Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Mami's Times Frontpage - Midget Troll Edition.

Just to kick Whooli Off the top of the page for 5 seconds, here for your elucidation and Info-tainment is the latest edition of the Mami's Times Front-Page. Sorry - No refunds!

The August 13th Edition: Unlucky For Some! Click Pic To Read.


Erik Paul said...

Holy crap! If a u-boot were to punch a hole in the sea floor it could drain the entire world ocean system. Don't anyone tell Tim Rifat.

Mami said...

Those fuckin little ball busters are conspiring to take over the world, ever notice how everything is getting smaller, as in a one pound tube of pork sausage in now 12 oz.Just think about it, if you want to cut the worlds consumption of resources by half, all you have to do is breed more midgets. What's next, a tax on your height!

zapoper said...

What's next?

A tax on breathing and farting would be the next ones. We need to save the planet, remember?

I could go on and on about ridiculous examples but I bet they'll find a way to tax our souls. LOL

- ... ---