Monday, August 10, 2015

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2015.08.10

Find out about Coral Castle and the story behind its creator

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Anonymous said...

they got the download link wrong again for the mp3.

larry said...

You have to give your email once in a while

larry said...

All of Doreen Dotans Jewish psychopathy videos are here:

Amanda said...

larry said...

Thank you!

zapoper said...

Nobody got the download link wrong. Get a new hobby Javari Nama.

BTW, My mother just got her leg broken in three different places and on top of it she's being evicted from her apartment on the 31th.

Do you really think that I give a flying fuck about all your little scobbles?

Get a fucking life and while your at it, get a clue!

Life is much more than all this deception and BS that we've been trained to believe is true.

P.S. As for Del, Scorpio, Foon and WHOOLI. We are all at different levels of understanding what we think is going on and we are honestly doing our best at it.

If you like to go whinge at TIU about your little BS disagreement with some of the admins, all I can tell you is that you sound like little gay-boy Lindsey.

I'm sick of you fucking trolls!!!!