Monday, September 21, 2015

Blacklisted News Radio 2015.09.20

Blacklisted News Radio is hosted by Doug Owen.


No Blurb. But at least it's on-time this week. Enjoy.




Negentropic said...

Owen still pushes the holohoax? lol

How come he doesn't just apply for a job at Infowars? That way he can quit his regular job and do limited-hangout shilling full time? I'm sure Jones would take him on and give him at least the same salary as Dan Dicks, Aaron Dykes, John Curtis Holmes, Long Dong Silver and Kurt Nimmo given his resume of co-running Oracle at 300,000 Alexa-rating and the ten times more popular 30,000-plus Alexa rating Blacklisted news which was the reason Doug and Lee disbanded Oracle. Lee was supposed to go and post on Owen's site before he caught the "let's lie constantly like Jews in support of our agenda, first through deliberate omission, then eventually openly and without any shame" venereal disease from that clown at Daily Stormer.

foon1e said...

Awww,,,don't be shy Neg! Tell us all How you *really* feel about Poor 'Ol Dougie! Lol

Maasanova said...

Does Negentropic like any hosts' shows that get posted here? lol

Negentropic said...


Yes. I like Chris Kendall's Hoax Busters show (with a few minor reservations; it's also the only show I've ever called into) and most of what Delcroix posts, not because I necessarily agree with the contents but because it flips the finger to everything that everybody else at Mami's posts and pisses-off the most Mami's visitors who don't want to be bothered with too much brain activity of an alien and trailblazing nature. lol

Plus he made me an admin at his site and despite the fact that I never posted anything on his official pages there, I use that account to post stuff in the comments here. That way he gets part of the blame. lol But I know he trusts that I won't embarrass him too much.

Overall, I would have to say that my favorite show has always been Dennis Fetcho's. I've listened to everything he has ever put on audio plus all his guest appearances that I know of. I only found it necessary to criticize his show one time (a couple of weeks ago) when he gave tele-prompter-in-chief Obongo credit for having a brain of his own separate from the Jew lobby that put him where he is and adjusted his Osama Bin Biden kosher diapers for him. lol

By the way, not to toot my own horn, but Fetcho is the easiest person I ever converted to the No-Planer position on 9-11. A few years ago when his Oracle show was just starting, and I still have the e-mails to prove it. Within one day of examining the videos I e-mailed him (and, unfortunately at the time, I e-mailed him Ace Baker's fancy gatekeeping video also), he e-mailed back and agreed with me and changed his own opinion. He is anything but a Spingola-type ego-driven person who can't accept having been wrong and duped. Another guy, Jason Erb (faux capitalist), took a little bit longer in the comments section of his site, but he's also a fully independent thinker who now accepts a large portion of the Simon Shack view on 9-11. As for that stubborn, ego-tripping hard-ass Daryl Bradford Smith, I e-mailed him everything I had on many different occasions and all I got were sarcastic remarks and one line dismissals.

I originally came here only for commercial-free Spingola shows and Giuliani shows back in the days when nobody except a few Concen and Cybersage members came to Mami's. But since the Sandy Hook debacle and her insistence on pushing this Judy Wood fraud, I no longer listen to any Spingola unless she has really good guests on.

I also like John Friend's stuff when he's not promoting CI and bozhos like Anglin plus Kyle Hunt's stuff when he's not just repeating the standard WN memes but being creative and bold and independent of all their quite heavy and unforgiving group pressure. Both Fetcho and Kyle I originally found out about through their appearances on Celtic Rebel's show, another person I never listen to anymore, since he bed-buddied his buttcrack theories up with Senor-Batshit himself: Dallas Goldbug - and also recently put his stuck-in-a-rut-but-still-imagining-himself-trail-blazing drunken 4 hour rants behind a pay wall so he can replenish his wino supply and go dance in homo clubs but still pretend to be straight.