn't in shock.
I did hear about it later in the day, and that the gun-grabbing was already rolling. And then I started suspecting that it was a false flag for the very reason. Now, that I just saw the very short clip, I'm pretty sure that it is a false flag.

Now, the alternative media analysts will be confirming it.

Thank you.

Amanda said...

WHOOLI said...

WDBJ Virginia Shooting:

Amanda said...

Nona said...

Whooli: I saw that vid:

And all we saw was the woman's surprised face, then her feet running away, then heard a lot of female screaming.

That's it!

NOthing else. There was NOTHING to be shocked over. Were the people really shocked over this vid? It seems to me that the Mass /Mess Media is "leading the witness"= telling us how to react. Eh?

coincidenceskeptic said...

A new category of hoax...POV Snuff Fear Porn. Pathetic agitation propaganda, trauma based psychological conditioning, and really cheap to produce content for the profitable disinfotainment industry that calls itself "News".
Presented as reality to those who are easier to fool than to convince they've been fooled...over and over the same organizations that brought you "Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq" and "The Gulf of Tonkin" - situations that are acknowledged by the perps to be frauds...leading to the deaths of millions. None of this should come as a surprise.
What is shocking is the gradual realization that very little of what is presented as "News" has any basis in reality at all.
Hint: Where's the muzzle flash?

El Buggo said...

Hoax, hoax hoax. Youtube is cleansing all videos that include this clip of this silly fear porn hoax (1min):

Zeetip said...

FF psyop coffin nail provided by the joozmedia, 11 mins:

^ FAUX News' celeb blond bimbo Megan Kelly & 2 bad crisis actors: the joowey looking "father" actor "Alan Parker" (professional actor and founder of Threatreworks Community Players) and the dorkishly-dressed boyfriend/fiance actor Richie Cunningham (or whatever his pretend name is...); here earlier, with Alison's body not yet fully cold, showing reporters the "photo album" from their 9 month Romeo/Juliet relationship:

24yo Alison was a Daddy's Girl who used to call him every day. But the daily call did not come on that fateful morning, and Daddy-Alan-actor knew to be concerned. Daddy had already received a phone call from VA governor earlier that day, while his beloved "she was pretty, she was blond" (@ 7:25; joo Daddy's esp proud to have a blond daughter who didn't resemble him...) daughter Alison's body was still cooling, and they were in full agreement that we've gotta get the guns out of the hands of crazies... who plainly have untreated mental health issues... /rolleyes

Coz you know, Alison and camera man Adam "had no HATE in their hearts." Charleston meme, anyone?

This bit need further corroboration, but this YT clip asserts that bf/fiance-actor Richie Cunningham sent out tweet BEFORE the shooting:

Have Alison's beloved mother & brother actors made their joozmedia debuts yet? Be interesting to see if "they" even care enough to find actors with plausible family resemblances.

This just in: Alison Parker's "brother" was in fact, Robbie Parker... oh the tragedy this family has endured!! (kidding, :D )

Zeetip said...

Hey is Delphi Technique Expert Deanna in da house to help us know what to think of this latest kosher-shooting-tragedy-of-the-week? :P

Zeetip said...

Dr. K of is early to make the call as usual,

Virginia TV Crew Fake Shooting – Gun Control Plot Confirmed
: August 27, 2015

Virginia TV Crew Fake Shooting – Zionist Gun Control Plot Confirmed Zionist agents Chris Hurst and, particularly, Andy Parker, have [...]

Amanda said...

Some guy "PK" (jungle surfer youtuber?) caught something interesting. First you see the white looking hand of the shooter wearing a blue plaid shirt, then they show us a shot supposedly from the dead camera man looking up at the shooter, but now he's dressed in black

Amanda said...

“This shooting is absolutely fake,” YouTube producer Redsilverj argues. “The White House and crisis actors called for gun control within the same day–one even saying this is now “his life mission.” If you have a basic understanding of fake shooting then you will see that this is an obvious manipulated race war…with the government controlling both sides to push their New World Order agenda.”

ovadiayosefgoybals said...

oy vey the writing on this one is pure comedy gold
they must have brought in michalel richards to assist on the writing of this one to really push the the jew race baiting narrative

not only do they say he did it as revenge for their other hoax , Charleston SC

they are actually pushing this ROFL

"When someone brought a watermelon to work, he thought that was racist
He believed the fruit was placed in a 'strategic location' to harass him"

"The watermelon would appear, then disappear, then appear and disappear, then appear and disappear again only to appear again,' he wrote in a May 2014 letter to presiding Judge Francis Burkart."

and it just keeps gets better

"reporter is out in the field

>gonna swing by my dad's house after work

>gonna get my teeth whitened tomorrow

you can't even make shit up

Nona said...

What happened to the news ? There's no more hype fr. the MSM, about the shooting?

Amanda said...

I don't know how to bring the image over here, but this really good--the photos of the shooter with blue plaid sleeve then the one with him dressed in black with the caption "when I'm conducting a false flag shooting of a journalist on live tv, I always make sure I have time to change shirts in between shots"

ovadiayosefgoybals said...

the jew propaganda is reaching such absurd levels i just don't even know what to say anymore