Thursday, September 24, 2015

Activists rebuke Pope's praise for US bishops' response to clergy sex abuse crisis

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Christopher Marlowe said...

What a load of crap.

1: First of all, they are not "pedophile priests" but pederast priests. They are faggots who bugger boys, which is what faggots have done for thousands of years.

2: The clergy is not "utterly corrupt", but this is exactly what you would expect to hear from a protestant nitwit. He is right that the bishops and the popes were negligent in dealing with this scandal. The guilty parties should have been turned over to the civil authorities for execution. But you can't say that the Church is "hiding behind" lawyers. Does this man believe that every alleged instance of abuse is real? Should the Bishops just break out a check book every time a Jewish lawyer comes knocking on their door?

3: The rates of abuse in the Catholic Church are no greater than that in the protestant church, much, much less than what is found in the public schools. Not to mention sexual abuse by rabbis. But the Jewish media does not talk about sexual abuse in any other religious institution, and so people channel the Jewish opinion thoughtlessly.

4: The legislatures of all the states changed the rules of evidence and statutes of limitations so that allegations of abuse could be brought against the Church long after the evidence has disappeared, and the ALLEGED perpetrators are DEAD. I do not claim that all the allegations are false, but when the courts make it so that a plaintiff doesn't have to prove anything in order to get a settlement, many unscrupulous people will suddenly have invented memories of childhood trauma. It is quite foolish to remove a statute of limitations for this type of allegation.