Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Mami's Times Frontpage - 2015.08.22

Time to catch up with the behind the scenes madness here at Mami's.

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1776blues said...

Classic! Hilarious! Must read says the Jew York Times!

blake121666 said...

Actually, it is September 25 when the Pope speaks at the UN.

blake121666 said...

You might want to post Adrian Salbuchi's video about it btw:

foon1e said...

Yes Blake. That Vid confirms the Poops upcoming September Meeting With Obummer in the USA. Other net rumours have it that he's going to announce the Existence of Alien Life to the UN general assembly whilst there. Setting the scene to start the process of Uniting the World against a false Alien Threat. This is also the beginning of the mooted "Project Bluebeam" Holographic false flag, which should follow closely afterwards.
But,as i said - this is all Rumour.
In the Mami's Times, I was referring to the scheduled December *France* Symposium that's supposed to be the forum where he'll announce the "One World Government/Religion/Financial system" - and encourage the Millions of Christians out there to "Render Unto Caesar" etc - like Christianity has always done. Jesuits: Nothing more than Jews-In-Suits pushing the Jew agenda like they've always done.
I have posted the Salbuchi Vid as you suggested. Thanks for the link.

zapoper said...

It sounds like a bad impersonation of me by Mike Sledge but in writing. LOL

BTW, That blow up doll had all the good gadgets